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In Her Human Form

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7-In Her Human Form

It was about midnight and the Yasha gang had stopped and decided to rest at a nearby village. As they entered the village Kagome sensed a jewel shard. Anusti had the powder on her so Inuyasha couldn't smell her. As they entered the village they split up to look for any demon or human that may have the jewel. Unfortunately for Anusti, who had paid a villager to saddle up her horse, was entering the stables when she ran in to Miroku. Now, when Anusti was in her human form, she was a beautiful woman with dark brown hair. Miroku would be the last person she would want to run into right now. When Miroku saw her he ran up to her and took her hands in his and said.
"My lady do you know there is a demon here?"
Anusti was a human right now so she pretended to be terrified. "Oh my, that's horrible!" She lied.
"Do not worry my lady I will protect you." Anusti was now in BIG trouble. "I have a question to ask you..." He began. "Will you bear my child?" Ok, so Anusti is only human (well part human) and this freaked her out.
She gave Miroku the biggest smack on the face and he fell over. Luckily for him, she didn't have her demonic powers at the moment...
'Just wait until sunrise...' She thought as she stomped into the stables. She mounted onto Myoujou and galloped out of the stables and out of the village, Miharu on her tail.
Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Shippo and Kirara all met at the head of the stables to see Miroku flat on the ground, a big hand print on his face.
Sango sighed.
"The jewel shard is farther away." Kagome said.
"Lets go then." Inuyasha told them and they began after the shard.

~~With Anusti~~

'Of all the times to be human!' She thought. There was a less then an hour until sunrise.
Anusti kept Myoujou at a gallop as they entered another forest.

~~With the Yasha Gang~~

"It's still moving." Kagome told the group as they chased Anusti (they didn't know it was her). The group stopped. Inuyasha could smell a demon.
'Shit.' He thought as the demon came through the trees. "Kouga! What the hell are you doing here?!" Inuyasha screamed at Kouga, pulling out Tessaiga.

Kouga is a wolf demon who is a leader of a wolf tribe. He looks like a human and has long, black hair. He wears a brown bandana and plate armour on his chest. He has brown fur covering his shoulders, a fur wristband on his right wrist and a fur rap on his left arm that goes from his wrist to his elbow. He has fur around his waist that goes to his thigh, fur that looks like a belt (which sometimes holds a sword), and a tail. He also wears fur wraps that go from his knee to his ankle. He has two jewel shards in his legs which makes him extremely fast. (He has two minions named Hakkaku and Ginta, but I don't want to describe them.)

"I've come to get MY woman!" Kouga said as Hakkaku and Ginta ran up behind him. Ok, Kouga thinks Kagome is HIS woman. Poor Kagome.
"Kagome is not YOUR woman." Inuyasha yelled at Kouga.
"We'll keep going after it." Kagome told Inuyasha as she, Sango and Shippo jumped on Kirara's back and continued after the jewel shard.

Anusti was not very far ahead of Kagome and Sango.
'Shit! They're catching up!' She thought. The sun was only a few minutes from coming over the horizon.
"Hyah!" (A/N-I think that's how you spell it.) Anusti called to Myoujou as she kicked him in the sides. 'Come on sun! Hurry up!'
"We're almost there." Kagome told Sango. They could see a cloaked figure with long brown hair riding through the forest. "There's the jewel shard!" Kirara dived down towards the figure.
'Oh shit!' Anusti thought 'They're right there!' She lowered herself deeply in the saddle and kicked Myoujou's sides and he sped up a bit. Sango threw her Hiraikotsu at Anusti.
'Ok here it comes.' Anusti pulled on Myoujou's reins hard and he swerved to the side. The Hiraikotsu slammed into the ground where Myoujou had been.
"She has more then one shard!" Kagome yelled to Sango over the wind as the Hiraikotsu came back to her and she caught it. Shippo was hanging on to Kirara.
"Alright!" Sango yelled back as she threw Hiraikotsu again.
'Alright...' Anusti thought 'Now!' She pulled Myoujou to the side and once again Sango's Hiraikotsu hit where they had been.
'She's good.' Sango thought as she caught Hiraikotsu again. Sango was about to throw it again when something flew up and hit Kirara. Kirara fell to the ground, hitting it hard. Sango and Kagome fell off and landed a few feet away. Shippo landed next to Kirara. A black bat demon with huge ears and fangs landed near by, hissing at them. Sango ran over to Kagome.
"Kagome are you alright?" Sango asked.
"I'm fine, Sango." Kagome told her as she got up. Kirara tried to get up but couldn't. Kagome and Sango ran over to Kirara and Shippo. Kirara was struggling trying to get up and Shippo was trying to help her. The bat demon hissed at them and started towards them.

Anusti had stopped Myoujou and turned him to where Kirara fell. She looked at the horizon.
'The sun is coming up.' She thought 'If I help them now they may see my human form and know when I loose my powers.' Myoujou neighed; he wanted her to help them. 'Alright.' She kicked Myoujou and he galloped towards them.

~~Back with Inuyasha and Kouga~~

Inuyasha and Kouga had been exchanging blows ever since Kagome and Sango left. Inuyasha was getting tired.
"Tired mutt?!" Kouga said as he charged. Before he got to Inuyasha they heard a scream.
"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled as he ran towards the noise, Miroku and Kouga not fair behind and Hakkaku and Ginta very far behind.

~~Back with the girls~~

Sango threw Hiraikotsu at the bat demon but it knocked it away with its wing. It came closer and closer to the girls and was about to strike when...
"Hey you! Weakling! Come over here and fight me!" Yelled a female voice from the forest. The bat demon turned around to see a woman in a green cloak, with brown hair, glare at him. She had a hand on a hilt of a sword. "Yes idiot! I'm talking to you!" The bat demon hissed and opened its wings.
'Who is that?' Kagome wondered. The woman looked on as the bat demon came towards her. The sun was just coming over the horizon. At the last second the woman pulled out her sword and jumped up and brought it down, slicing off the demon's ear.
"Ahhhhh!" The demon wailed as blood oozed from its ear. The woman tore off her cloak to reveal a blue battle suit, silver scales, wings, and a tail. Kagome stared on in wonder.
"Is that Anusti?" Sango thought aloud. She was as confused as Kagome was.
"She IS a half-demon!" Kagome told Sango.
"What is this?" The bat demon asked hissing again.
"This is your doom." Anusti said as she charged at the bat demon. Hotaru had transformed as she leaped. The bat demon charged at her. Anusti tucked her wings into her sides and dove right threw the demon. The demon fell over, dead.
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