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Chapter 5

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As the army continues toward home the unthinkable happens. And as the army flees into the walls of Minas Tirith Akila begins acting strange. Something is wrong, and Legolas is going to find out what!

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Chapter 5
It rained heavily for a good portion of the morning. As it began to clear up, and the pounding rain became a slight drizzle, the army began to move again. The air was thick with moisture and a dense fog began to roll in. It was even hard for Legolas to see. He strained to see three feet in front of him. He rode up beside Aragorn and spoke to him in elvish.
"Aragorn, it's dangerous to be traveling in this weather."
Aragorn looked at Legolas. "I know Legolas, but we have to keep moving, it's more dangerous to stand still then to keep moving." Legolas nodded his head in approval.
"I will keep my eyes and ears open." Legolas slowed Arod so he was walking next to Akila again. Her eyes were closed in concentration. She was listening for any sounds that could mean danger. Alassea picked her way around loose stones, not jarring Akila from her concentration. The generals were quiet and the only noise was the low clatter of armour and weapons and of men walking. It was tense for everyone. When the fog finally did clear up, it had been a full day, and the sun was setting on the third day of their travels. Minas Tirith was in the distance, they would be there soon. It was obvious everyone was relieved. A cheer rose up and the spirits of all rose. Gimli was quick to speak.
"I am glad we are out of that fog. And now we're almost home!" He began.
"As am I." Legolas replied. He heard Akila sigh.
"That was one of the worst fogs I have been in." She said smiling. Then the good mood suddenly dampened. "But there is something else, something does not feel right." Legolas nodded.
"You feel that too." Gimli said. Akila nodded her head. It was not only them who felt uneasy. Alassea, Arod, and a few of the other horses were sidestepping. Their eyes were white in fear.
"Something is wrong." Legolas said looking around concerned. Akila turned in the saddle and shielded her eyes from the sun.
"Legolas." She said, fear in her voice. Legolas and Gimli turned.
"I don't see anything." Gimli muttered. But Legolas did. Sun gleamed off its black scales. Its huge maw of teeth opened and closed. Its wings beat a steady rhythm, keeping it in the air. Its horrible rider was glad in a black cloak that in turn, covered the dark armour.
'No! It can't be!' Legolas screamed in his head. 'It can't be!'
"What is it?" Gimli asked. Legolas didn't answer. He brought Arod as close as he could to Aragorn's mount. Aragorn was smiling gladly, looking longingly at the city.
"Aragorn!" Legolas wasted no time. "A Nazgul!"

Aragorn brought his horse to a very sudden stop.
"What!?" He yelled, ending his good mood and startling his generals. He calmed himself. "Legolas, what are you talking about?!"
"There is a Nazgul!" Legolas turned Arod to face the sun. Aragorn strained his eyes to see. And he could. The creature was but a faint outline in the sky to him, but it was obvious what it was.
"How is this possible?!" The Nazgul was getting closer to them. Aragorn was about to yell to his men when it let out its horrible shriek. The men began to panic, and the horses squealed. Some even reared.
"Be calm my brothers!" Aragorn yelled, order was somewhat restored. Aragorn took full command. "We have to reach the city, forward!" The army began to move quickly. If they could reach the city in time, they stood a chance. The men on the walls could see the approaching army, which seamed to be running from something. The banners of Aragorn's army flowed in the wind and shouts rang out over the walls.
"Open the gates! The king has returned!" The army was keeping a quick steady pace; the cavalry were father ahead then the foot soldiers. The Nazgul was now in plain sight of the men on the walls. It let out its horrible shriek.
"Nazgul!" The men screamed, causing everyone in the city to look. Faramir ran to the walls and looked on in horror. The Nazgul was coming upon the army. Luckily, the front of the army was just coming through the gates.
"Fire!" The archers of the city loosed fire arrows, causing the Nazgul to stop, shrieking. The last of the army ran through the gates, and the doors were closed. Faramir ran to the king's side.
"Sire! Are you alright?" He waited for Aragorn to dismount.
"I am fine Faramir." Aragorn looked up. The fellbeast and its rider were already retreating into the horizon. A soldier led Aragorn's horse away as he and Farimir headed towards the Great Hall. Gimli and Legolas dismounted, but Akila did not. She continued to look towards the sky where the Nazgul has retreated.
"Akila? Are you alright?" Legolas asked standing beside Alassea as a soldier took Arod away. Akila blinked and turned toward him.
"I'm fine." She dismounted. Alassea was acting strange. Her legs shook slightly and her eyes were still white with fear. Akila patted her neck and spoke calmly to her in elvish. The horse closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Then a soldier led her away.

For the rest of the day, meetings were held in the Great Hall. Questions were asked like, "where did the beast come from?", "Weren't the Nazgul destroyed with the ring?", and "What are we going to do?" were asked. Aragorn sent a messenger to Eomer in Edoras immediately after the meetings were over. After the mad disorder, the people in the hall settled down and questions about the progress they had made were asked. Even though the Nazgul was not being talked about, it was on everybody's mind. Aragorn, who sat at the head of the hall, answered questions and talked about the battle, the city's condition, and all that had happened. Gimli sat in a far corner, drinking potent ale and Legolas leaned against the wall. Akila had stayed for a good portion of the meetings and had gone to the stables. She had acted strangely all day. It was obvious to Legolas and Gimli, but they had not said anything. Her hands had shaken slightly, and her face had been pale for the first few hours after the Nazgul attack. Legolas looked at the door were she had recently had slipped out. He felt worry for her. Gimli looked at him.
"Legolas, you should go talk to her."
"I believe she needs time to herself."
"Maybe if she was an elf, but she is not." Legolas looked down at the dwarf. "She has been worried of something all day, go talk to her." Legolas took a look at the door, then at the dwarf, and nodded. He quietly slipped out the door. The breeze cooled his face and he took a deep breath of fresh air. It has been musty in the hall, as it had been raining for part of the day. The rain had stopped and the sun was setting over the horizon. Legolas walked down the sets of white stone stairs and headed toward the stables, were he knew Akila was.
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