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Aggravated Inuyasha

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3-Aggravated Inuyasha

The next day the group continued to look for jewel shards. Inuyasha was really, really pissed that Anusti got the jewel shard.
'Maybe I should tell him about the other jewel shard she had...' Kagome thought. She looked over at Inuyasha, he was really mad. 'Maybe later.'
Inuyasha was weak from the poison. If they ran into any strong demons, they may be in trouble.
"Why did you let her take the jewel shard?" Inuyasha asked, well he really commanded an answer, he was pissed.
"Well, she did save your life Inuyasha, and even if we did try to take it from her, she probably would've killed us." Miroku told him.
"SHE DIDN'T SAVE MY LIFE!" Inuyasha yelled, glaring at him.
"Inuyasha, sit boy." Kagome said and Inuyasha fell to the ground.
The group continued on and Inuyasha caught up and kept quiet, he didn't want to be sat again. They set up camp, made a fire and ate lunch.

~~Meanwhile; in the forest not far away~~

Anusti walked through the forest a hawk on her shoulder. All of a sudden she halted.
'There's a demon near by.' She thought. She opened her wings and the hawk jumped off her shoulder and followed her into the sky.
'Where is it?' She asked herself looking around. 'It's getting closer.' She looked to her right then her left. She heard a screech from behind. Anusti turned around to see a huge carrion crow demon flying towards her.
'Finally some entertainment.' She thought, cracking her knuckles. By this time the hawk had flown back to the forest and perched at the top of a tree so it could see its master fight. The demon came closer and closer to Anusti screeching at her.
'That's right, a little closer.' The demon was almost at her when she flew to the side as the crow demon passed. The crow demon came back at her and she dodged again but this time as the demon passed she brought down her clawed hand and removed its head. The demon fell to the ground, dead.
'That was easy.' She thought. But something else was here. She flew down to the ground and landed. The hawk chirped and landed on her shoulder as she continued down the same path. She didn't see the two glowing green eyes watching her.

~~Back with the Yasha gang~~

They were finished with their rest and had continued looking for the jewel shards.
"I can sense a jewel shard, but it's far away." Kagome said.
"Let's go after it." Inuyasha said as Kagome got onto his back and Sango, Miroku and Shippo got on to a now transformed Kirara's back.
"So where's the jewel shard Kagome?" Inuyasha asked angrily. They had been traveling for over an hour and they still hadn't found it.
"I can sense it still." She answered. Soon Inuyasha smelt blood and they landed. They could see the dead crow demon lying with its head next to a tree several yards away. Inuyasha could barely smell it, but Anusti had been here.
"That damn dragon was here!" Inuyasha yelled.

~~Back with Anusti~~

Anusti was flying looking for a place to sleep for that night. She also needed to eat her monthly meal (Dragon demons, even half dragon demons, only need to eat once a month). She found a wild boar and killed it and cooked it over dragon fire. She gave some boar to her hawk friend who traveled on her shoulder. When she was done eating she began to look for a place to sleep again. She found a large cave in the foot of a mountain and entered. It was damp and cool but it was nice. She lay down not far from the entrance. Sleep overcame her but she kept her senses alert.

~~Back with the Yasha gang~~

The gang kept going until dark and came to a village. The whole place was deserted. It looked like no one had lived there in a while. The group decided to rest there for the night.
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