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Chapter 9

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I can only say that the car ride home was nothing less than awkward.

The cars sped by us in colorful blur. We were on the high way back to the suburbs. The morning sun was sneaking its way into my eyes and I shut them tightly, seeing only the weird dots inside my eyelids.

Brendon was… silent. I opened my eyes again and peeked at him. He seemed distracted, staring out on the road like that. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything. This was so unlike me, I had no idea what to do in this situation. Falling asleep at some stranger’s house, who was older than me, and a guy… If my mom only knew.

“So...“ Brendon finally let out, interrupting the awkward silence, “How did you sleep?”

I shifted my eyes to look at him. Why does this feel like the Morning After.

Oh, you know what I mean.

“Fine… I guess.” I settled with, and after a second thought I added, “you know I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

I saw him from the corner of my eye furrowing his eyebrows for one quick moment. “It’s okay, I told you already. I’m guilty here too.” He said more lightly and a bit playfully. The atmosphere lifted in an instant.

I chuckled a bit, “Well, fine,” I agreed and gave him a small smile. He acknowledged it with a small look my way, light expression playing on his features.

And the car was silent again.

Taking the right exit off the high way, we neared my home and I dreaded it. My brother would probably be home from college and he was no better than my twin sister. I sighed when the car came to a halt and I saw the faded white color of my house.

“Well, thank you for driving me,” I said and awkwardly kept my hand on the door handle, “and for just being so nice.”

I sent him a shy smile and wished to get out before I started decorating red on my cheeks.

“No problem, it was nice bumping into you again,” he joked and I just shook my head, blush sneaking up on my cheeks.

“Well, goodbye then,” I smiled and started opening the door. He waved at me and a sent him a small smile before closing the door.

I let out a deep breath into the humid air as I walked up to my house. Not once looking back. Though I could still hear the engine running and couldn’t help but feeling uncomfortable knowing he was still here.

I tried the knob before ringing the doorbell.

The door was swung open, and look who it is!

“Hey lil’ sis,” Drake smirked cockily and blocked the doorway by stretching his arm and leaning on the doorframe, “where have you been?” he asked and took a sip out of a beer can, I hadn’t noticed he was holding.

“None of your business, Drake,” I huffed and eyed the beer can I knew he shouldn’t be holding, “where did you get that?”

“And that my friend, none of your business.” He pointed at me and took another sip. His blue eyes were gleaming with amusement. Or just evilness.

I rolled my eyes and tried pushing him out of the way. He didn’t budge and was fairly happy with himself when he nearly sent me flying through the door when he decided to step away.

I groaned and ran up the stairs, who fucked with my siblings genes?


Moments earlier a Brendon Urie had been sitting in a car in front of a strange girl’s house. He had watched as she walked up the steps to her door and was greeted by a tall blond guy. He had furrowed his eyebrows but he thought not much about it and drove away.

Now, as he was nearing the end of the street he heard a ringtone. The same ringtone he had heard yesterday coming from Kate’s pocket. But not this time. This time he heard the sound coming from the bottom of the car floor. Brendon parked his little red car on the street by another house and started searching for the phone.

He found it and saw the name JOSH flash across the screen. He flipped it open. He didn’t think about that it could be considered rude to answer another person’s phone; he just did it on instinct.


“Hi, who is this?”

“Um, Brendon.”

“Oh, right ,but isn’t this Kate’s phone?”

“Yeah, she’s not here.”

“Oh, okay. Could you tell her to call me then?”

“Yeah, sure.”


The line died. Brendon put the phone in his shirt pocket with a tiny smile stuck on his face and turned the car around, driving back towards the strange girl’s house. Oh, how she could always manage to forget or fall over something.

Upon arriving there, he walked across the front yard and rang the door bell exactly like Kate had done a few moments ago. The same blond, tall guy re-opened the door and gave Brendon a confused look.

“Who are you?” he asked rudely and glared at him.

“Uh, I’m Brendon,” he muttered, surprised by the guy’s rudeness, “Kate left her phone in my car.”

„Oh really.. Aren‘t you a little too old to be dating my sister? You seem my age,“ he queried and took a sip of his drink.

Brendon gave him a shocked look and was quick to explain himself, “Uh, i‘m not-”

“And what‘s with the makeup?” He was cut off, “you can‘t date my sister if you‘re a fa-“

normal POV.

I was walking down the stairs, heading to the kitchen in search of something to eat for lunch when I saw Drake standing in the open door in front of Brendon, who had a shocked expression plastered over his face.

“…what‘s with the makeup? You can‘t date my sister if you‘re a fa-“

“DRAKE!” I shouted outraged, and stormed down the rest of the steps, somehow luckily not falling down on my butt.

“What is wrong with you?!” I sneered when I was close enough to shove him away from Brendon. “Leave him the fuck alone!”

“Whoa, jeez, Kate. I was just joking around.” He said laughing l and put his hands up mockingly to his defense. I sent him a poisonous glare and knitted my hands together in front of my chest. He backed away, still with his hands up, and disappeared into the living room.

The anger disappeared and was replaced with a look of remorse when I turned around to face Brendon. His expression was still a mixture of shock and surprise when he looked into my eyes.

“I’m so sorry about that,” I told him with little anger still lingering in my voice, “Drake’s an idiot.”

Brendon just looked at me with those brown eyes and his expression turned unreadable, “It’s alright.”

“Well, good,” I said, then realized I had no idea why he was at my house, “why did you come back?”

“Oh! Yeah, you forgot your phone in my car,” he explained and whipped my cellphone out of his shirt pocket. I gave him a confused expression. He chuckled and handed it to me.

“I hadn’t even noticed it was gone,” I said surprised and took it and put it in my pocket, “thanks.”

“No problem.”

I stood there for a moment, thinking how I just wanted to get away from my siblings and everything that reminded me of them. With Brendon still standing there I realized my way out.

“Hey, does that offer still stand? About lunch?” I asked out of the blue and hoped he’d still want me to go with him.

His lips inched upwards in a small smile and he looked at me with a new found glow in his eyes, “yes, you’re still welcome to come.”

“Great, I seriously have to get away from my brother,” I gave him a relieved smile and walked out the door, closing it after me.
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