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Chapter 6

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Why Akila acting so oddly, Legolas is going to find out. Bonds are formed. But the world of men is not done with fighting the orcs, thay have now attacked the elves. Aragorn's army will march, but ...

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Chapter 6
Legolas walked quickly but silently towards the stables. Normally, if any of the people in Minas Tirith saw an elf, they would stare, but the people here recognized Legolas and acted like he was another human, walking down the street. As Legolas reached the stables it was dark, but there was a low light coming from the very back of the large stables. Legolas walked inside. As he walked toward the light, he walked by Arod's stall, who nickered quietly. Legolas patted him on the nose and continued forward. As the light bathed him in a warm glow, he saw Akila, sitting on a hay pile, with Alassea's head hanging over her stall door, on her shoulder. Legolas saw she was sleeping and was thinking if he should leave her alone when she slowly opened her eyes.
"Oh, hello Legolas." Akila said in elvish as she stifled a yawn.
"I'm sorry, did I wake you?" He asked walking towards her.
"That is alright, I was going to get up anyway." Alassea lifted her head as Akila stood up. Akila's face was its normal colour and Alassea looked like she was fine.
"Akila, I need to talk to you about something." Legolas said looking her in the eyes.
"Is it about the way I was acting?" She asked
"Yes. But if you don't want to..."
"No. That is alright, I have to explain my actions." Legolas listened intently. Akila breathed in deeply and began to speak. "About four years ago I was traveling on the Plains of West Emnet near Fangorn when I ran into a small army of Rohirrim riders. They had asked me to join them for a short while for 'my protection'. I did so and rode with them for a few days." Akila paused for a moment. "We had been riding towards Helm's Deep when we were attacked..., by a Nazgul." She paused again.
"Is that what troubled you? The Nazgul?"
"Partly, but it got worse. The Nagul had soared above us and cut us off from escaping. Then it had dived towards us. The other riders scattered, and..." Akila opened Alassea's door and turned her around. "See these scars?" Legolas looked. Long, nearly invisible gashes rode from Alassea's hip to the dock of her tail. They looked like, claw marks.
"The Nazgul picked us up and began to fly off with us." Legolas was horrified. Akila's tone began to lower. "What happened was a blur, but the Nazgul, for some reason, dropped us and flew away. When I woke up, the men I had been riding with were standing over me trying to wake me. The Nazgul had carried us for several miles. My leg was pinned underneath Alassea. I broke my arm and leg and a few ribs. Alassea broke three of her legs and nearly crushed me."
"But you're both still standing."
"Yes. Now, whenever I see or hear a Nazgul, I become very nervous, more then everyone else, if that is possible, and so does Alassea." Akila lowered her head. Legolas thought of what a terrifying experience that would have been.
"You are very brave Akila, and so is your mount." Legolas smiled as he put his hand on her shoulder. Akila smiled back at him.
"Thank you Legolas, for listening." Right now, in Legolas' mind, there wasn't anything else he'd rather do.

It was quiet for the next few weeks. Akila was staying in Minas Tirith. She said that she would rather stay in such a beautiful city then return to roaming the countryside alone. Aragorn and Gimli knew better. Legolas and Akila had become very close to each other and their feelings were starting to show. They'd spend hours taking to each other and practicing archery and walking on the walls. When Akila had met Arwen they had began to create a good relationship. They were and odd pair, Arwen clad in a beautiful white gown and Akila clad in a green tunic and cloak. They'd walk in the gardens and often talk. Akila was now good friends with Gimli and Aragorn, she had taken the example from Legolas. Although all of this went on, Akila was still most comfortable with Legolas, and somehow, everyone knew it would stay that way. Inside of the walls of the great white city, it was peaceful, but outside of the walls it was becoming worse. Several towns had been attacked and news from the people in Rohan came in that the same was happening to them. Then an urgent messenger came to Minas Tirith. An elven messenger. He brought news that Caras Galadhon, the City of the Trees in Lothlorien, had been under siege by orcs and was becoming overrun. Aragorn needed no urging. He and a large army would immediately set off towards the elven city. Legolas, for fear of the elves, and for fear of Aragorn, went. Gimli, who wanted to go with Legolas and Aragorn, and also kill some orcs, went as well. Akila also saddled her horse and joined the army.

The army waited to parade down the seven levels of Minas Tirith as Aragorn said a quick goodbye to Arwen. That's when Legolas first noticed Akila's pendant. She had been grasping by the chain as it hung from her neck. It was a beautifully crafted elvish pendant that was of bright silver. It had a design like that of the Evenstar. Legolas hadn't been able to look more closely for Akila tucked the pendant and its chain under her armour and tunic. Aragorn had walked down the stairs and mounted his horse. He rode to the front of the army and they set off toward the first level, and the front gates. It took two weeks to reach Parth Celebrant, the open plain that was just south of Lothlorien. As the line of trees became visible, so did the ugly army that waited for them. Lined up in disorganized columns and rows, were hundreds of orcs with crudely crafted spears, bows, swords, battle axes, and a few warg and riders. Smoke rose from the once beautiful forest. Aragorn called to his men and they formed up. He began his morale speech and everyone listened intently.
"How could they grow so large?" One of the generals muttered under his breath. Legolas wondered the same thing. How could so many orcs gather? How could they organize enough to attack Caras Galadhon? How could they have possibly been prepared for the Aragorn's army? Legolas pondered this, but his trail of thought was broken when a cheer rose from the Gondorian army. They had begun to move.
"I just hope we're not too late." Gimli said. Legolas hoped the same, dearly.

The armies clashed like two bolts of lightning. Like in the first battle, Legolas lost sight of Akila. The opposing army of orcs was being pushed back into the woods. Gimli had jumped from Arod long ago. Aragorn was far ahead, accompanied by many experienced horsemen. Legolas had just looked up from slaying an orc, when an arrow whizzed by his head. He decided he would be less of a target if he dismounted. He slid smoothly and quickly slid from Arod's back and continued to slice at any orc in his way. He heard the screams of horses and the yells of men. Somehow, Gimli had caught up to him and was counting his kills. Legolas could hear several cries of men nearby, and looked up. Not far ahead were orc crossbowmen firing rapidly at approaching men.
'Now they can make crossbows?!' Legolas thought aloud in his head as he cut another orc down. He then looked sideways and saw a tint of white. He turned his head. There was Akila! She was still mounted and was fighting off a warg bravely. Legolas began to turn when a bolt of pain shot through him. He nearly collapsed. Letting out a groan he looked down. An arrow, a single solitary arrow, had hit him in the leg, which was now bleeding uncontrollably.
"Legolas!" Gimli called as he came up beside him. Legolas looked at the dwarf. His leg pained him, he did not think he could walk. Legolas turned his head. Akila was firing arrows at the orc archers. He wanted to call out to her but before he could speak, she disappeared in the sea of fighting armies again.

The orc army was completely destroyed. Elves from Caras Galadhon had come behind the army and the orcs were crushed between the elves and the men. Legolas was helped over to Aragorn, who was talking to an elf, by some of the soldiers.
"Legolas! What happened to you?!" Aragorn stared at the blood dripping down Legolas' leg, completely forgetting about the elf beside him.
"I was shot by one of the crossbowmen, I will be fine." Gimli stood by Legolas.
"Once we get to Caras Galadhon, I want that leg wound cleaned." Aragorn looked at Legolas in the eyes. They were cold, sad. Something was wrong, very wrong. Legolas looked around frantically, someone was missing.
'No! It can't, it can't be!' Legolas' mind swelled with worry. "Aragorn! Where is Akila?!" Legolas looked at the king almost knowing what he would say. Aragorn said a simple sentence, slowly and full of pain.
"She's gone Legolas, she's gone."
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