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Prologue and Beginnings

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Inuyasha and the gang were looking for the jewel shards when they ran into a spider demon. Its power was inhanced because it had a jewel shard! Naturally, Inuyasha went in to kill it. But when he a...

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Chapter 1-Prologue and Beginnings

The Shikon No Tama. A jewel of great power that created both joy and sorrow, good and evil. The story has been told over centuries, thought of as a whole. But it is not. Over time the story has been changed, missing parts and adding parts. The true story has not been told since it had happened. Held within, is the true story, of a dragon and the Shikon No Tama.

It was just after sunrise and all was quiet. A bird chirped and the wind whistled. There was an odd group walking in the forest. Inuyasha was getting restless.
¡§Settle down Inuyasha, you fidgeting won¡¦t help us find the rest of the jewel shards any quicker.¡¨ Miroku said.

Miroku is a monk who has black hair that he wears in a short ponytail. He wears a purple robe and carries a shakujou or monk¡¦s staff. He has his kazaana, which is a wind tunnel (like a black hole), in his right hand. Naraku cursed his family with this wind tunnel. The wind tunnel will eventually suck up Miroku, killing him, so Miroku is always trying to continue his family line. Whenever Miroku sees a pretty woman he asks her to bear his child; which usually means he gets a smack (often from Sango). He also gropes women¡¦s behinds which also gets him a smack (again, often from Sango).
¡§Oh, shut-up Miroku.¡¨ Inuyasha snapped.

Inuyasha is a hanyou, a half demon; he is part human and part dog demon. He has long silver hair that goes to his waist, golden coloured eyes and two dog ears sticking out of the top of his head. He has claws on his hands and walks bear footed. He wears a red cloak made of fire-rat hair which helps protect him. He always has his Tessaiga by his side which transforms from a rusty old sword to a giant shining fang. He has a necklace around his neck that has powers; so whenever Kagome says ¡§Osawri!¡¨ (sit) the necklace pulls him to the ground.

Kagome and Sango sighed and shook their heads.

Sango is a youkai taijiya, or a demon exterminator. She has long black hair and when she is not in battle she wears a purple and green kimino, but when she is in battle she wears a tight, black battle suit. She carries her Hiraikotsu or flying bone which is a giant boomerang.

Kagome is a 15-year-old junior high student from present day Japan. She wears her school uniform, which are a green skirt and a white long-sleeved shirt. She has long black hair and has healing powers. She can shoot purity arrows and is gradually becoming better with a bow. She can also sense jewel shards because she is the reincarnation of Kikyou, the one who protected the Shikon no Tama.
Kirara was in Sango¡¦s arms and Shippo was on Kagome¡¦s shoulder.

Both Kirara and Shippo are full demons. Kirara is a cat demon who has two tails and can transform into a large lioness type demon with fire around her tails and feet. Shippo is a fox demon who has little fox paws, tail, and ears. He has a human body and head and wears dark-blue pants and a light-blue long-sleeved shirt and an orange vest. He has orange hair as well. He uses trickery to fight (which he often doesn¡¦t do).
The group was on a quest to find all the jewel shards and kill Naraku.

The Shikon no Tama or the Jewel of Four Souls has immense power and can make a demon 1000 times more powerful or it can grant a wish of a human. The jewel was accidentally broken into small shards which were spread around feudal Japan.

Naraku is an evil man who was injured and almost killed. He was so badly injured that he allowed hundreds of demons to enter his body and thus, he became a demon.
The group had been walking for about an hour after sunrise when Kagome suddenly stopped in her tracks.
¡§I sense a jewel shard.¡¨ She said.
¡§Finally!¡¨ Inuyasha replied. ¡§Where?¡¨
¡§Not far from here.¡¨ Kagome said.
¡§Let¡¦s get going then!¡¨ Miroku said.
Kirara transformed and Miroku, Sango, and Shippo jumped onto her back Kagome got onto Inuyasha¡¦s back and they continued down the path at a much faster pace.
Soon the group came to a clearing and stopped.
¡§The jewel shard is very close by.¡¨ Kagome said.
Just after she finished a giant spider demon jumped in front of them. It was completely black with red strips going from its eyes to its body. It had giant fangs with venom dripping down. It had two large eyes and three smaller eyes to each side of its head.
¡§Meat¡K¡¨ It moaned as it swung one of its eight legs at the group. Inuyasha grabbed Kagome and jumped out of the way and Kirara (who still had Miroku, Sango and Shippo on her back) jumped away too. Inuyasha let Kagome down and Miroku and Sango got off of Kirara while Shippo ran over to Kagome.
¡§The jewel shard is in its left eye.¡¨ Kagome told Inuyasha.
¡§OK.¡¨ Inuyasha replied as he jumped toward the giant spider demon. He sliced at it with Tessaiga but the demon just dodged him. Sango (which now had her battle suit on) threw her Hiraikotsu. The demon just knocked it away. Kirara jumped at the demon and bit one of its legs. The demon threw her to the ground. Inuyasha was definitely pissed as he screamed:
¡§Kaze no Kizu!¡¨ (Wound of the Wind) Five streaks of what looked like bright yellow fire, spread out toward the spider demon and hit it directly! The demon just stood there and glared at Inuyasha.
¡§What the s*!¡¨ Inuyasha yelled. The spider demon laughed and took another swing at him Inuyasha dodged but as he dodged the spider demon spit venom at him hitting him in his arm.
¡§AHHHHH!!!¡¨ He yelled as it burned at his skin he jumped back holding his arm. The spider demon was between him and his friends. Sango, Miroku and Kirara tried to stop the demon but it just kept getting closer to Inuyasha while opening and closing its jaws.
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