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A New Companion

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8-A New Companion

Anusti stood there, looking at the dead bat demon. Miharu flew and landed on her shoulder chirping loudly.
'Just in time.' Anusti thought, sighing as she looked at the rising sun. By now Inuyasha, Miroku and Kouga had arrived. They ran to Kagome, Sango, Shippo and Kirara who were looking at Anusti. They all stared at her. The girls noticed a tear in her wing that was tightly pressed against her side. Hakkaku and Ginta ran up behind them and collapsed because they were so tired.
"So you're the one who had the jewel shards." Inuyasha yelled at her.
"She has jewel shards? I'll get um!" Kouga yelled as he ran to Anusti. As he was almost on her she dodged to the side. She smacked him in the back with her tail as he passed and he stumbled.
"I really have no time for this now." She told him, Miharu still on her shoulder. He charged at her again and she dodged again. Everyone else looked on as she moved to the side every time he charged.
'All right, enough!' She thought, as Kouga charged again. This time she didn't dodge, she punched him in the face. He fell over and she stood over him.
"Get out of here before I get my sword." She told him. He got up and started running.
"You haven't seen the last of me!" He yelled behind him as he turned into a whirlwind and fled, Hakkaku and Ginta following him.
"Yeah whatever!" She yelled after him. Miharu chirped, it sounded as if she were laughing. The group stood there staring at her.
'Why do they always stare at me?!' Anusti asked herself.
"I'll get the shards!" Inuyasha told the group as he pulled out Tessaiga but Kagome stopped him.
"Inuyasha, she saved our lives." Kagome told him. Inuyasha looked at her but put Tessaiga away. Anusti could hear them talking, her back was still turned to them.
'Now she'll tell him about when I turn into a human.' She thought as she waited for her to tell him, but Kagome never did. 'She didn't tell him.' Anusti wondered why and looked over her shoulder quickly. She turned and started walking towards Myoujou, who was standing next to a tree. She grabbed his reins and was leading him away when she heard something behind her. The group was walking towards her, Kirara asleep in Sango's arms. They came closer to Anusti until they were about two feet away.
"Thank you." Kagome told her.
"Your welcome." Anusti said, a little confused. This was the first time anyone had thanked her in a long time. Myoujou neighed.

~~That night~~

"The poison makes the victim weaker and tired more easily until it is completely out of the victim's system." Anusti said. Everyone was sitting around a fire Anusti had been traveling with them all day. Myoujou was nearby eating grass and Miharu had disappeared.
"How do you know so much about this spider poison?" Sango asked.
"I was bit before and my um... friend told me how to get rid of the poison." Anusti replied. "You may not know it but you were traveling through a poison forest. All of the demons there have some way or another of poisoning its victims. I've seen some pretty powerful demons die there."
"Then why were you there?" Kagome asked. Anusti just looked at the fire like she was trying to find an answer.
"I'm looking for a certain demon I want to kill." She finally answered.
"Then why are you collecting the jewel shards?" Inuyasha said from a tree above them. "All you are doing is holding them in your pouch, it's not like you are using them."
"I'd rather them be with me and not be used by a demon so they can go on a killing spree." Anusti said closing her eyes. "When I kill that demon I'll have a large chunk of the jewel and I don't want to have to go around looking for the rest of it."
"Wait a second, that demon you are after has pieces of the jewel?" Miroku asked.
"I heard he has about half of it." Anusti answered looking at the fire again.
"Which demon may this be?" Sango asked.
"Why must you know?" Anusti said looking across the fire at Sango.
"We are also after a demon with a large chunk of the jewel, and his name is Naraku." Sango replied. Anusti made a small growing sound which showed she knew Naraku.
"And do you know where he is?" Anusti asked a little hope in her voice.
"No but we're looking for him." Sango said.
"Well then, I guess we're on the same page." Anusti said a little happier.
"Maybe you should travel with us." Miroku said but looked into the tree to see Inuyasha giving him a death glare.
"I don't think Inuyasha wants me to, and besides I'd be intruding." Anusti said frowning.
"You wouldn't be intruding and besides Inuyasha owes you." Kagome said this time giving Inuyasha a death glare.
"I guess I could stay for a while." Anusti said grinning.
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