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An Old Enemy

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10-An Old Enemy

Just before sunrise Anusti left and took Myoujou back to the village and didn't return. The Yasha gang packed their things up and continued on their journey without her. At about lunch time everyone stopped at the end of the forest where they sat underneath a tree. Soon after the gang began to eat Anusti flew over head and landed next to Sango who had Kirara on her lap.
"I see you are all still alive." She joked and grinned a bit.
`She's different from other half-demons I've seen. She seemed like she likes having company' Kagome noticed.
"Feh" Inuyasha said. He was still mad at her because she had the jewel shards and that she came with them.
"What's that suppose to mean?" Anusti asked. But she just shrugged and jumped into a tree nearby and sat on one of the branches with her back against the tree. Anusti had traveled with them all yesterday. Kagome was thinking and looked up into the sky. She heard a load cry and a hawk flew overhead. It was Miharu, who traveled with Anusti. She called out loudly again and began to fly towards the tree Anusti was sitting in. Anusti jumped down from the tree and Miharu landed on her armoured shoulder.
"What is it?" She asked Miharu only to see everyone staring at her. "What?" She asked. Miharu started to make a series of chirps and whistles then stopped. "That's not good." She thought aloud. "Are you sure it's him?" Miharu nodded. "Great." She said. She walked up to the group with Miharu on her shoulder and looked at them. "What?" She asked.
"What was that about?" Kagome asked.
"When your m... friend is a bird demon you learn to speak to birds." Anusti answered. "This is my scout, Miharu." At her name, Miharu chirped.
"So what did she say?" Kagome asked.
"Oh, she said that a demon was coming this way," Anusti frowned and continued "A demon named Sesshoumaru."
Every gulped at that name and Inuyasha jumped up and sniffed the air. He could catch a small whiff of Sesshoumaru's scent.
"I'm guessing you all know him." Anusti said. Inyasha was getting ready to bound off into the woods when Miroku said
"He's Inuyasha's half-brother." Anusti looked at Inuyasha.
"I see. That's why you looked familiar." Everyone looked at her "Long story."
Inuyasha turned around.

"I'm going after Sesshoumaru." He said and bounded off towards the forest.
"I'll follow him and make sure Sesshoumaru doesn't kill him." Anusti said as she opened her wings and flew over some trees. Miharu flew over to a tree and landed, content on getting a short rest. The rest of the Yasha gang followed Anusti.
Sesshoumaru was walking in the woods; he had long silver hair like Inuyasha and wore a long white robe. There was a colourful wrap around his waist. He had a silver armour plate on his chest that went around his shoulders. On his forehead he had part of a moon and on each side of his face he had two strips. He carried his father's pelt on his shoulder. His weapons were Tenseiga and Toukijin (both were swords). He also has a whip made of light.
He could smell his half-brother, Inuyasha, getting nearer. But he also smelt something else. That half-demon Anusti was here too.
"Jaken, take Rin away from here." Sesshoumaru told Jaken, no emotion in his voice.
"Yes Lord Sesshoumaru." Jaken said turning around. He wanted to ask Sesshoumaru why but he didn't.

Jaken is Sesshoumaru's retainer. He's a green imp (I think) with big eyes. He wears a pair of brown pants and a brown shirt. His weapon is the staff of heads, which he doesn't use very often.

Rin is a human female child, who lost her parents and siblings to group of murderous raiders. She's about 8 years old and wears an orange and white checkered dress that goes down to her knees. She also wears a green belt and has long black hair.
Jaken turned around and pulled on Ah-Uh's reins (Which had Rin sitting on his back).
Ah-Uh is a large two-headed brown dragon with fire around his feet and has no wings. He can breath fire and fly. Rin named him and he is used mostly like a horse.
Ah-Uh followed Jaken.
"Where are we going Jaken?" Rin asked.
"Lord Sesshoumaru told us to leave there is no need for another reason." Jaken answered.
"OK" Rin said a little puzzled.
`He's closer.' Inuyasha thought. `That damn dragon is following me.'
Inuyasha stopped running. "Why are you following my Anusti?" Inuyasha yelled up into the trees.
Anusti landed on the ground in front of him. "Just making sure you don't kill yourself." She answered.
"I'm fine on my own." He said angrily.
"I bet you are, but right now you are still a bit weak from the poison." She told him.
"I am not weak!"
"I didn't say you were." She stopped; she could sense Sesshoumaru coming near. "I'll just watch then." And jumped into a nearby tree.
`Stupid dragon.' Inuyasha thought. He saw Sesshoumaru coming through the trees.
"What do you want little brother?" Sesshoumaru asked. Inuyasha just growled. He launched himself at Sesshoumaru while they exchanged blows.
Anusti was in a nearby tree watching the two brothers fight. Sesshoumaru just blocked every strike Inuyasha made. They both jumped back looking at each other. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Anusti watching them, he could also see that Inuyasha was very tired.
`He must have been poisoned.' Sesshoumaru thought. He put his sword away.
"What are you doing?" Inuyasha asked, breathing heavily.
"You are too weak to fight me, come back when the poison is gone." Sesshoumaru said as he turned around. Inuyasha went to strike but Sesshoumaru dodged. Sesshoumaru then took his sword back out.
"If you want to die then I shall kill you." Sesshoumaru struck Inuyasha in the chest. Inuyasha fell over in pain but got back up.
`I better end this now, before he dies.' Anusti thought to herself.
Sesshoumaru was going to give another blow to Inuyasha when Anusti came between them and blocked Sesshoumaru's sword with hers. Sesshoumaru jumped back.
"What are you doing?" Inuyasha said weakly.
"Apparently saving your hide." She answered, looking back at him over her shoulder.
"Anusti, I see you have changed." Sesshoumaru said.
"You haven't changed one bit Sesshoumaru." Anusti said, anger in her voice.
With that they both put their swords into their belts and Sesshoumaru bounded away.
"What the hell did you do that for?" Inuyasha was obviously in pain. Anusti sighed.
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