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The Jewel Shards

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5-The Jewel Shards

It had been about a week since Anusti helped the Yasha gang. Inuyasha was still pissed that she got the jewel shard. The poison was still in his system, there was just enough to make him a little weaker but Inuyasha was back to his old, annoying self.
'Maybe I should tell him about the other shard now.' Kagome thought. She decided to.
"Uh, Inuyasha?" She asked.
"What?" He was very pissed off.
"You know about the shard that Anusti had?" Inuyasha didn't reply. "Well she had another one..." Inuyasha just glared at her.
He growled (if you thought he was pissed before now he was extremely pissed!) He was getting ready to explode when Kagome said. "A jewel shard! There's another jewel shard near by!" The group ran forward and Inuyasha could smell blood. Two huge black snake demons lay on the ground dead. A silver armoured figure was pulling the shard from the larger snake's neck.
"You again!" Inuyasha yelled as he pulled out Tessaiga as it transformed.
"How did I run into you guys again?" Anusti said putting the shard in a pouch with her other shards.
"Give me those jewel shards!" Inuyasha said running at Anusti.
Just as he slashed at her she jumped to the side and pulled out Hotaru, which transformed.
"You really have to move quicker to hit me." Anusti said.
Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara just looked on watching Anusti block or dodge every blow Inuyasha gave. Inuyasha then backed off and shouted "Kaze no Kizu!"
Anusti just stood there watching the bolts of fire come at her. At the last second she lifted her sword and knocked the attack away. Everyone (except for Inuyasha) stood there with their mouths wide open. Inuyasha growled. Anusti stood there looking at him.

"You could block that, but you can't block this!" Inuyasha yelled "Backlash Wave!"
A power wave came from the Tessaiga and flew towards Anusti. She was not going to try to block that so she shouted.
"Dance of the Dragon!" Streams of fire burst from Hotaru and countered the Backlash Wave. Light came from the bolts of power and both of them died out.
"You're pretty strong!" Anusti yelled at Inuyasha. Inuyasha looked pretty tired but Anusti didn't look tired at all. "I can see you are still weak from the poison." She said putting her sword back into her belt.
"Give. Me. Those. Shards." Inuyasha said, out of breath.
Anusti sighed. Inuyasha ran over to her and sliced at her but she easily dodged.
"Calm down." Anusti said, easily dodging another blow. By now Miroku was holding him back.
"He is very weak, the poison is taking away his strength." Anusti told the group.
Inuyasha was breathing heavily and managed to growl. By now the whole group was looking at her, ready to fight if they needed to. Anusti could see this and said:
"Don't worry I come in peace. Your friend there should settle down, he's going to tire himself out." 'I can sense more demons.' Anusti thought. "I suggest you get out of here, more demons are coming."
"You don't suggest anything to me!" Inuyasha yelled as he took a weak swipe at Anusti and she just blocked it with her arm. She sighed.
"The poison is making you really weak, that was barley a try." She turned around and pulled out Hotaru and it transformed. "If you must stay, it's not my fault if you die!" It was silent for a few seconds. 'Come out you cowards.' She yelled in her head. 'There you are.' About 30 huge snake demons, all black with different coloured markings appeared through the trees. They all had venom dripping from their fangs and the largest demon came forward, hissing.

"There must be a harem near by." Miroku said.
'This will be fun.' Anusti thought 'It may provide a challenge.' Anusti leapt forward. The demons charged at her at she sliced her sword killing two of them instantly. The Yasha group looked on but began to fight when the demons came to them. Inuyasha could barley move because of the poison weakening him. A snake got a hold of Anusti's arm but because of her scales nothing happened. She just punched it in the face. Miroku, Sango and Kirara were killing off demons. Anusti looked back at them.
'They're pretty good.' She thought. After she killed off the last snake demon that was attacking her, the leader came after her, 4 of the largest snake demons behind him.
"Diieeee!" He hissed as she dodged.
'Alright; enough of this.' Anusti thought. As the leader came at her again, she lowered her sword and opened her mouth, breathing out a spiral of fire, incinerating him and his harem. Sango killed off the very last snake and looked over to see the leader, burning.
The group looked at Anusti who was putting Hotaru into her belt.

'They're staring at me again.' She thought to herself. She opened her wings and was about to take off when she felt pain rush through her. She looked at her wing. It was torn badly. 'Shit, he must have got his fang into my wing.' She closed her wings and walked over to one of the dead snake's body, (one that wasn't burning) pulled open its mouth and broke off its fang. There was still venom in its fang and she took out a small bag of herbs and added some into the venom. She dropped some venom onto her hand and rubbed it onto her wing where the snake had bitten her. The pain began to cease and she shook her wing.
'I can't fly until it heals enough, probably tomorrow morning. Shit! Tonight is... A well, I guess that works.' She told herself. She turned around only see the gang staring at her. 'Are they fascinated by me or something?' She put the herbs away and started walking.
"Where do you think you are going? You still haven't given me those shards." Inuyasha said weakly. Anusti looked over her shoulder. 'He is persistent, isn't he?' And she continued walking.
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