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Kaede's Knowledge

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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11-Kaede's Knowledge

By the next day the gang was at Kaede's village. Inuyasha was getting better, and the poison was out of his system. Anusti didn't come because she thought she may scare the villagers. She stayed just outside the village in the forest. When the group was resting in Kaeda's hut Kagome and Sango told her about Anusti.
Kaede is around 60 years old and has an eye patch over her right eye. Kaede is a priestess who wears a baggy white shirt and a red bottom part of a dress. (A/N-She says 'ye' in stead of 'you' sometimes so don't think it's a spelling error.)
Kaede pondered this. "And ye say she has 3 jewel shards do ye?"
"Yes, she does." Sango answered.
"This is odd." Kaede said. "Not many half-demons act the way she does and you say she can speak to birds?"
"Yes." Kagome told her.
"I would like to meet this Anusti, where is she now?"
"In the forest."
"Can ye take me to her?"
"We will."

Kagome and Sango led Kaede to where Anusti said she would be. Sensing a priestess Anusti jumped down from the tree she was resting in. Miharu flew down and landed on her shoulder.
'Good it's only Kagome and Sango... But who is that with her?' Anusti thought, but shrugged off any feelings of worry.
"Anusti this is Kaede. She is from the village." Kagome said.
'This must be the priestess Kagome was talking about.' Anusti thought. "Hello, Kaede I am Anusti." Miharu chirped. "Oh, and this is Miharu."
"I have been told many things about you Anusti, I also have been told you are a half-demon."
"Yes I am."
"I see, I also heard that you did not want to enter the village for fear ye would scare the villagers." Anusti nodded.
"Well if you come in walking with me they will not be as scared."
Anusti smiled and followed the two priestess and the demon slayer back to the village.

As she thought, everyone they passed stared at her with fear. She didn't like scaring humans. Her mother was a human. Anusti followed Kagome, Sango and Kaede into a hut where she saw Miroku, Shippo, Kirara, and of course Inuyasha. They were eating. The girls sat down and Kaede asked Anusti if she wanted some food.
"No thank you. I'm fine." Anusti said smiling.
"You are very polite for a half-demon." Kaede said which got a little growl from Inuyasha.
"I was raised by my mother who was a human for 10 years of my life and she told me to always be polite." Anusti said smiling at the thought.
"How old are you child?" Kaede said looking at Anusti.
"I'm 750 years old." Anusti said "Why do you ask?"
"No reason." Kaede said and it was left at that.
Kagome was surprised at how old Anusti was, she knows half-demons live for a long time and still look young, but 750 years? She never would have guessed. The group talked about things like battles, demons, and about the jewel. When Anusti was asked about why she wanted to kill Naraku she replied:
"He's killed so many people and demons that I want to stop him; but one of the main reasons is that he killed a very, very close friend of mine."
Many things were talked about then Kaede began to tell a legend about the Phoenix. Anusti became uneasy and Kaede could see this, but she continued.
"The legend says when ever he died he would be reborn from his ashes. But when he was over taken by a foe his powers were absorbed and he could never be reborn again." When she ended the story she glanced over at Anusti who was looking at the fire and looked uneasy. Kagome noticed this too and wondered why.

All that day the group rested there. Kaede talked to Anusti to distract her while Kagome and Sango left so Kagome could get supplies in her world. They didn't really trust Anusti enough to tell her about the well (A/N-Kagome can jump through the well and go to her own time.) and Inuyasha didn't go with Kagome because he didn't trust Anusti at all. Kaede and Anusti were walking outside. Villagers did stare at her but when they saw Kaede cool and calm, they weren't so afraid. The two were walking by the river out of sight and out of earshot of anyone in the village when Anusti asked:
"How do you know?" Kaede looked at her and stopped.
"You and he have protected villages all over from demons. I know because I have heard stories about you. But you are different now. His powers changed you?"
Anusti looked at the ground. "Yes, they changed me. They doubled my strength. But I cannot use them until I become a full demon."
"And the jewel shards, they serve a purpose for you?"
"No, I just want them out of the reach of demons."
"Hmmmm... So the reason you have them is to keep them safe."
"Yes." Anusti knew what Kaede was going to say so she beat her to it. "I can't give them to Kagome, yet. I am waiting to see if she is strong enough to protect them."
"I see. Do ye know she is a reincarnation?" Kaede asked, looking at Anusti.
"I thought that, but I wasn't sure..."
"See is the reincarnation, of my sister, Kikyou. Kikyou protected the jewel."
Anusti looked to the sky. "There is a demon coming." Before Anusti could pull out her sword a whirlwind swept her up. Anusti opened her wings and managed to pull her self from the whirlwind. She stood firm as the whirlwind came at her. It stopped in front of her. It began to calm to show a figure. Kouga.
"You again." Anusti growled.
"I told you I would be back!" Kouga said, flexing his hand. Kaede stood to the side.
"What is the meaning of this?" She asked.
"Shut up old woman!" Kouga snarled, glaring at her. Bad move. Anusti gave him a swift punch in the jaw and he stumbled backwards.
"YOU!" He charged at her and she pulled out Hotaru as she dodged. "Damn half breed!" He turned into a whirlwind and came at Anusti. She was swept up and the two exchanged blows. Anusti quickly opened her wings and a large boulder slammed into her damaged wing. She wanted to cry out but she didn't. She managed to escape and backed down.
"Dance of the Dragon!" She screamed as fire flew from her sword. Kouga was hit and thrown back. His arm was badly burned and he growled. He stood up and once again fled. She opened her wings to chase Kouga, forgetting her wing. She cried out in pain and fell to one knee, holding her wing tightly. Kaede went to her, examining her wing.

"Child, your wing is badly damaged." Kaede told her.
"Its fine it's..." Anusti wimpered.
"Come. I will clean and bind it." Kaede helped Anusti up and they started back towards the village. The two entered Kaede's hut. The only one there was Shippo. Anusti sat down as Kaede went to get herbs and binding thread. Anusti looked at her wing. A small amount of blood pooled of her wing. It was worse off then it had been and it was bruised from the boulder. Anusti began to feel weak.
'It took awhile for the poison to set in.' She thought. Shippo was looking at her from a fair distance. He could see she was in pain. Kaede walked up to her. Anusti's eyelids were drooping.
"Child." Anusti's eyelids shot open and she shook her head.
"It's the poison." Anusti told Kaede. "I was bitten by a snake harem's leader."
"I see." Kaede looked at Anusti's wing. Anusti opened it so Kaede could examine it more closely. "I'll have to bind it." Kaede told Anusti as she put healing herbs on her wing.
"I know." Anusti was weary. If she didn't have dragon blood in her, she would be dead by now from the snake bite. All the poison did to her was make her extremely weak after it kicked in. Kaede was binding up Anusti's wing when Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Kirara walked in. Anusti hadn't sensed them until a few seconds before they entered the hut because her senses were cloudy. The group looked at her.
"It is good to see you, where is Inuyasha?" Kaede asked as they entered the hut and sat down near Shippo, across the room.
Miroku answered her. "He went off somewhere, haven't seen him."
"He probably smelled Kouga." Anusti said lifting her head, trying not to show her weakened state.
"Kouga was here?" Sango asked.
"He was near the river, not the village." Kaede told her. That got a sigh of relief from the group.
"And you fought him?" Miroku asked.
"Yes." Anusti replied. "He ran like a coward after I burned his arm." Keade finished binding Anusti wing and stood up.
"Don't fly on it for a while." Kaede warned her.
Anusti smiled. "Thankyou."
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