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Ch. 2- A Coming Out Party

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I need people to be Jon and Spencer's girlfriends. Who wants to be them? Well, it's not that easy. And I can't just pick out of you all so I'll ask a few questions.
Spencer- What store would Spencer be found in after being locked there over night?
Jon- What does Jon call Flip-flops?
These questions came from interviews. Have fun.

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It had been a week since the incident and neither of the two boys were ready to talk to each other. Ryan needed to sort out all of the things plaguing his mind and Brendon had to formulate his plan to get Ryan.

Brendon knew what his first move was. He had to tell his band mates. Ryan already knew so there was no reason for him to hide it from the rest of the guys. Ryan's reaction was the only one he was really scared of. So as the four boys sat in the recording studio taking a break from all the work they had been doing on their sophomore album, Brendon decided that it was a good time to just come out and say it.

"I'm gay." He blurted out randomly.

Three heads immediately turned in his direction, all bearing different expressions.

Jon's face held an expression of amused frustration. Spencer's was that of a six year old on Christmas morning. And Ryan looked like he had just watched his kitten get run over by an eighteen wheeler, his cheeks flushed and his eyes wide.

"Well, bi-sexual, I guess." He continued. "The point is, I'm attracted to guys. I hope you guys can be okay with that because you're..."

"I knew it!" interrupted Spencer. "You owe me sucker!"

"That's not fair, you knew him longer then me!" replied Jon.

"Oh well, sorry fo ya! You still lost."

"Wait, what?" Brendon interfered.

"Oh, we were talking and Spencer here said that he thought you were gay and I said you weren't. Thus we embarked on a friendly little wager and I lost. So now I have to buy Spence a new drum set." explained Jon.

" guys are okay with it?" asked Brendon.

"Yeah." They both said in unison.

"It's not like there's anything wrong with it." Spencer stated.

"OMG! Do you have, like, a boyfriend or whatever!?" Jon asked, doing his best impression of a valley girl.

At that moment Brendon locked eyes with a very silent Ryan and said, "No, I handed this guy my heart and he pretty much put it in a blender and fed it to a pack of rabid wolves." Ryan turned away ashamed with how he had treated his best friend. "I'll get over it." Brendon finished vindictively, leaving Ryan feeling unimportant. He felt like he didn't really mean anything to Brendon in the first place. Much to his dismay, he wished he had meant more to his best friend.

"We should go out, to celebrate or something." Jon suggested.

"Yeah, that'd be cool." Spencer agreed.

"I don't know if I want to tell anyone else yet. I'm still kind of shy about the whole thing." Brendon protested.

"Just because we're going out doesn't mean we're going to tell everyone." Jon urged. "And we could just go out to go out, if you feel that uncomfortable."

"Alright, I guess so." Brendon caved.

"You in Ry?" Spencer asked.

"Huh, um, yeah sure." Ryan responded robotically.

"Alright we'll meet at the Triq nightclub on the boulevard at 9:30?" Spencer confirmed energetically.

"okay" sounded the reply from the other boys. Overall the boys were just excited to be taking a real break from recording to go out and party, no matter what the circumstances.

They soon got back to work on the album and finished up for the day with little interaction from Ryan. Brendon loved that he was getting under Ryan's skin already. Maybe this was going to be easier then he expected. Maybe not.
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