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The Snake Demons

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4-The Snake Demons

The Yasha gang had eaten breakfast. They were packing up and getting ready to leave when they heard a hissing noise.
"What was that?" Miroku asked.
"It sounded like a snake." Sango said. Glaring at Miroku, who was groping her butt.
Kagome sighed.
'Pervert.' Inuyasha thought. "I can smell a demon." He said outloud.
The group ran outside. Kirara transformed and Shippo hopped up onto Kagome's shoulder. They heard another hissing noise. A huge black snake with red around the top of its eyes and a red strip going down to the back of its tail came at them. Inuyasha picked up Kagome and jumped out of the way and Sango, Miroku and Kirara jumped out of the way as well. The demon had green eyes and venom was dripping from its fangs. It hissed and charged at them again. Sango hit it with her Hiraikotsu and Kirara scratched it. Inuyasha took out Tessaiga and slashed at the snake demon. It made a gash in the demon's side and it backed down.
"Kaze no Kizu!" Inuyasha screamed as the streaks of fire hit the demon and it disintegrated.
Inuyasha was out of breath, the poison was making him weak. Many of the buildings in the village lay flattened from the battle. The group continued on.

The group found no jewel shards and only one demon for the next few days. Inuyasha was still really ticked that Anusti has 'his' shard.

~~Meanwhile, with Anusti~~

Anusti was flying over some trees. Four demons (two of them snake demons) had attacked her in the last few days.
'Well, at least I'm not bored.' She thought to herself. Her hawk was flying next to her. It chirped and looked at her. Anusti nodded her head and the hawk dived into the woods to look for food. Anusti sensed something. She hovered in mid air and looked around.
'No demons in the sky. Maybe it was nothing...' And she continued flying. Soon after she saw a clearing and landed. 'I can sense a demon.' She thought, closing her eyes. 'It's coming closer.' She opened her eyes and spread her wings and flew into the air. Fangs closed in on were she was. 'Another snake demon.' She thought looking at the demon.

It was much like the demon the Yasha gang fought. It was completely black with green eyes and green markings on its face and back. It stood there, hissing, fangs dripping with venom.
"Giveeee me thee jewel ssshardsss." It hissed
"You are going to have to kill me first." Anusti said, grinning. Anusti landed several yards away from the snake and stood there. "Come on you weakling, I haven't got all day." She mocked. The snake charged at her at breakneck speed. She dodged and it flew into a tree, flattening it. "Is that all you got?" Anusti asked as the snake turned around. It charged at her again and again, and every time, Anusti jumped to the side.
"Dieeeeee!" It hissed charging, but, yet again, Anusti dodged easily.
"You give up?" She asked. The snake hissed at her baring its fangs, venom dripped down. It charged and Anusti jumped up but only to be attacked from behind. Fangs bit down on her arm. Anusti managed to escape and faced the two snakes. She looked at her arm. Her battle suit was torn but there wasn't even a scratch on her arm. Her scales were too thick.

The second snake was larger then the first and had yellow markings instead of green.

Both snakes hissed at her. They charged.
'No more fooling around.' Anusti thought. She pulled out her sword, Hotaru, which transformed into a giant dragon's fang. Its hilt was of black dragon scales with fire engraved on it. She jumped into the air as the snakes passed and sliced the first snake killing it. The second snake looked at its fallen comrade. It hissed loudly and charged. Anusti charged but the snake dodged.
'This one is stronger.' She thought to herself as she ran to the side. The two charged at each other until Anusti got fed up. 'Now you shall die.' She tucked her wings tighter into her sides and ran at the demon and sliced it in half. She put Hotaru into her belt and began to search the snakes' bodies for any jewel shards.
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