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Anusti's Personality

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9-Anusti's Personality

The next day the Yasha gang + Anusti had began to rest and eat lunch after traveling. They were on their way to Kaede's village so Kirara could heal and so Kagome could get supplies in her own time. Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo were sitting eating ramen. Anusti was sitting in a tree nearby with her eyes closed. Miharu was on the branch above her and Myoujou was standing underneath the tree.
'Why the hell is she keeping that damn horse and a hawk?!' Inuyasha thought. He was really pissed that she had joined up with them.
Kagome was wondering why she wouldn't eat with them, but maybe that was a good thing. The group didn't really trust her and Inuyasha definitely didn't like her at all. Kagome looked over at Anusti. She was holding her wing out and was looking at it. There was a large tear starting at the bony part of her wing. Anusti shook it and winced from the pain. Kagome was surprised to see such a large tear; Anusti had even been flying around with that wing.

'That must have been the tear I saw earlier.' Kagome thought 'But I didn't think it was that large...' Sango had Kirara on her lap. Kirara hadn't transformed into her demon form because she broke her leg and some of her ribs and needed to heal. Sango saw Kagome looking over towards Anusti and turned her head to see what was so interesting. She saw the tear then looked at Kagome. Kagome looked back at her a mouthed the word ouch. Sango nodded. The two continued to eat but Kagome kept thinking about Anusti.

Anusti sat on the tree and growled the slightest bit as she pulled her wing into her body. Her wing was healing but it still pained.
'I should take it easy for a while.' She thought but she soon began to ponder why the two humans hadn't told that half-demon Inuyasha about her human form. Anusti was deep in thought when she heard the gang packing up. She jumped from the tree and Miharu landed on her shoulder. Myoujou walked up behind her and Anusti took his reins. She walked towards the group but stopped before she got too close.
'I can sense fear and doubt in them. Better not get to close.' She thought. The group finished and continued.

They had been walking for a good amount of time. Anusti was in the front, a bit ahead of everyone else, with Myoujou at her side and Miharu on her shoulder. Inuyasha was to the right of Kagome and Sango and Miroku were behind them. Shippo was walking by Kagome and Kirara was in Sango's arms, fast asleep. Inuyasha was glaring at Anusti and was growling quietly, deep in his throat. Kagome sighed. She looked at Anusti. Anusti had her wings tucked into her sides but Kagome could still see the tear. Anusti was thinking about the group behind her.
'They're really tense, I can easily sense that.' She thought as she mentally sighed 'I'm making them uncomfortable.' Mirharu ruffled her feathers. Anusti laughed slightly. 'Don't tell me you're uncomfortable too?'
Actually, Kagome and Sango were fine. Inuyasha was just mad, but Miroku was uncomfortable and Shippo was freaked out. Miroku looked over at Sango and could see she was fine so he got a little less tense.

The group ran into only one demon that day, and easily destroyed it. As always Inuyasha wanted to kill it and surprisingly, Anusti stood back and watched.
'He's a lot like his father was; I can see why Fiinikkusu trained with him.' She thought to herself. (A/N-Ohhhhh, mystery.) The group decided to make camp before the sun went down. They built a fire and sat around it and ate supper. Anusti lay in a tree far away from the group. She lay with her eyes nearly closed, but open just enough to watch the sun set. Over at the fire, Inuyasha started to complain.
"Why does she always have to follow us?!" He whined. Kagome wasn't paying attention to him.
"I don't feel very safe around her either." Miroku told the group in a low voice, afraid that she would hear him. Inuyasha huffed.
"She scares me a little." Shippo told Kagome. Kagome or Sango didn't say anything. They were afraid of her, but how could someone bad help them when they could have just left them to die.
'This is so confusing.' Kagome thought.

Later that night Kagome couldn't sleep. She sat up and went over to sit by the fire. Sango was there too looking into the fire. Kagome sat by her and Sango looked at her and smiled.
"You couldn't sleep either huh?" Sango asked her. Kagome nodded.
"This is just so confusing." Kagome told Sango.
"It is." The two girls knew that Inyuasha wasn't asleep. So they keep their voices low.
"She doesn't seem that bad." Kagome said looking in Anusti direction.
"I don't think she is." Sango said doing the same thing.
"And what about that tear in her wing? If it isn't taken care of it may get infected."
"Hmmmm... But what can we do?"
"Maybe we should go talk to her."
"I don't know it may not be safe."
"She seems to have a good heart." Kagome got up "What can it hurt?"
Sango got up as well and the two girls started walking towards Anusti. Anusti could sense them coming near her in mid sleep and she opened her eyes.
'What are they coming over here?' She thought as she shifted her weight to get more comfortable. When the Anusti came into view the girls stopped. Her tail was hanging down from the tree and she was looking the other way.
"I don't know if this is such a good idea, Kagome." Sango whispered to her friend.
Anusti could sense they were scared of her so she decided to speak up.
"It alright, I'm not going to attack you." She told them. The two girls looked at each other then continued walking towards her. Anusti jumped out of the tree to face them. Her scales shone in the moonlight and she smiled enough to show her white teeth.
"What brings you here?" She asked them, she held her confusion back. Kagome was the first to answer.
"Why did you save us?" She asked.
Anusti looked at her. "I couldn't leave you there to die." She told them. Now Sango spoke up. "But you're a half demon, not many half demons would save a human."
"That's why I not many half demons. I'm not the kind of half demon who would leave humans to be killed by a demon for no good reason." There was a long pause. "Now I have a question for you, why didn't you tell Inuyasha or that monk about when I become a human?"
"If we told them they may go after you during that time." Kagome told her.
"I see, so you were protecting me."
"Ah," Kagome was a little afraid of her now. Half demons didn't like to think that someone had to protect them.
"Well thank you then." This made the two girls very confused.
'She isn't like many half demons.' Kagome thought.
"I was wondering," Anusti broke Kagome's trail of thought "What are your names?"
This shocked Kagome and Sango, why would she want to know their names? Maybe she was just being friendly.
"I would like to know the names of the group I am traveling with." She told Kagome and Sango as if reading their minds.
"Um, ok, I'm Kagome, this is Sango." She told Anusti pointing to Sango "The monk is Miroku, the little fox demon is Shippo, the cat demon is Kirara, and you already know Inuyasha's name." Anusti nodded her head. Anusti looked at the two then turned to jump back into the tree. Kagome looked at her torn wing.
"This chat has been pleasant, Kagome, Sango, thank you." Anusti said looking over her shoulder "Oh, and I won't be here tomorrow morning. I have to return my horse back to the care of my friend." With that she jumped into the tree and smiled at the girls. They went back to bed and slept well, knowing that Anusti wasn't going to harm them. Lucky for them Inuyasha had dosed off because of the poison.
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