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chapter 2

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Last time:
They all stood there to watch the destruction of their foe. They all had one thing on there minds is it all over?
Once again, Kikyo fell to the ground. That broke the silence as Inuyasha once again rushed to her side. Kagome walked away not able to see the guy she loved caring for another. She went to answer the question that was all on there minds did Naraku really die? Kagome Knew if they had truly destroyed Naraku, Miroku’s wind tunnel would be gone. Kagome took only a few steps before she was stopped by the demon wolf. “Hey Kagome I not only came to kill Naraku, but also to claim you as my mate, now that Naraku is gone we won’t have to worry about our pup’s being in danger any more.” This being said Inuyasha’s ears twitched as he heard to the words( he looks so cute when he does that) coming out of the Koga’s mouth he ran in front of the wolf as he said in a not so nice tone “she already told you once before you don’t own her!” Koga just said in th every same tone “nether do you half-demon” Koga looks over and sees Kikyo coming over and says “besides don’t you already have a woman, or did she dump you because of that ugly looking face of your because of the way she talks to you it sure doesn’t seem she likes you but your always hanging around her whenever she’s here.” Inuyasha confused and having no clue what in the world that wolf was talking about he said “what are your talking about wolf.” “That woman, you know the one you are always protecting.” Koga turns around and points to Kikyo “when she’s around you completely forget about Kagome and give her you full attention.” Inuyasha sees where Koga is pointing “who Kikyo?” “Oh! Is that her name. What is she to you Inuyasha? You have no right to Interfere with me and Kagome if you have her.” Kagome was about to answer that question when Kikyo cut her off before she could say any thing “Yes Inuyasha what am I to you? Or what was I to you I should say” she looked at him with sad desperate eyes. That look was too much for Inuyasha to bear so forgetting that Kagome was there he said “Kikyo you …. you are ….. You are my only one true love!” Hearing this the heart broken Kagome turns around and runs into the forest. “Thanks dog breath” Koga says grinning before running after Kagome.
--------------------------------------In the Forest---------------------------------------------------
“what a jerk! How could he. I already knew he loved her but still he could have spared me the tears I mean I was right there” Koga had just caught up with Kagome “Kagome don’t show Inuyasha that you care. He stepped closer to her “Don’t show that mutt that your crying over it. That will just give him the pleasure of thinking that your suffering.” Kagome not being able to control her crying anymore runs into Koga’s arms and cries.
-----------------------------------------Back to Inuyasha----------------------------------------------
It took a while for Inuyasha to realize why Kagome had run away. As he turned to run after her and the wolf, he felt a cold hand touch him. “Inuyasha if you meant what you said then you wont go after her” Kikyo in truth really hated that girl she had changed Inuyasha into a kinder demon, the job she should have been in charge of. “You did mean what you said or…” Inuyasha interrupted “NO! I did mean it Kikyo, its just that….” “Its just that what Inuyasha don’t tell me that you have feelings for that girl! The only reason for that is because she is my reincarnation!” Kikyo yells and Inuyasha’s ears were still ringing when she said “Inuyasha I LOVE YOU! I don’t think “that girl” feels the same way as I do. Inuyasha we were meant to be faith as brought us together again.” Inuyasha avoided eye contact with her “sorry Kikyo I have to make sure she is ok” The wolf demon went after her she will be fine Inuyasha you don’t have to take care of her anymore you have me is that not enough?” Inuyasha turned around but said “I HAVE to make sure” and ran into the forest. Leaving Kikyo alone………………..
That was chapter 2 once again you can thank DARKGEISHA and KAEINBOCK for this early chapter. Next chapter will be up in a few days read and review maybe if I get 5 reviews I will up date sooner J thanks for reading
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