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chapter 3

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Inuyasha ran into the forest quickly catching Kagome’s scent. Half way there he also caught the smell of Kagome’s tear’s and he slowed down “why would Kagome be crying? I swear if that wolf did something to her I…” Inuyasha’s thoughts were interrupted when he saw Kagome and Koga. Kagome had know stopped hugging Koga and was sitting down. “Kagome stop crying over him” Koga really felt sorry for Kagome he wished he did not have to see the girl he loved crying for any reason.” I c-can’t” Koga had had enough he was going to put a stop to her suffering for once and for all. “this will make you stop” Koga bent down ad grabbed her by her waist and pulled her into his lap. He then grabbed her chin and lifted it to meet his face. He looked into her eyes before he bent down and kissed her passionately. Kagome was still in shock and plus she had been crying and was to tired to do anything about it so she just gave in. ( haven’t you ever felt that way like you cry so much your to tired to do any thing I have so this is what happened to Kagome) Inuyasha stood frozen in shock about what he was seeing. He was about to run out of his hiding place when a all to familiar voice said “It looks to me that she is more than fine Inuyasha.” Kikyo had followed Inuyasha not wanting to leave him alone with Kagome. “ I told you she would be fine she has her wolf demon to protect her” Kikyo stepped out of the bushes and said “are we interrupting some thing” Kagome snapped out of it and pulled away from Koga then to her horror she saw who “we” was. Had Inuyasha seen Koga kiss her? Was he mad? She tried to read his thoughts but her efforts were in vain his face was unreadable. What must he think of her probably the same thing she thinks about him when she saw Inuyasha kissing Kikyo. Koga broke her train of thoughts as he said “As a mater of fact yes you are, leave us alone” Just then Shippo came in to pronounce to the whole world that Miroku’s wind tunnel was gone and that the poison in his body was also gone! “Why is everyone so tense didn’t you hear the good news! We finally did it Naraku is gone and Miroku will be ok! Poor little Shippo he had no clue what had just happened. Finally not being able to stand the silence and the smug look on the Koga’s face Inuyasha said “yes we all heard you now let’s get some rest everyone” Kikyo took this as an opportunity to ask Inuyasha for his answer “Inuyasha I will be back on the night of the new moon I want your answer by then” she then summoned her soul collectors and they carried her of into the night. Inuyasha turned around and headed back to the camp site not wanting to look at Kagome right now. Now alone Koga said “sorry about that Kagome its true I kissed you so you could stop crying but that’s not all I love you and I will claim you as my mate only if you will have me. Since Kinky-ho wants and answer from dog-breath on the night of the new moon I will also ask the same form you farewell my love.” he ran off but came back and gave Kagome a quick peck on the lips before turning around and leaving once more.
-------------------------------------back at the campsite-------------------------------------------
Miroku is healing s Sango tends to his wounds. Inuyasha walks up to them in a daze. “Oh Inuyasha wears Kagome” asked Sango who was worried about her friend the last she seen of her was when she went running into the forest and Koga went after her. “The hell I should know why don’t you ask that wolf, Koga” Sango now surprised at the dog-demons reaction to a simple question asked “What happened Inuyasha” but as always Inuyasha wasn’t in the mood to talk and jumped into the nearest tree to escape any future questions from the demon slayer. To this the monk and the demon slayer both said “ something happened” and who was to come in at that moment none other than Kagome. This brought Inuyasha down from his tree “where’s you lover did that no good for nothing leave you already.” Kagome came back ready to apologize to the dog demon but he just had to push her buttons she forgot all about the truce she was going to make with him and she yelled out “sit” HE “sit” IS “sit” NOT “sit” MY “sit” LOVER “sit” (poor Inuyasha almost made me cry just thinking about Kagome sitting him that many times) but of course Inuyasha was not done yet “it sure looked like it” Kagome remembered the way Koga had kissed her she admitted she liked it but would much rather have a kiss from a certain dog boy. Like that would ever happen she just stormed off she need a walk to clear her mind. Inuyasha getting up from his hole, quite a big one at that said just as she was walking away “looking for your wolf boy already” “SIT”
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