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LOVE is in the air....

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my P.O.V

'....I think he is my soul mate.' Looking down i think to myself 'We're the balance of light and dark. Perfect opposite but we get along so well.'

"Penny for your thoughts? Or a dollar for your insides?" (A.N. Sorry i had to do that..i was listening to fall out boy this morning.)

Looking up I watch as gerard sits next to me. "Huh?" That was the brightest thing I could think to say.

"Well in a manner of speaking i asked you to share your thoughts"

"Oh....I'm not really thinking anything." 'lies lies lies lies' i think to myself. 'why won't i just tell him'

"Um...hey I was wondering....If your up to it I mean...You wanna go see a movie with me?"

"Sure" I look at him and i know tonight will be great.

*Hours Later In Gerards P.O.V.*

'Tonight was a disaster' I think to myself as i help a soaking wet shannon out of the cab. It didn't help matters since she was laughing at me.

"Gerard lighten up" She smiled at me and i could have sworn i was about to pull a Scarlet O'Hara and swoon. "Tonight was the greatest night of my life."



"Even getting drenched in the storm"

"It was my idea to walk back. So yeah. And besides your were quick on your feet when getting that cab. I mean the way you scared that guy off."

"All i did was look at him."

"Yeah but did you hear the way he screamed 'Don't suck my blood' While running off. It was priceless."

I watched as she double over laughing. Finally her laughing died down and She looked at me.

Next thing we knew i had her pinned against the bus and we shared the most spectacular kiss ever. Running my hands along her body i swear i would have her tonight......

"Damn gerard can't you do that in your bed!"

Shannon pulls her head away and looks behind me. I turn and i swear i could have killed mikey. He was standing there laughing. Suddenly shannon slides away from me and climbing on to the bus says

"i'm gonna go to sleep i had a great time gerard. Night guys."

I wait till she disappears onto the bus and turn and confront Mikey. "If you weren't my brother. I'd kill you right now."

Turning i think 'I swear if i don't marry her i won't be living.'


Ok end of chapter sorry it took so long to post i've been mucho busy. So review and i'll let you take the last line as you will. It'll be explained in the next chappy dappy. :P...Love ya's
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