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chapter 1

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well the well hahah is closed and Kagome can't go back so she stays and marryes .......

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Hey this is my first fanfic so try to be nice ok but I will fully understand if you think this is crappy Oh disclaimer thing I DO NOT OWN INUYASHA OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS so here goes
Another thing

--------------------------------------battle field with Naraku---------------------------------------

Kikyo was barely standing as she shot her last arrow as she yelled “die Naraku” she fell to the ground exhausted, she had used to much spiritual energy and had been hurt pretty badly. Naraku managed to dodge her arrow and sent demons after her. Seeing this Inuyasha runs to aid the fallen priestess. He doesn’t see the numerous demons about to attack him. Sango yells out “look out” as she throws her giant boomerang killing some of the demons after him. Inuyasha turns around his eyes a crimsoned colored and pulls out his Tetsusaiga and with one sweep he destroys the remaining demons. He rushes over to where Kikyo fell “Kikyo are you alright” he asks worried. She just answers with an angry yell “YOU FOOL! (she says that a lot, personally I don’t appreciate it, I just want to slap her when she‘s mean to him any ways back to story) don’t let him escape!” Kagome sees her chance and aims her arrow to his heart. She lets go of the bow and her arrow shoots straight throw his body purifying most of it. Naraku’s body fell to the ground as miasma spewed out of it. Miroku struggled to get up to see what had become of Naraku. Kagome rushed to his side “Miroku No don’t move the poison hasn’t left your body yet” . He had sucked up too many of Naraku’s poisonous insects. Kagome called for Shippo he came out from his hiding place “what is it Kagome?” “Shippo can you please take care of Miroku he is still to weak to fight” Kagome pointed to a small clearing safe away form all the miasma and the battle field. “ok” replied Shippo. Sango come over to help the fox demon with the now unconscious monk. They put him on top of Kirara and they flew off but as we all know about the mysterious hands of a certain someone came up and groped Sango. Sango blushed and was about to smack him but considered other wise because of the current state he was in she thought even in his sleep he is a lecher! They set him down Sango went back to the battle as Shippo stayed behind to keep an eye on the monk.

-----------------------------------------------back with Kagome-----------------------------------

Kagome looked over to see Inuyasha protecting Kikyo “it is to be expected , he still loves her after all the only reason we are here is because he caught a whiff of her scent. Its like he forgets where he is at and what he is doing when he sees her. He didn’t even care that Koga was here fighting with us. By the way were did Koga go? Kagome looked around to find Koga fighting the wounded Naraku. Making sure that Shippo had gotten Miroku safely out of harms way she ran to Inuyasha and Kikyo. Kikyo was getting a bit better because she had begun to suck in the souls her soul collectors brought to her. Once Inuyasha made sure that Kikyo was ok he ran out to fight Naraku he yelled “you will pay for this Naraku you will not take her away from me ever again” he went past Koga “out of my way you mangy wolf! Naraku’s mine” Koga of course had a come back “Hey mutt face! Don’t get in MY way I won’t allow you to let Naraku escape” “who are you calling a Mutt face you rabid wolf” Inuyasha said after releasing his wind scar on Naraku. “Oh you won’t get all the fun you puppy” Koga said after giving Naraku a powerful kick. Kagome and the now better Kikyo shot their arrows at Naraku. They all stood there to watch the destruction of their foe. They all had one thing on there mind is it all over?

To be continued………………………………............................................


So what did you think of my first chapter huh please read and review I will have the next chapter up next week so if you liked it please stay tuned :P
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