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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6-Mangetsu

Anusti walked. She was thinking about the battle with the snake demons. She opened her wing and looked at it. The swelling had gone done and the pain was very little. The hawk that had been traveling with her flew down and landed on her shoulder.
"Where have you been Miharu?" She asked it, scratching its chin with her claw. It made a rumbling noise in its throat. When Anusti stopped scratching its chin it began to chirp and whistle.
"Yes I know what tonight is, Miharu. At least by sunrise my wing will be healed." Anusti said looking at Miharu on her shoulder. Miharu began to chirp again.
"That village is near by." Anusti thought aloud "I hope Joshu is still living there." Anusti pulled out a green cloak from her pouch and put it on. It went down to the ground and her clawed feet couldn't be seen. She lifted the hood over her head. Her face, fangs and snout were shadowy and behind the end of the hood. Miharu flew up ahead and Anusti continued walking as she put on gloves and pulled her tail and wings close to her body. None of her silver scales were visible. She walked down to the village and entered. She looked just like a weary traveler and everyone ignored her. She came to what looked to be a stable and entered. A man sat in a chair and looked at her.

"Joshu, I can see you're still here." She told him.
"Anusti! What are you doing here?" He asked her as she closed the door into the stables.
She took her hood off. "I need Myoujou."
"That time again?"
"Yeah, I need him back."
"Alright, but he'll be expensive. I had a lot of offers for him."
"Do you take human or demon currency?"
"Human. I don't need demon currency anymore. You know I live my life as a human now." Anusti reached into her pocket and pulled out 5 golden coins.
"Will this be enough?" She asked holding out the coins in her gloved hand.
"Yes." Joshu said looking at her as he took the coins "Follow me." He walked to the back of the stable and stopped at a stall. Above the stall it said: Myoujou. A beautiful black stallion was in the stall. He had a strong build and had a white star on his forehead.
"He looks like you treated him well." Anusti told Joshu. At the sound of her voice Myoujou neighed.
"I think he remembers you." Joshu said smiling.
"You've gone soft." Anusti said jokingly to him.
"Well when you have a human wife and a third child on the way sometimes you do become soft."
"Hey, congratulations."
"Thank you."
Joshu then led her to the tack room where he got a sturdy saddle and bridle. He put it on Myoujou and gave the reins to Anusti. She pulled her hood back on and mounted.
"Thanks Joshu."
"Anytime, and Anusti," There was a long pause "I'm sorry about Fiinikkusu." He said as he opened the stable door.
Anusti frowned under her hood. "Thank you." She said in a low voice.
She kicked Myoujou lightly and he went into a canter out of the stables. When she got out of the village he went into a gallop. She rode onto the plains and slowed into a canter again. Miharu joined her and they continued forward. Anusti frowned and got a feeling of sadness when she thought of Fiinikkusu. But she sighed from relief that she didn't scare any of the villagers.

~~With the Yasha gang~~

The gang was in the sky; Kagome and Sango were on Kirara's back and Inuyasha and Miroku on a transformed Shippo. (Shippo can transform into a big orange blob that can fly.) Inuyasha was pouting that he had lost the jewel shards again. The poison was making him weaker, and if it wasn't for the rush of air on his face, he would have fallen asleep. The group continued flying and didn't land until just after sunset.

~~With Anusti~~

Anusti rode swiftly though the plains. She kept thinking about Fiinikkusu but put that thought in the back of her mind. She then thought when she was young and she rode all the time. She smiled but snapped back to reality as the sun went down.
'It's time.' She thought. She slowed Myoujou down to a walk then a halt and she looked at her hand. Her claws began to disappear and she lifted her hood from her head. Her horns were gone. Her hair had turned dark brown and her scales disappeared to reveal human skin. Her wings and tail absorbed into her body and her fangs flattened into human teeth. Her snout pushed into a human nose and her demonic powers drained away.
You see, half-demons loose their powers once a month and become humans.

Anusti looked up, a full moon. Miharu landed on her shoulder and chirped reassuring her she would be a half-demon by sunrise. Anusti patted her on the head and she took to the air as Myoujou went back into a gallop. When they rode by a forest, the group stopped. Anusti walked over to a tree and was looking for something. She found what she was looking for. A green herb with two leaves. She picked some, put it on a rock then crushed it into a powder. She put the powder onto her face, arms and hands.
'This will neutralize any demon's scent.' She thought as she got back onto Myoujou and continued.
She soon came to a village and stopped to rest. Miharu flew into a tree and fell asleep. Anusti had just unsaddled Myoujou and was entering a hut when she sensed something.
'Shit! How do I keep running into them?!'
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