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Hogsmeade Massacre

by xxsapphireravenxx

chapter 6

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A/N: Well, I'm not sure how well this chapter will turn out. I'm not sure how good I am at writing deep character interaction. Hopefully it'll turn out well. This is one of the big chapters that shape Harry's split in personalities which will show up much more noticeable in the second book. Let me know how I do with the interaction of Harry and Hermione. Any tips on writing deep character interaction will be very appreciated because while I think of myself as a fairly decent writer, one with a creative imagination, I'm not proclaiming expertise in the various forms of writing such as deep character interaction. So yeah any helpful tips will be appreciated, I'm not above editing and reposting a chapter if I find advice or something I think are valid enough to change.

Chapter 6
Hogsmeade Massacre

Hermione breathed out heavily as she looked in the mirror. It was the Saturday morning of the Hogsmeade weekend she was to meet Harry at the Shrieking Shack and she had woken up early and began channeling Lavender and Pavarti as she tried on outfit after outfit and messed with her hair for a solid hour before her dorm mates began to wake. Finally grunting out her frustration and confusion as to why she was so worried about her appearance, Hermione picked a pair of jeans that were both comfortable and fit her form well before throwing on a thin dark blue long sleeve shirt and heading down to breakfast.

As she sat eating her breakfast she thought about what to say to Harry. She'd been so worried about him, but he'd also done such terrible things since the second awakening of his powers. She wanted to know what he was thinking when he let his power loose and how he could simply not care that his actions often leave many innocents injured or dead. She'd been searching obsessively for methods of controlling a large source of magic, but had come up empty handed. She shook her head as she followed the trail of students across the grounds and to the nearby village.


Harry nodded as he looked around the room where he first met Sirius all those years ago. He'd cleaned it up quite nicely in his opinion. The floor and walls were cleaned and seemed to shine. A thick black carpet covered the floor with etchings of an amethyst colored Dragon maneuvering around it as if it were the night sky. There were Several large cushion covered chairs in the room, a round table in the center, a fireplace that was roaring with an actual fire to warm the room in the early touches of winter. He thought it'd be a comfortable place to spend time with Hermione and possibly a place to spend more time with her in the future. She was the only one of his peers who still stood loyal to him, and she always had. He wasn't ignorant of her unwavering loyalty to him, even with his recent actions. He looked at a nearby clock and fidgeted as he saw that it was about the time for breakfast to start at Hogwarts. He walked over to a mirror and brushed his fingers through his black hair that fell to his jaw line in an oddly natural but stylish unkempt fashion. His eyes remained the glowing amethyst they had been since his constant confrontations with people wanting his head. He exhaled strongly and looked at the clock again. It'd only been a few minutes. He growled in frustration and confusion as he continue to fidget in anxiety.


Harry stood quickly as he heard footsteps approaching the door. He sent a quick look at the mirror and gave himself an expression of confusion, as he couldn't figure out why he'd looked at the mirror, before looking back towards the door as it was pushed open. He smiled at the familiar thick brown hair of the girl closing the door. It'd been a while since he'd last seen her, she was very beautiful, and he had missed seeing her.

Hermione had avoided looking at Harry up to this point. She'd entered the room with her head facing the ground and her back was currently facing him. She took a deep breath and turned around. He looked so much like the Harry she knew, all dressed up in fitting clothes, but she knew this wasn't the same Harry, this Harry had dark amethyst eyes, had murdered, caused the deaths of countless innocents, and refused to accept that the great power he wielded was truly wielding him. Despite being a different Harry than the one she knew, and the sins he committed, he was still her Harry and she knew he needed her, even more than she needed him.

The two stared at each other for a few minutes, neither moving or saying a word. Then without warning Hermione threw herself at a surprised Harry and they fell back onto the sofa he was previously sitting on. She hugged him tightly as he chuckled lightly.

“I missed you so much.” Hermione breathed out as she buried her face in the crook of his neck.

“I missed you too.” Harry said with a smile.

They remained that way for a few minutes before Hermione shifted and sat next to him with his arm around her shoulder and her body leaning against the side of his.

“How have you been? Really?” Hermione asked as she rested her head against his upper chest.

“Alright I guess. There have been less bounty hunters showing up lately and the Minister isn't trying to hang me.” He replied with a chuckle at the last part as Hermione's lips twisted into a bitter smile at the memories of the former minister.

“I really miss Hogwarts.” Harry breathed out with a sigh.

“Hogwarts misses you too,” Hermione said with a forlorn smile, “It hasn't been the same without you.”

“How is it going for you though? How's Ron been acting lately?” Harry asked with a contemplative look on his face.

“It's definitely the worst year so far, but I'm not turning on you just to satisfy a bunch of sheep. There are too many factors in what's been going on lately to simply go around thinking 'you kill, you evil'.” Hermione said with an amount of passion that surprised Harry and brought a smile to his face.

“Oh, and Ron's being a prat.” She added, which brought a laugh on from Harry.

“What? He is! He turned on you the second the first article showed up in the paper. He's been treating me like dirt and even called me a mud blood! He's turning into a Gryffindor Malfoy.” Hermione spat out.

Harry snorted at the comparison.

“I told him as much too. He got all purple in the face and his fists clenched like he wanted to hit me, but I could tell he remembered all the beatings I've given him this year. I've been a bit temperamental, Tonks said it had to do with coming into my full power as an adult.” Hermione said with a grin.

Harry smirked and ran a hand through her hair causing her to emit a sigh of contentment.

“I'm sorry you've had to put up with him for so long.” Harry said with a regretful tone.

“What do you mean?” the brunette questioned with a raised eyebrow that Harry couldn't see.

“You two have never gotten along. He would've left you to die first year if I hadn't made him come with me. You two always argue and while you've always been a loyal and trustworthy friend, he's been selfish, fickle, traitorous, and even as big of a bigot as the Slytherins, though in a different way. He's been a horrible friend, and I know you only put up with him because he was my first real friend.” The amethyst eyed teen muttered the end with a frown on his face.

Hermione smiled and snuggled deeper into his body.

“It's OK Harry. It was worth it.” She said with a smile.

Harry grinned and then smirked as he asked,

“How's Snape been?”

Hermione's mood swing was visible in her aura. Harry stifled a snort as he listened to her rant.

“That man is evil! I don't know why I never listened to you! I was stupid to be so trusting of authority to simply say 'Oh Dumbledore trusts him, that should be enough'. Ha! Enough my big white ass. He's slimy, jealous, bitter, and arrogant. I swear if I ever have to serve as detention with him, I'm not sure the result wouldn't get me expelled.” Hermione finished her rant with a light snarl.

Harry raised an eyebrow and patted her head, much to her annoyance.

“I could always kill him for you.” Harry offered as casually as if he was offering tea.

Hermione's mood changed to somber so fast that Harry almost missed it.

“Why do you think of human life in such a frivolous way?”Hermione asked with a sad tone of voice.

Harry frowned as he caught onto her thoughts. He took a deep breath and continued running his fingers through her hair.

“There's too much of mankind that doesn't deserve to live. Severus Snape is one among millions who I would gladly kill.” Harry said in a light, but serious tone.

“What's making you think this way Harry? It can't just be the overwhelming power, whether you admit to the lack of control or not. Why do you have such a jaded view of the world?” Hermione asked as her eyes grew wet. “When did your saving people thing turn into a killing people thing?”

He frowned and looked away from her as his hand stilled in her hair.

“When I realized there were so many people not worth saving. People who rape children and steal their innocence, people who rape other adults, serial killers who kill for enjoyment, people who fight and kill each other over resources that could easily be shared, people who take advantage of others for personal gain and those who let them get away with it. There are so many people in this world who don't deserve to be saved, too many.” Harry said with strong disdain filing his voice.

“There are things Harry, people and things that make putting up with those wretched people worth it. A lit candle in an abyss gives more light to the darkness than the sun does to the earth. There are small goods that make up for the all the bad. No race is perfect Harry, they all have their flaws.” Hermione spoke with a quivering voice as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Harry's eyes were a bit wider than usual, but showed no other signs of his thoughts as he kept is face blank.

“Like what?” He challenged with slightly narrowed eyes.

Hermione faced him fully for the first time since their conversation started and put her hands on his cheeks.

“Like me Harry, Like me.” She said as she closed her eyes and leaned forward.

Harry's eyes opened wide in surprise as Hermione pressed her lips to his. It only took a few seconds for him to close his eyes and sink into the kiss.


Hermione and Harry spent the rest of the morning in a much more intimate manner. They were basking in each other's presence and simply enjoying the small bit of time they had together, when their peace was shattered by a scream.

They both leaped up in surprise and ran outside the shack and towards the village. As they were approaching the panicking crowd a death eater flew out of the woods towards them. Before Harry could respond Hermione had threw out her right arm and the air rippled and tinted red. The spell slammed into the Death Eater and sent him flying backwards while at the same time igniting a small inferno around his body. His screams died out as he slammed into the tree with enough force to be wrapped around it in a sickening display of broken bones and twisted flesh.

Hermione froze on the spot as she saw what her recently created spell did. It was a combination of a powerful banishing charm and an ignition curse she created that conjures a small inferno to burn the target for a short period of time. It was meant to disable, not to kill. With the adrenaline that had made it's way into her body as she rushed towards the village, she had put too much power into the spell.

Harry noticed her lack of movement and rushed back to her. He knew she'd never really killed before, but he hadn't expected her to freeze up like that. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her until she responded and looked at him with wide tortured eyes. He cursed himself as he saw the lost look in her eyes.

“Go back to the school and get Dumbledore, as much as I despise him, he will be able to calm and organize the villagers.” The now amethyst haired youth ordered.

Hermione nodded quickly before turned and rushing off at a speed only she was able to move at thanks to her instinctual manipulation of her muscles through magic.

Harry frowned as he arrived. The attack was completely one sided. The Death Eaters were throwing curses out into the crowd and people were screaming and running in circles. They were pushing each other out of the way as they attempted to get away, even children were being knocked down and ignored in the attempts to get away.

This was ridiculous and only added to Harry's belief that mankind didn't deserve to be saved, that they didn't deserve to exist. His eyes began to glow a darker amethyst as black smoke surrounded him and began to form into the dragon.

There were a total of thirty-four Death Eaters minus the one wrapped around a tree on the outskirts. There were over 150 people scrambling over each other to get away. Close to 120 had wands and knowledge of damaging, if not lethal, spells. None of them fought back, regardless of the fact that they outnumbered the Death Eaters to a great degree. They were pathetic.

Harry unleashed the full force of his power and smirked as everyone, Death Eaters included, froze and had difficulty moving. They all turned their heads to face him, and more people screamed at the sight of him than they had at the sight of Death Eaters. If they weren't being assaulted by an immense magical pressure then they probably would've been fleeing in an even more pathetic fashion. He scoffed as he lifted his right hand and let his palm face the Jumble of Death Eaters.

The black mist begin spiraling from the dragon and forming into a sphere that grew larger and larger in front of him till it was roughly the size of Hagrid. Black flames then erupted inside the mist and spun around in a cyclonic fashion while black lightning began flashing along the outside. He smirked at the panicked noises people were making and focused his magic into a compressed force in his forearm. He smiled as he let it go and the ball of destruction flew towards it's target.

The Magical pressure was lifted, but the Death Eaters had no time to get out of the way. The sphere slammed into them, killing most of them on contact, and then the sphere exploded outwards. Tendrils of black mist, black flames, and bolts of black lightning spread out across and rained down upon the village. There were dozens of villagers killed and injured in the explosion as it rocked the entire village.

Harry sneered as he watched the mist, flames, and lightning tear the village to the ground. He vanished in a cloud of black mist just as a dozen Aurors showed up. They looked around in shock, before taking action and grabbing all the living and injured villagers and getting them out of the village limits. They knew from past experience what these black elements were, and knew they wouldn't be able to put them out.


Hermione, Albus, Minerva, and Snape arrived as the Aurors were working taking people out of the range of the destruction. They all watched on in horror as the village was torn to the ground.

“Why would Harry do this?” Albus asked in a horrified voice.

“Because he's an arrogant brat who doesn't like it when he doesn't get his way. Haven't you heard the rumors? He got turned down on being a Death Eater by The Dark Lord, he must still be upset.” Snape said with a smirk.

He suddenly found himself lacking the ability to breath. He looked around wildly and found himself facing a furious and glaring Hermione. Suddenly it felt like his blood had been set on fire and he tried to scream, but didn't have the oxygen to do it. Hermione turned away and his breathing ability came back, and the burning in his veins lessened. He was able stand on weak legs while Albus and Minera watched with concerned looks.

“The Dark Lord must know what happened and isn't happy.” Snape said with a frown.

Just like that, the Headmaster and Headmistress dismissed the problem.

“He didn't think they were worth saving.” Hermione said in a sorrowful voice, her look of fury replaced by one of sadness.

“What do you mean Miss Granger?” Minerva asked curiously.

“Harry's been becoming jaded in his views of mankind. Both the actions of magical people and muggles alike sicken him. He is seeing all the bad in the world and thinks it outweighs the good. He doesn't think most of mankind is worth saving. These people probably weren't fighting back. Even though they most likely outnumbered the Death Eaters by like five to one, they fled and probably pushed each other around and out of the way to flee. Harry probably figured that if they wouldn't fight to save their village, they didn't deserve to have it.” Hermione relayed her thoughts as tears filled her eyes.

She'd been so close to getting Harry to stay with her. To stop moving around and fighting. She was so close to talking him into getting help even though he didn't think he needed it, and then this happened.

“How do you know this Miss Granger? If you don't mind me asking.” The headmaster questioned curiously.

Hermione smiled bitterly as she answered. “I just know Harry, even when he's not being himself.”

“Ha! Of course the know it all knows. Why wouldn't she know how a psychopath's mind worked? She is his harlot after all.” Snape commented with a sneer.

Snape was about to make another harsh comment, but suddenly felt a strong force slam into his upper body that sent him flying. His eyes opened in surprise as he watched a flame ignite in front him before a burning inferno surrounded his body. His screams were silenced when his body collided with a tree and he lost consciousness. His clothes and skin were badly burned, but he was OK and would be fine after a night in the hospital wing, but it was quite a bit of pain to endure.

Both the Headmaster and Deputy headmistress turned with shocked eyes to Hermione. She looked surprised and showed her empty hands.

“I didn't do anything professors, honest! I didn't even have my wand out!” Hermione said and took her wand out of her pocket.

Minerva tested it, but found nothing out of the ordinary. She frowned but waved Hermione back to the school. When she was sure the girl had gone she sent a patronus off to fetch Poppy and turned back to Albus.

“He's getting worse.” She stated simply with a frown.

“I know.” Dumbledore replied shortly.

“I told you it was a bad Idea to simply lock away that power without monitoring him or letting him know about it.”

“I know.”

“You've made nothing but mistakes in regards to that boy, Albus.”

“I know.”

“If we don't find a way to control him, he could very well destroy us all.”

“I know.”

With somber faces, both professors turned around and headed back to the school, leaving the Aurors and the Ministry to deal with the villagers while Poppy fetched Severus.


The next day an article was run in the Daily Prophet about the attack. It completely ignored the fact that Death Eaters were there, and simply claimed it as an attack by Dark Lord Potter. Hermione spent her morning in the room of requirement letting out her frustrations and anger on creatures the room created for her.
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