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Hermione and Harry exchange letters while Hermione explores her wandless abilities.

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A/N 1: In the words of another author I read a while back, “I write when I want to, I wont apologize.”

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Chapter 5

Hermione let out a strong sigh as she sat down at a table in the Library with her bag in the chair next to her. The day had been strange because she kept finding impossible things happening around her. She overslept and was rushing from the common room to get to the Great Hall to grab some breakfast when three steps out of the portrait hole she found herself running through Entrance Hall. She hadn't apparated, she knew what that felt like(plus the school was warded against that), she just moved from the portrait hole to the Entrance Hall. That was only the start. All throughout her classes she'd go to perform whatever spell they were working on and she'd do it before realizing her wand was still in her bag. She wanted to tell the Headmaster what was going on, but something in her gut told her not to. Learning what they had done to Harry's power as a child caused her almost unyielding trust in authority figures to shatter.

She placed a bit of parchment on the table and turned to pull out her ink and quill from her bag only to find them set out on the table, and her favorite quill dabbing itself into the ink and then wiping off the excess by circling the rim of the ink bottle, exactly how she always did it. The quill then lifted up and held itself above the parchment in the exact position it would be in if she had been holding it. It was at this point she felt her magic moving inside her. She frowned in thought before whispering “Finite”. The magic in her stopped moving and the quill dropped to the table. She blinked and shook her head, picking up the quill to begin writing her letter.

Dear Harry,

How are you doing? Well, I hope. Things have been less hostile here since your vindictive letter kept Lavender in the Hospital wing for three days. That was hilarious by the way. How did you charm that? The fire was hot enough to burn her hair off and melt her skin, but not hot enough to kill her, burn her eyes, or destroy her nerves. That was really precise charming, quite impressive really. Everybody has pretty much kept their distance since then.

I'm curious Harry, how do you control your wandless magic? I know that you are able to do that now, with this new power of yours, which I still think you need help controlling, but how does it work exactly? I've been experiencing really weird things that remind me of all the accidental magic I performed as a child only, it's much more controlled this time. I was late for breakfast this morning and three steps out of the portrait hole I found myself in the Entrance Hall. I didn't apparate, I know how that feels, it was like I just flashed from one spot to the other. I was still running when I got there! It's very strange, I've been casting spells all day in classes without my wand being used, but I can't figure out how to consciously do it. My magic seems to be doing this on its own and I want to know how to control it before something bad happens. Well I hope to hear from you soon.



Hermione nodded as she checked over the letter and rolled it up and with a flick of her wand it was sealed. She turned to put things back in her bag when she felt her magic flare again and was startled by an unexpected visitor.

“HOOT!” a surprised snowy owl let out as she flapped her wings in panic.

“AAH!” Hermione screamed while jumping back and falling out of her seat to land on the ground.

Hedwig was fluttering her wings and turning her head back and forth rapidly before her eyes stopped on Hermione and let out an angry hoot.

Hermione grinned sheepishly, “Sorry girl.” she said as Madame Pince came marching ove.r

“I wouldn't expect you to make so much noise in a Library Miss Granger. You're disturbing the peace and you know owls aren't suppose to be in here, a lot of these books are rare and easily damaged. Leave now, you're banned for a week.” and with that Madame Pince walked away huffing about unruly kids.

Hermione's shocked face formed a frown. She'd never been banned from the Library before. It was like her second common room nowadays. She let out an angry huff and gathered her things. Hedwig flew to her shoulder and they walked into the hall. Hermione tied the letter to Hedwig's leg.

“Take this to Harry Hedwig.” Hermione requested softly.

Hedwig let out an annoyed hoot before flying away.

Hermione shook her head and took a deep breath before making her way to the common room. She felt her magic flare again and found herself face to face with the Fat Lady. They let out identical screams of surprise.

“How did you do that? You shouldn't be able to do that inside the school!” The Fat Lady said in a scared voice.

Hermione panicked, knowing the portrait would tell the Headmaster. Without thinking she lifted her right hand up, palm facing the portrait.

“Obliviate” she said strongly.

The Fat Lady froze for a few seconds before shaking her head. She looked in surprise at Hermione for a moment before smiling slightly.

“I'm sorry dear, I must have drifted off there. Password?” The Fat Lady said expectantly.

Hermione's eyes were wide and she was staring at her hand. She'd just consciously and wandlessly obliviated a portrait. She had no idea a portrait could even be obliviated.

“You learn something new everyday, as I use to say.” Hermione whispered in a slightly bitter voice.

“Password dear?” The Fat Lady asked again while looking at Hermione curiously.

Hermione shook her head and muttered the password before moving into the tower and to her dorm.


Hermione was quietly enjoying her lunch a few days later when a few owls flew in. She saw one of them was Hedwig and smiled. That bird could find anybody anywhere. When Hedwig landed she quickly took the letter from her and let her have some of the meat from her lunch. Hedwig hooted before flying out of the Great Hall. She tucked the letter into her robes and found Lavender glaring at her. Hermione grinned at her and took the letter out.

“Want to read it Lavender?” Hermione asked with false innocence.

Lavender paled quickly before standing up and fleeing the Great Hall. Hermione chuckled to herself and smiled when she saw Ginny towards the middle of the table staring after Lavender and laughing. When she caught Ginny's eyes, Ginny blushed and looked back down at her lunch, not looking in Hermione's direction again.

Hermione sighed longingly, hating that one of the few people who were really on her side was pressured to pick between her and everyone else. It hurt her quite a bit to know that Ginny had picked everyone else. She shook her head before finishing her lunch and walking to the Room of Requirement.


Hermione walked into her personal common room and dropped her bag to the floor. She jumped onto one of the big cushions filling the room and pulled out the letter from Harry. She exhaled and reclined back while pulling the muggle notebook paper out of the envelope.

Dear Hermione,

Yeah that was some brilliant charm work wasn't it? I did it the same way I control my wandless magic. Basically when it started happening it was instinctual, like you said, similar to accidental magic. A little while after all that stuff happened at Privet Drive I began to feel my magic. I could feel it moving in me and flaring when I used it. I began to focus and tried a few spells by focusing on them and what they do. After I was able to get them to work I did the same stuff silently. After that I was able to start willing my magic to do anything.

For example, there aren't any spells, even dark ones, that create a vortex of fire. I was fighting this bounty hunter the other day and all his spells seemed to focus around ice. It was interesting, but really annoying because he had this spell to create armor around his body made of highly condensed ice and it was able to block a lot of my spells and weaken other ones. This guy reminded me of Dumbledore a lot. People mistake Dumbledore's ability to use spells in creative ways as a lot of power. Dumbledore is above average in power, but there are a lot of people out there with more raw power than he has. What makes Dumbledore strong is his ability to manipulate spells and change them and use them in ways nobody would ever think to use them. Anyways, this guys was really good and getting on my nerves. So I focused my magic and pictured a vortex of fire surrounding the man and then threw my arm out and felt my magic flare. A light orange light shot of out of my hand and sparked a short distance from the guy before erupting into a powerful vortex of fire. By the time it stopped burning the guy was ash.

You turned seventeen recently didn't you? I always forget you're a year older than me. It seems like you hit the age of magical maturity. You must be pretty strong to be able to use wandless magic. Not even Dumbledore can do it the way it sounds like you can. My suggestion would be to practice spells verbally without a wand, then silently, and then start trying to will your magic to do things there are no spells for.

I've been good though, having a lot of fun, but did you know how ridiculous some of the wars the muggles have had are? They're no better than the magical society. I never learned much world history in school before Hogwarts, but it's surprising. They fight over land, religion, and resources. It's like they enjoy fighting each other and look for any reason to wage war. There are even large groups of muggle terrorists worse than Voldemort and the Death Eaters! Have you ever heard of a suicide bomber? It's the most insane thing I've ever heard of. I know the prophecy about me and Voldemort says I'm the only one who can stop him, but is this world even worth saving from him? The muggles seem to all be killing each other in wars and terrorism. Those who aren't seem to pretend none of the wars or terrorism is happening. They're just sticking their head in the sand, they wont fight for themselves! Just like the magical world. They all do nothing while Death Eaters attack, expecting me or Dumbledore to ride in on a white horse and save everyone. Muggles and magical people are more alike than I realized.

I'm glad people aren't being hostile to you anymore. What about Ginny and Luna? Those two aren't ones to believe the rubbish the Prophet prints. What's going on with them?

Well Let me know how the wandless magic stuff goes.



Hermione frowned as she finished the letter. Harry seemed to strongly dislike both the muggle and magical worlds. She took her bottom lip between her teeth as she thought about where that could lead. She shook her head and pulled out a book to read while thinking about setting a schedule for practicing wandless magic.


Dear Harry,

Thanks for the advice on the wandless magic! It's coming along nicely. I've gotten to the point of making my own spells. I managed to use my magic to control my point of gravity. I can walk on walls or ceilings without my clothes and hair falling towards the ground, it's as if I'm simply walking on the ground. It's exciting to think about all the things I could learn to do with this ability. I haven't told anyone about it though, I'm not sure how the Headmaster would handle it.

As for your views on the muggle wars, well there always have been wars fought, mostly for territory. Mankind is a violent race it seems, but there are some countries around the world that fight for good reasons, like in World War II when the allied countries fought against Hitler and his army and allies. Hitler was like a muggle Voldemort. He believed in a supreme race of humans and thought Jews were evil. He killed millions of them, but many of the other countries, like England and The United States fought them to put a stop to those atrocities. There are thousands of horrible muggles and magical people, but there are just as many, if not more, good people in the world. You have to look at both sides of the story and not assume it's all just pointless fighting.

As for Ginny and Luna, well at the beginning of the year they were still friendly with me. They're still on my side and know you're not trying to become a dark lord and take voldemort's place, but they're not really speaking with me. Everyone put pressure on them and Ginny caved first. She doesn't insult me or anything, but she doesn't defend me or talk to me. Luna caved shortly after her, she said she was use to people stealing her things, but they had started destroying her things, not just stealing them. She said she almost lost one of the few things her mother left her, and couldn't risk anything else happening to her stuff, and that most of the teachers wouldn't do anything even if she told them. She's just minding her own business or spending time with Ginny and Neville. I understand them though, everyone seems to be really worse about this stuff than they were about things in the past like the Triwizard Tournament.

Anyways I've got some homework to do. Hope you're doing well.



Hermione smiled as she watched the quill move across her parchment a few feet away. She pushed her magic and the quill lifted up and wiped itself on the rim of the ink bottle before laying on its side as the cap of the ink bottle screwed itself on and the parchment rolled itself up and sealed. She grinned happily.

Once she had started practicing her wandless magic she quickly became adept at it. She enjoyed writing down ideas for spells to try and create. It was a lot of fun and something that kept her mind off the issue of her pariah existence.

She gathered her things and left the Library table, ignoring Madame Pince scowling at her, and made her way to the owlery to find Hedwig.


Hermione grunted as she threw herself into the large cushioned sofa in her personal common room. The day had been stressful. She'd not been paying attention at breakfast and someone slipped one of the Weasley Twin's inventions into her breakfast. She'd spent about thirty minutes vomiting before Madame Pomfrey managed to stop the effects which made her late for her first class of the day, Potions.

On her way to potions Hedwig arrived with Harry's latest letter. She'd had the letter in her hand when walked in. Snape took thirty points for being late and then, seeming to forget what happened to Lavender, snatched the letter out of her hand. She wasn't sure if Harry still warded the envelopes he sent his letters in, but figured he probably did. She found her answer seconds later when Snape opened the letter only to get a face full of lightning that threw him through the classroom away from the letter. She'd received another month of detention with Filch, who she was currently seeing for her detentions left over from the ones she was suppose to serve with Snape.

She pulled out the letter from harry and unfolded it as she relaxed.

Dear Hermione,

Congratulations on the wandless magic. I knew you'd take to it quickly when you started working on it. You're brilliant like that. That's a clever spell, the gravity shifting. I tried my own version of that. I got surrounded by Aurors recently in London when I was in an arcade. I tried to apply your gravity spell, but changed it so their point of gravity was the ceiling, and that the pull of the gravity was ten times greater than earth's normal gravity. They flew up to the ceiling so fast I would've missed it had i blinked. I heard the crunching of bones and saw they'd cracked ribs and broken arms from slamming into the ceiling. They couldn't move their wand arms because the gravity was too strong. I don't know if they got them down, or just cut out that section of ceiling and moved them to St. Mungos. It'd be interesting to find out, but I don't know if that'll be in the prophet. The probably thought it was a sticking charm of some kind, but I haven't canceled the spell, so I'm curious if they're still stuck to that section of ceiling somewhere.

I understand that there are good reasons to fight, but the fights would be less terrible if everyone fought to defend themselves instead of relying on others to do it. Take magical England for example. The normal populace of Wizards and witches outnumber Death Eaters. See there could be a hundred shoppers in Diagon Alley and twenty Death Eaters apparate in all one hundred of those shoppers panic and run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Not imagine if instead of panicking and running around, those hundred shoppers turned on those twenty Death Eaters and cast a volley of spells at them. The Death Eaters first off, wouldn't know what to do because they're use to people fleeing, not fighitng back. Second, they would never be able to block that many spells and they'd be taken down. By the time the Aurors arrived the shoppers would have had the death eaters unconscious and bound. Yet they don't do that, they don't protect themselves or each other. They flee and they push each other out of the way so they can get away without worrying about what happens to everyone else. It's the way the whole world seems to work, only worry about yourself, and leave it to other people to deal with. It's disgusting.

I'm disappointed in Ginny and Luna, but I guess i can understand their points of view, but I still think they shouldn't care what such stupid people think. Well I've got some people to see so I'll finish this here.



Hermione frowned as she contemplated Harry's letter. She shook her head before closing her eyes to drift off into a nap on the large cushioned sofa. Her dreams were filled with a purple haired devil with glowing amethyst eyes turning the world into a literal version of Hell in Judgment for the atrocities mankind performed on itself. They were to be destroyed before they destroyed themselves. When she woke up, she had tears flowing down her cheeks and whimpered as she recognized the face of the devil in her nightmare. It was Harry, and she truly feared what he could become. She'd been slacking off looking for ways to gain control of power that consuming a person, but no more. She'd throw herself back into her research and find a way to help Harry and prevent her nightmare from becoming a reality. She knew Harry could never live normally in most of Europe, but there were plenty of other places they could go when Harry was able to control his power and ways they could disguise themselves to not be noticed. She vowed to herself she'd never let what happened in her nightmare, become real.


Hermione had decided she wanted to see Harry, so she told him as much in her next letter.

Dear Harry,

There's a Hogsmeade weekend coming up in two weeks. I really want to see you and talk to you in person. Please meet me at the Shrieking Shack at around noon that Saturday. Hopefully I'll see you then.



Her Response came the next day.


I'll be there.



She smiled as she tucked the small note away and did what she named, Flash Stepping, that took her from the Room of Requirement to a small hallway near the Fat Lady. She'd managed to figure out what her magic did to move through the wards of Hogwarts. It was almost identical to Apparation, but it seemed to slide through wards like water. She was glad people like Death Eaters had never discovered such an ability. She muttered the password to the Fat Lady and made her way to her dorm.
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