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Tainted Love

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Nicole's nightmare becomes real and worse.

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He was getting closer. I ran as fast as I could and still he was getting closer. I tripped and fell splashing me in mud. I turned my head to see he was no longer behind me. I breathed a sigh of relief. He was gone. I stood and wipped off my clothes. A mud pie hit my shirt with a 'glumk' I looked up to see who threw it and I was about to yell at them when I realized it was him. The one I spent all this time running from. How did he get in front of me? It was impossible! He smirked and slowly walked toward me. I went to run away but being me, the unluckiest person in the world, I was stuck in the mud. Just great. I began to panic as he came closer and pulled out a knife.

"Say hello to the end Nicole." before I could even think about reacting he stabbed me the knife, I screamed, and feel with a loud 'thud'.
I looked around very confused. Was I dead? Well unless hell looked a lot like under my bed, then I think not. I sighed a breath of relief and heard footsteps outside my room. I pushed myself off my floor (that I feel onto while dreaming) and looked at my clock, it was only 1:47. Just when I wanted to wake up from a nightmare...

My door opened quickly to reveal my angry stepdad and the stench of booze still hanging around him. Fear ran through me instantly. It was the scariest feeling in the world and I didn't want to expierence it at 2 in the morning.

"What the hell? What in hells name are you fucking screaming about?! You have no right to be waking me up when I have to get up for work in a few hours!" he stormed over to where I was propped up and kicked me in the gut. I gasped from the loss of breath. What the hell? Apparently putting me down verbally wasn't enough anymore.

Tears leaked into my eyes as he grabbed me by my hair and began to pull me up. "Ow!" I yelled without thinking. Who does think before letting out that kind of reaction to being hurt?

He stopped pulling me up for a moment and slapped me hard in the same spot as before, I knew I was going to have a mark there, "Shut up bitch!"

Tears were pouring down my face now. I couldn't what was happening. I mean sure he threatened me, but he never carried through, untill now.

I was in pain and I needed him to leave me alone. Sure I was about used to the pain that I caused myself but not the pain that he was causing me. He finally had me standing up in front of him and had lett go of my hair. Man my head was throbbing. Why couldn't he leave me?

I could feel his gaze upon me as I stood there with my gaze towards the floor. Him smirking in triumpht. He knew I was pathetic and I sure as hell felt it. With one final slap he left the room closing my door softly chuckiling under his breath.

I stood there silent tears falling down my face. I curled up in bed sitting up with my knees to my chest rocking myself. I hated this and wanted it to be over. I was way too terrified to go back to sleep and have another nightmare, wake him up screaming, and get another beating, so I stayed like this untill my alarm went off at 6:30.


First thing I did was go to the bathroom and see how bad the bruise was. I thought it wouldn't be so bad, but I was dead wrong. I stared at myself in the mirror and saw a small black and blue smiley** on my cheek and the obvious bags under my eyes. How in the hell did that happen? Either way it was there and noticiable. I could not go to school like this. So after throwing some clothes on I dashed back into the bathroom and applied a pound of cover-up to my face. It worked, for the most part. It did cover the bruise up, but it was obvious as to how much cover-up I was waering. Great. Now I had to brace myself with a ton of questions from Tish.

I scrambled to get my stuff together and grabbed a banana before leaving. My stomach was pissed at me for not eating at all yesterday and I needed to calm it down before it went totally haywire on me.

I decided I would walk to school today. I needed the fresh crisp air aganst my face as I walked. It felt good. I rechieved my IPod from my book bag and blasted it on a random song.

Before I knew it I was at school. What a relief. I never thought I would be so happy to see the cheerleaders, the preps, and the jocks that I despised so much.

As I walked to my locker to meet Tish I heard excited whispering and my name involved in each conversation as I walked by. Which was beginning to creep me out. I shook my head and tried desperatley it ignore it. Though it wouldn't stop! It was beginning to drive me nuts. I stalked up to Tish and smiled.

"Hey Nic! I am so-" she was stopped in mid-hug anf mid-sentence and stared at me. "Whats with all of the cover-up?" her voice turned from happy and excited straight to worried as hell. I smiled lightly.

"Hey Tish..." my voice wavered a bit. I didn't want to tell her here. So after getting my things from my locker I grabbed her and dragged her with me to the girls bathroom. I checked all the stalls and made sure they were deserted and we were the only ones there before I began the explanation.

I gathered up a breath and began to explain from the park to this morning. The whole time I held in my tears and watched Tish's shocked reaction. She couldn't believe it like I couldn't. It was a shock to me too. Saying it made it more real. I hated that fact.

Tish hugged me and I flinched from the sudden contact. I had to get better at hiding my flinching. Feeling me flinh she quickly pulled away blushing, "Sorry, I know you don't like to be caught off guard wih touching."

"It's not your fault Tish. You didn't do it on purpose. You were just trying to help." she shook her head.

"I know better. It's my fault." before I could agrue back the bell for first period rang. Perfect timing.

"See you after school Tish."

"See you." we waved goodbye and headed our different ways for school.


**The smiley bruise comes from me. My brother stomped on my foot (holy hell did it hurt) and later that night (while watchinh Kyle XY Monday night) I noticed I had (/still kinda have) a smiley bruise on my foot.
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