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When Darkness Lightens Up

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Okay quick overveiw....Gerard is pissed...he wants ppl dead. but he wants to save shannon...Can He do IT?! prolly this is gerard way and my story so..ok

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Gerard's P.o.v

Sitting in the rooms with Shannon, I wait for midnight. That's when the night nurses switch shifts and that's when shannon becomes free. I thought back to earlier and thought over the plan.

Flash back

"That way she'll have a choice. Even though I love her, I can't have her marry me against her will."

Mikey looked me in the eyes and knew he was serious. "So how we gonna do this."

Ray looked up and said "Midnight."

"What?" Frank shot Ray a look.

"Midnight is when the nurses change shifts. They take thirty forty minutes to do it." Ray looked at the clock and said "That gives us about 3 hours."

"Well...Let's do it to it. Me and Frank can get the bus. Mickey and Ray can keep watch and Gerard can stay with her and get her out." Bob said looking at his fellow band members.

"Thanks guys. I'm going back to her." I turned back to her room and looked back as the guys split up.


Now it was about ten minutes till i started to un hook Shannon and i got the wheelchair ready. She had been asleep but as I moved her to the chair she turned her head and looked at me.

"I'm getting you out of this life."

I sucked in my breath as she touched my cheek and watched as she fell asleep against my chest.

Putting her in the chair, I wheeled her out into the hallway and started down the hall. Making it to the front enterance, I spotted Mikey and Ray waiting for me. Joining them, we rushed to the bus. Getting on I picked Shannon up and carried her to my bed. Laying her down I walk back to where the guys are and smile at them.

Three Hours Later In My P.O.V.

Waking up again, I realized that the bed is swaying. Sitting up I knock myself in the head on what looked like a bunk. "Shit!" I yelled. Hell it hurt like a bitch since my head had already been hurting. Looking around I remember the day before and Gerards promise. Laying back down I think about how nice he's been to me and I think, 'It's so easy to love him.'

Sitting up again, this time a lot slower i look around. Seeing Gerard walking towards me it suddenly hit me, 'The reason it's so easy to love him is because....'


Okay. I know my Chapters are short but i'd rather have a bunch of short good chapters than a few longs chapters that run on and on. also I hope you like the's make you come back again and again. So please review.

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