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Ch. 3- Sometimes Dreams Are Better Then The Real Thing

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Author’s note: I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in a month and a half. I’m terrible. After the FicWad melt-down I had school coming up and had to read 1200 pages for the summer reading report. But now that school has started and everything is settled I’ll be writing again. Geeze I’m so negligent.

So anyway, the whole girlfriend thing. Nicky is Jon’s girlfriend because she got his answer right. Nobody got Spencer’s so I’m just making someone up. They won’t be showing up until next chapter.
The answers were,
Spencer- What store would Spencer be found in after being locked there over night? Forever 21
Jon- What does Jon call Flip-flops? Mandles

Me and my friend were talking about slash and we were wondering why Ryan almost always bottoms. Her theory was that Ryan has got such a MASTER!COCK that everyone is scared to bottom. Lmao. I thought that was worth sharing. :]

Warning: This is going to have sex. It’s going to be graphic. It’s going to be slash and slight het so yeah, there’s two scenes. This is my first story so it’s my first time writing smut. Tell me if it’s good. If it’s not, I’m not going to write it, I’ll just imply it.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognize. Not Panic! At The Disco. Not any lyrics that might show up. I own the story itself and that’s all there is to it.

Listening to: Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather by My American Heart(the whole album is amazing)

Okay, I’m done with my long ass author’s note.


Ryan never thought he’d like it so much, the feeling of Brendon’s lips making their way down his torso, but God did it feel good. It was amazing how fast Brendon got Ryan’s belt off with his teeth! Running his fingers teasingly along the top of Ryan’s jeans he slowly began to undo the button and zipper. He knew Ryan hated being teased, he knew that Ryan liked for it to just happen, but he knew it would feel so much better if he took his time.

Ryan couldn’t take it. Lifting Brendon up to his level he began to hurriedly remove Brendon’s clothes. He loved the taste of Brendon’s lips; he couldn’t get enough of Brendon’s tongue against his. It was so hot in that room that he needed both of them to be naked to make sure they didn’t pass out before they could be together.

Soon enough they were collapsed on the bed tangled in each others arms, legs, hands, tongues, everything.

Brendon’s hot lips were kissing the inside of Ryan’s thighs eliciting moans he could have never imagined coming from Ryan. He slowly ran his tongue up Ryan’s length, taking him in his mouth. It was mind blowing his good it felt to have Brendon’s lips wrapped around his shaft, working him into oblivion. Ryan just wanted Brendon to finish him off like that, make his mind explode, but no Brendon wanted to feel him.

“I want you in me,” Brendon panted hotly in Ryan’s ear. And seriously, who was Ryan to deny Brendon what he wanted? In one swift motion Ryan had Brendon on his back, smiling triumphantly. Ryan quickly coated three fingers, inserting the first without warning. The noise that came out of Brendon’s perfect mouth made him feel so damn good. Looking into Brendon’s eyes he added another finger, then another, stretching him.

He scissored Brendon’s entrance a little before removing his hand, causing a whimper to escape Brendon’s slack mouth. He reassured Brendon with a quick, sloppy kiss to the lips. Slowly, painfully slow, he pushed his tip into Brendon. He looked at Brendon, silently asking permission. He took Brendon’s thrust of the hips as a ‘keep going’.

He was working a rhythm and Brendon was meeting his thrusts with his hips every time. The felling of Ryan brushing over his prostate every thrust was driving him wild. Both moaning each others names, among other obscenities, they were approaching the edge.

Brendon was so damn close, with the way Ryan was stroking him and pumping into him, he wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to last. He couldn’t take it, he was screaming with pleasure.

“Ryan, Fuck!”

and, “Ryan, God…I’m close!”





Ryan woke with a jolt, in a cold sweat. Suddenly realizing he was only having a dream. “Only a dream? Yeah right, tell that to my pants.” He thought to himself. Ryan was so beyond disturbed with the nature of his dream that it was ridiculous. The he realized he wasn’t alone.

“Ryan, sweetie, sounds and looks like someone was having a very good dream.”


Of course. He couldn’t look at her. How do you look your girlfriend in the eye after having a wet dream about your very male friend? A dream that he didn’t even get to finish God damnit! He was still hard.

“Um, yeah…”

“Do you want me to help?” she asked cheekily climbing into Ryan’s bed to relieve him of his little ‘issue’.

Honestly, no, Ryan didn’t want her help. How could she help solve a problem that Brendon created? But then again, he didn’t want Brendon’s help either. Ew.

“W-we can’t.”

“Awe baby come on, why not?” She added seductively. Psh.

“Because we don’t have time, we have to meet the guys at Triq in an hour.”

“Oh, come on, it’ll be quick.” Figures. Whore.

“We don’t have time for sex.”

“I never said anything about sex, just helping you out a little. We can’t have you going out like that now can we?”

At this point there was no arguing. She already had her breath ghosting over his tip and before he had a chance to realize it she had him in her mouth. God this felt so strange, especially dreaming about Brendon’s plump lips doing the same. A part of him, that he couldn’t control, was imagining that it was Brendon’s lips doing this to him. But that bothered Ryan. He wasn’t gay, and he definitely wasn’t attracted to Brendon like that!

A good ten minutes later Ryan was coming in Arianna’s mouth, biting his tongue to prevent himself from screaming something inappropriate like, oh, I don’t know, Brendon?

Half hour later Ryan was showered and Arianna was attached to his hip as they left his apartment and headed toward the club. How the hell was Brendon doing this to him when he wasn’t even around? Ryan wasn’t sure he’d even be able to face him after that dream. This was going to be one interesting night.
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