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chapter 8

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sorry about the delay. i've just been feeling uninspired and idkkk. this isn't even that long -_- imma try to get my writing back in shape

I hesitated as I walked into his apartment. It was on the top floor, the penthouse and if I looked to my right I could see a fantastic view over some part of Vegas.

I hesitated for two reasons,

a) Whoa

b) What the hell was I doing there?

I heard Brendon drop his keys on a small table by the door. He casually kicked off his shoes and started walking towards the kitchen. I on the other hand felt incredibly out of place.

“You thirsty?” I shot my wide eyes at him. He was stretching his hand up to a cabinet probably looking for glasses. His shirt had rode up a little revealing white skin. His pants were hanging low, and god I shouldn’t be thinking like this.

I cleared my throat of something nonexistent, “Yeah, sure.” He nodded and brought down two glasses.

I started getting out of my shoes slowly, contemplating if I should stay or go. It wasn’t very clever to stay at the apartment of a 20 year old rock star. Even if he wasn’t one, I wouldn’t normally say yes to an offer to come over to a 20 year old guy’s house I didn’t knew. Personally anyway.

When I finished taking off my jacket I could see that he had poured soda into the two glasses and was walking over to the living room. He put the glasses on the table before the sofa and I watched him.

Maybe I should´ve just left.

“Come, I won’t bite.” I almost jumped up, startled. He spoke from the sofa with a smirk on his face.

I chuckled nervously and awkwardly walked over to the sofa and sat down. Not too close. But not too far away. I heard him chuckle again beside me. The sound felt almost too close. Maybe I was sitting too close to him.

I shot my head to the side. I could stretch my hand to touch him if I wanted to, but the distance was comfortable. But I couldn’t get myself to feel comfortable.

This was a mistake.

Just as I was about to stand up and run away and disappear back into reality, he spoke. “Wanna play playstation?”

I looked at him then to the tv and noticed the black playstation sitting there, controllers beside it.

Playing playstation was pretty innocent, right?

“Sure.” I accepted and he nodded and got up to get the controllers and turn it on.


“Don’t you know you have to let the girl win at least once?” I scolded him at the end of the fifth or sixth game of some race car game. I was unable to hide my smile though and he changed his notguilty look into a big grin.

“I’m soooorry, I got caught up! It’s fun to win for once; I usually suck at this game.” He smiled innocently and his pleading eyes were enough to make me start laughing.

I fell back into the sofa with a smile stuck to my face and said, “Okay then, but could we go do something else?”

He chuckled and nodded, “Yeah, yeah.”

“Just cause I’m tired of letting you win.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“You wish.” He threw a soft pillow at me as he stood up to take the controllers back.

The awkwardness had started to fade away after a couple of games and right now I was feeling pretty comfortable where I was sitting. Except for those silly butterflies in my stomach.

And I had a problem with wiping this smile off my face.

“Wanna watch a movie?” He gave me a look, standing in front of a cabinet full of dvd’s. I nodded eagerly and he turned back to choose one. I sat up and took a sip from my soda then got comfortable again.

He was quick to whip out the movie Moulin Rouge.

“I haven’t watched this in ages.” He said it almost like he was talking to himself and put the movie in the dvd player then dropped down on the sofa. And may I say extremely close.

The movie started. The lights were turned off and I shifted my eyes to the screen. But they kept wondering to the side. Our legs were almost touching and I didn’t know if I was imagining the feeling of heat coming from him.

The movie went on with its brilliant songs and choreography and I felt myself getting sleepy…


What was that buzz?

My eyes flickered open but shut close right away from the unbearable light.

But seriously what the hell was that annoying sound coming from?

I felt something shuffling beside me and suddenly I had nothing to support my head to and the top of my body fell down on something soft.

I heard a distant “Hello?” and I opened my eyes.

I saw two empty glasses and a television showing the menu of Moulin Rouge.

Oh, fuck.

I didn’t know if it was better for me to stay completely still and act asleep or just get out of there. How could I have fallen asleep?!

I shifted my eyes to the direction of Brendon talking into his phone. I could only hear bits of the conversation. Nothing I could make sense of.

After a few minutes of just laying there, he came back from wherever he had gone to talk on the phone. His hair was ruffled and he ran a hand through it and dropped down on the sofa beside me.

I looked up at him and he yawned into the air. “That was Ryan, he wants to have lunch. Wanna come with?”

I froze. He was sitting there like there had been nothing wrong with us falling asleep and was now asking me out to launch with his fellow bandmate. And I had known him for what? A few hours.

Kinda a day though. I just slept over at his apartment, after knowing him for a few hours. There was something wrong with that.

I sat up, suddenly feeling incredibly uncomfortable. “Oh, I don’t know. I think I should be getting home.” I got out unsure. “And sorry for falling asleep, I didn’t mean too.”

“Oh it’s alright. Don’t apologize. I’ll give you a ride home.” He gave me a smile and stood up. “Just gonna go and change.”

I let out a mix of a relieved sigh and an uncertain one when he had left the room.
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