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Chapter 7

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“No, no, no. I swear. I can’t believe th- I mean, I had no ide-“ I panicked but stopped myself before saying something stupid. I took a deep breath, “My car was out of gas and I didn’t have my cell phone and then I was hoping I could make a call from here, then your mom told me her name and I had no idea. I swear I’m not stalking you.” I rambled on, trying desperately to explain that I wasn’t some psycho stalker.

“Okay, okay I believe you!” He laughed and I felt the flow of relief.

“Okay,” I looked at him smiling awkwardly. He sent me a sweet smile then turned to his mother who had been watching with a confused look on her face.

“Mom, do you think you have some more food for my new friend here?” He asked then grinning at me. She nodded and headed into the kitchen after sending me a friendly look. “You want to join me for lunch, right?” He questioned smirking.

“Yeah, sure.” I answered smiling shyly and followed him into the kitchen.

When I sat down by the kitchen table I was still trying to convince myself that I wasn’t dreaming. I was definitely not asleep. He sat down in front of me looking a little distracted as he fiddled with his fingers. I couldn’t help but staring curiously at him. It wasn’t like you had the chance to eat lunch with a rockstar everyday.

I was snapped out of my gaze when his mother put a glass of milk and a plate with a sandwich on it right in front of me. I looked up at her and mumbled, “Thanks.”

She served Brendon his sandwich too. “Kate, would you like me to call the towing service? I’ll just let you two eat.”

I looked up at her again and smiled, “Thanks that would be great.”

She nodded and then exited the room. When I turned my gaze from her to my food I noticed that Brendon was staring at me. I didn’t dare to look up at him. Hey, you’d be nervous in this situation too!

I reached out to my glass of milk shaking slightly; I took a sip and managed to put it on the table without dropping it. Or so I thought. When it came in contact with the table it seemed to decide to fall on its side and spill all of its liquid on the table.

I jumped up before the milk could spill all over me and searched the kitchen for napkins, but Brendon was quicker than me and before I knew it he had a kitchen cloth in his hand trying to stop the milk before it could fall over the bridge of the table and to the floor.

“You’re dangerous, aren’t you?” He said laughing as he dried up the puddle of milk on the table.

I flushed and started laughing myself. I was a nervous wreck and I couldn´t help but find this situation more than funny. “I guess I am.”

He looked up at me with a grin plastered on his face. “You are! Now help me clean this up before my mom comes back and blames it on me.”

I grinned at him and picked up another cloth and started helping him. When the table was dry I sat back down in my chair and dropped my head in my hands and shook it slightly. “I can’t believe that this is always happening.” I said more to myself than him.

“What do you mean?” He asked and sat down in his seat in front of me too.

“This. Me meeting you and making a complete fool of myself!” I answered a little upset at myself for always getting myself into situations like this. I looked up at him and saw him smiling genuinely back at me.

“I think it’s cute.” He said then went on with eating his sandwich like he hadn’t said something that was making my stomach twirl like a rollercoaster. I felt myself blush and I quickly looked back down at my food and started picking the sandwich apart eating little bits at a time.

There was no more exchanging of words until his mom reentered the room.

“I’m sorry dear but there won’t be anyone able to pick up your car until sometime tomorrow.” She stated and gave me a sorry look. “I even tried calling another one but they had the same answer.”

“Oh, okay..” I said confused about what I should do now. I didn’t have my phone, and I wouldn’t even be able to do anything if I had it. My sister wouldn’t want to pick me up, and my brother didn’t come into town until tomorrow, and my parents were still on that business trip.

Brendon seemed to notice the worried look on my face. “I could give you a ride home.”

I looked up at him smiling thankfully, “Yeah, that’d be great. I don’t have anyone that would be able to pick me up.”

He just smiled back at me and stood up taking his plate to the sink and kissing his mom on the cheek. “Thanks for lunch mom, I’ll call you soon okay?”

“Okay. Drive safely.” She said and smiled at her son.

“Thank you so much for everything Mrs. Urie.” I said and copied Brendon’s moves and put my plate and glass in the sink.

“You’re welcome honey.” She smiled and walked us to the door.

He led me his car and really, Josh had a much nicer car then Brendon did. Weren’t rock stars to be incredibly rich or something?

It was a little red Honda. It wasn’t even a little bit manly.

Brendon must’ve seen the look on my face because just as we had taken a seat inside the car he said: “It’s my sister’s car. I’m kinda in between cars at the moment.”

“So you don’t have a car?” I asked with a smile playing on my lips, trying to keep myself from laughing.

“Oh, shut up. I’m not sure I want to give you a ride now.” He said pouting and crossed his hands after turning the car on.

I couldn’t help but to let out a small giggle. “Sorry. I just find it kind of… strange.”

“Not my fault. The guys didn’t like my old car and made me sell it and I still have to get a new one. Don’t have much time in between tours to go car shopping.” He said turning his pout into a small smile.

“Oh, okay. What kind of car did you have anyway?” I asked curious and he pulled out of the driveway.

“Uhh… a purple minivan.” He answered lamely and I started laughing.

“You’re kidding!” I said and kept laughing.

“No.” he said and looked at me with a semi-serious expression.

“Sure.” I let out and started looking out the window still smiling to myself.

“Where do you live?” he suddenly asked and I realized I’d never told him.

“Um, 149 Elm Street.” I answered hoping he’d know where it was since I had no idea where we were.

“Okay.” He answered and turned right on a street light. It looked like he knew where he was going so I just turned my head back to the window and watched the houses pass.

The sound of a phone ringing suddenly cut through the silence that had enveloped us. I jumped up in my seat feeling my phone that I thought I had forgot at home, vibrate somewhere in my jacket. I started looking through my pockets for it but it wasn’t there just like earlier but then I remembered putting it in a pocket on the inside of the jacket, and felt like hitting myself for not remembering.

I quickly fished it out of the pocket and answered. “Hello?”

“Kate. I went out and I probably won’t be home until tomorrow. So no need to file a missing person’s report okay?” Stacy said rudely from across the line.

“What? But I don’t have a key!” I half-yelled into the phone, annoyed.

“Not my problem. See you later.” She said and hung up.

“She hung up on me!” I yelled and felt like throwing the phone out the window.

“Who did?” Brendon asked surprised.

“My sister!” I answered and threw my head back in the seat, closing my eyes in frustration. “And I’m locked out.”

“You’re what?”

“I’m fucking locked out! She left and I don’t have a key. What am I supposed to do? God I hate her.” I got out and pressed my eyelids tighter together, wishing myself out of this situation.

“Well, you could come home with me, but you having your phone with you strengthens my stalker theory so I’m not sure if I can trust you.” I heard Brendon say. I opened my eyes and saw him smirking at me. I couldn’t help but to grin back wanting to laugh again.


“Yeah, sure. I’ll be bored out of my mind anyway. I could use the company.” He smiled and took a u-turn, heading from what I could tell to his place.
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