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Vegas life

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rose gets drunk and meets a certain person

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Chapter one

Las Vegas, Nevada also known as sin city, its the one place where the unexpected happens and accidents happen. Rose's friends decided to send her to Vegas for her nineteenth birthday, she needed to get away from her home she's never really gone anywhere alone and for herself so Vegas it was. Besides in Vegas she wont have to do anything just have fun and do things that she normally would not do so to say, who knows what could happen it's Vegas.

Her friends, Rose loved them to death really but sometimes they meddled too much in others lives that weren't their own. All they really wanted was for her to take a small break away from her jobs, school and family. Quite a bit of her family was driving her insane, they were a piece of work not many people like or can stand them. They, her dad's side of the family at least were always trying to get her to do something that she doesn't want to nor does she like or enjoy doing. If she didn't like something that she was doing she would not do so well at it and that was a problem in her life because how is she going to make it if she doesn't do well.

Her family wanted her to change two of her college majors, she's triple majoring. One major in Business, Music Management/Industry and the last in journalism. They are okay with the Business major but the other two they aren't so happy with knowing that it's a hard industry to get into. Basically they picture her working somewhere that she would have to wear a boring and itchy business suit thing and that would not be too fun for Rose. All Rose wants to do is something she likes to do and enjoys, as much as that may be very doubtful to happen it doesn't mean she can't dream that it will one day come true.

Rose was dressed in some tight faded jeans and a corset looking spaghetti top that had red ribbons on it, she had her hair down and curled it a bit more than it naturally was and put some light make-up on not being too drastic about it, a simple yet elegant look.

Even though she's only nineteen they're serving her alcohol, she doesn't really care why they are she's just drinking what they are giving her. Normally she doesn't drink or at least not enough to get her drunk of her ass. To Rose she believes that alcohol messes with peoples minds, ruining their lives and families and the lives of everyone around them. Around eight that night Rose was extremely drunk and very out of it and she's been talking to this Ryan guy for the last few hours, talking and drinking together about whatever they could think of.

Most of everyone who were in the bar were staring at the two in amusement or annoyance, both of them were insanely drunk and had no idea what the hell they were doing at that moment and would probably wake up regretting something that they did the previous night.

Ryan suddenly pulled her up with him and smiled drunkenly at her, “Lets go get married.” he told her smiling.

“Okay. But if you are just asking to get sex I'll,” she thought a moment but couldn't think of a threat. ”Well I don't know what I'll do but it will hurt a lot whatever I do.” she told him smiling sweet and innocently.

Normally Rose isn't so violent but she really didn't want him to be going after her just for sex, that's not how she really works. She wants to get to know the guy then decide if she likes him enough to get married and all that jazz so to say.
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