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Awaken with a nightmare & doze off with a bet

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the title pretty much explains it.

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"Mom where are you? I thought you'd be here. And the rest of the family where are they?"Bonnie said in the phone
"Bonnie we're coming don't worry I'll give you a call later"said Bonnie's mother who was driving.
"Ok mom please hurry."said Bonnie
"Bye" said Bonnie
"Bye"repiled Bonnie's mother

Bonnie hung up the phone.


There was a knock at the door, Bonnie opened the door.
"Bonnie Thompson?"said a police officer
"Yes officer hwo can I help you?"said Bonnie a little worried
"May I come in?"asked the officer
"Yes of course"said Bonnie
"I have some unfortunate news Bonnie please I think it's better if you sit down"siad the officer
"Is everything ok?"said Bonnie with more concern
"Bonnie your family....

Bonnie woke up cold sweat all over body. She was breathing heavily and wiped her forehead.
Bonnie got out of her bunk.She looked at her cell it was 2:30 a.m. and bus was still moving on it;s way to Manschester. Bonnie knew she wouldn't be able to sleep so she decided to go on her laptop.

On MCR's bus...

Gerard was wake he couldn't sleep he went on his laptop right when Frank went to bed so he was alone awake. Gerard thought it would be cool to try to find Bonnie's photography website. Luckily he found it "Shot To Remember Photography" he thought he recogonized the title before. In the gallery of the photos were mainly of concerts, photoshoots with bands, & some of nature.He had to admit the photos were good. Gerard clicked a alink to About Us and saw a e-mail where Bonnie could be contacted. "I'lle-mail her and tell her I found the website and ask for her screen name." Gerard thought to himself. He wrote an e-mail to Bonnie and sent it to her.

Back on Midnight Shadows's Bus....

Bonnie had just finished checking her myspace,band's myspace & website. When she noticed in the corner that she had new mail, she opened up and read the message.

"Hey Bonnie,
I found her website on my own and wanted to let u know. By any chance do u have a screen name for like AIM or something like that?


"Gerard? Ok...? that's weird. But whatever."Bonnie thought to herself.and wrote back to Gerard.

Gerard was about to sign off but then he noticed he had an e-mail. Was she awake? was the only thing Gerard could think about. He read her message.

"Oh boy u found my website lol. and what do u think of my photography?
Oh and yes btw I do have a screen name it's musicdoesntlie (aim)

Mr.Way shouldn't u be asleep?

=] Bonnie"

Gerard laughed softly to himself and added Bonnie's screenname, he instant messaged her.

"Gerard: Yes ur photography is good. I like it.And No it's my right to sleep or not to sleep.
Bonnie:lol thx but u don't have a right to wake up when u want.
Gerard:True, but wat about u? Shouldn't u be asleep, little girl? lol
"Bonnie:oh man u played the little girl card. it's on now. well for ur information Mr.Way being 15 is not a girl, I'm a abig kid now.
Gerard:Sure... u keep on telling ur self that
Bonnie:Oh the same way u keep on telling ur self 30 is not old? Here's a dose of reality, It is old.
Gerard:ouch.... it's on now....
Bonnie:it's been on
Gerard: lol
Bonnie:lol oh wow....
Gerard lol so wat's up with u? seriously y u awake?
Bonnie:can't sleep hbu?
Gerard: me neither so wat r u up to?
Bonnie:just checked my myspace, band's myspace,& my website. hbu?
Gerard:nm checked my mail,messaged people. wait u have a myspace?
Gerard u probably get alot of friend requests?
Bonnie:yeah but i don't mind I'm not going to hide myself, I'm gunna do the stuff like a regular person.
Gerard:kool and the attention u get?
Bonnie:I couldn't care less about attention.sometimes no attention is good
Gerard:that's true

Gerard and Bonnie talked for a long time until it was close to 5:30 a.m.

Bonnie: have u taking a alook at wat time it is? go look and u'll understand
Gerard:oh shit! well I guess we better get to bed and grab some energy or coffee in the morning
Bonnie: Ok want 2 make a bet?
Gerard:please share this bet u have in mind
Bonnie:if I wake up before u, u have to bring me a acup of coffee every morning for the next week, and vice versa.
Gerard:alright ur on
Bonnie:Ok it's on but I better go
Gerard:alright ttyl and I'd would like my coffee hot
Bonnie: yeah and I like mine hot, regular,french vanilla bye

Gerard closed his laptop and went into his bunk. soon he dozed off...

Back with Bonnie on the other bus, she dozed off as well....
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