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The Dragon Hanyou

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2-The Dragon Hanyou

The demon came closer and closer, more venom dripping from its fangs.
"Meat..." It moaned.
'Ah, shit!' Inuyasha cursed in his mind. He couldn't move and the poison was slowly moving threw his body.
"Inuyasha!" Yelled Kagome.
He was slowly blacking out. The spider demon was upon him and was about to make the final blow.
"Garyuu!" (Dragon Fang) Yelled a voice. The spider fell to its side, its head several feet away from its body. The figure stood up from a crouching position and walked over to the spider's head. It cut open the demon's eye and pulled out the jewel shard.
"That's mine." Inuyasha growled weakly.
The figure turned around to face him and frowned.
"You're poisoned, aren't you?" The figure observed. 'He looks familiar...'
"SO?" Inuyasha yelled.
Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara had ran over to Inuyasha's side and looked at the figure.
"Who are you?" Sango asked.
"My name is Anusti. But right now you should be more worried with your friend then with my name." The Tatsuyoukai or dragon demon replied.

Anusti was a dragon demon who had silver coloured scales that shone in the sunlight. Her black hair came to about her waist and two slightly curved horns came out from the top of her head through her hair. She had a small horn on the end of her nose and her eyes were blue. Her wings were tucked into her sides and her tail had a flat end on it, both her wings and her tail were covered in the same silver scales. There was a sword at her side and she wore a loose, blue battle suit, a belt made of black dragon scales, and chain around her neck which seemed to be holding ashes. She had bear feet which had four toes on each foot with a sharp claw at the end of each toe; she also had a small claw on both of her heels. She had five fingers on each hand which also had a sharp claw on each finger. It appeared as she was wearing silver armour all over her body. She held the jewel shard between her thumb claw and pointer claw looking at it.
"It has the shard..." Inuyasha said.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome said quietly, she was worried.
"He'll be fine." Anusti told her. "I know how to cure the poison he has in his system."
All Inuyasha could get out was "You..." then he blacked out.

Inuyasha woke up to the smell of ramen (noodles) and fire. He sat up. Miroku and Sango were sitting across the fire eating with Kirara on Sango's lap. They looked a bit uncomfortable. Kagome was to his right with Shippo on her shoulder looking at the fire.
"Inuyasha! You're awake!" Miroku said when he saw Inuyasha sitting up. Kagome sighed out of relief.
"Of course I'm awake you idiot!" Inuyasha snapped, remembering that, that dragon demon got the jewel shard.
"I can see you are awake." Said a voice. Anusti jumped from up in a tree to the right of Kagome.
"What the hell are you doing here?!" Inuyasha said trying to get up.
"Inuyasha! The antidote hasn't taken affect yet." Kagome said glaring at him.
"Well what is she doing here?!" Inuyasha snapped.
"Just making sure the poison didn't kill you." Anusti said with a sigh.
"Inuyasha, she gave you the antidote that getting rid of the poison." Sango said.
Inuyasha just huffed.
"Why would a demon help a half-demon?" Inuyasha said glaring at Anusti.
"I'm not a demon." Anusti replied.
"You sure smell like a demon." Inuyasha was pissed yet again.
Anusti crossed her arms. "Of course I smell like a demon, because I have demon blood in me."
Everyone looked at her.
"You are a half-demon?" Sango asked. Anusti nodded.
"You don't look like a half-demon." Miroku said.
"Yeah well, there's a long story to that, but I would really not like to go through it."
Just then a hawk screeched over head. Anusti looked up.
"Well, I must leave." She walked over to Kagome and handed her a vial of green liquid. "If the poison starts acting up again, make him drink this." She told Kagome. "The poison should be completely gone in about two weeks."
With that she opened her wings and flew into the sky.
"Hey! You still have my jewel shard!" Inuyasha yelled after her.
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