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Harry Hunting

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Harry Hunts Death Eaters.

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A/N: In reply to the reviewer GryffindorDragon on ficwad. I couldn't respond to your review for some reason so I'm putting it the next chapter header. Thank you for actually asking questions about something like that. Yes there is a reason for the change, though it wont be explained until the second book. This is part 1 of a trilogy. what you also have to remember is that this is an AU after 5th book and there will be ooc actions, there are usually ooc actions in most fanfiction. Every slash or femslash story out there, ooc. Every dark harry, independent harry, they're all ooc. I personally read fanfiction of harry potter to get away from canon, which I stopped liking after book 5. that's just me. But yes there will be an explanation.. things to remember...power corrupts, when harry's power first awoke when he was a young child it awoke due to feelings of extreme fear anger and a want for revenge all emotions that can lead to violence. The second time was the same, it reawoke and broke through dumbledore's binding because of feelings of fear anger and a want for revenge. so far all this power has really known are negative emotions. And i suppose here is a hint of the reason for harry's moodswing, when dumbledore sealed away harry's power when he was younger, something else got caught in the binding. And i think, to follow what i'm doing with the story, you have to imagine magic as more than it is in canon. And you have to imagine things like magic interacting with the human mind,and all the things the human mind is capable of and how much more it would be capable of if it had access to magic. i dunno if that makes sense, but i guess think about it. the reasons behind the big character change and the remorseless violence will be explained in the first half of book 2. whether or not it's an reason that makes sense to you or one you'll like, i have no idea. please keep reading though, i'm not doing things unexplained, it's just i'm doing a trilogy and if everything is explained and understood in book 1, what am i going to do in books 2 and 3? another thing to remember, i'm planning on each book only having 10 to 15 chapters.

To everyone else, Harry's attention is returning to Voldemort at long last and he makes his strike. Only a few more chapters till this first book is done. Please remember to leave feedback! It's my profit!

Chapter 7: Harry Hunting

Severus Snape was working on a very delicate potion for the Dark Lord. He was in his lab in the dungeons of Hogwarts. He smiled at the thought of working for his true master, under the old fool's protection. He swiftly wiped his mind clean again and focused. Any tiny mistake could have horrible consequences. He was so focused on his task that he never noticed another person appear in the room.

Harry smirked as he watched the greasy haired man work. He'd been the bane of his school life. Blaming an eleven year old for something the kid's father had done in his teenage years. The man was a brat. A brat who was about to have one arm. Black flames flickered and then burst around his right arm to form a curved blade.
He smiled and focused on the potions teacher.

Snape yelped as he was jerked off his feet and into the air with his body spread eagle. He began to sweat as he was turned around. His face flushed as he caught site of his attacker.

“Potter.” He muttered with disdain.

“Stupid ignorant snake. Thirty points form Slytherin for forgetting to use my first name. Oh and twenty for breathing too loud, and ten more for sweating. I don't like smelling body odor.” Harry mocked with a smirk.

Snape's face purpled as he struggled to get out of the spell holding him.

“What do you want?”

Harry smiled as he looked at Snape's left arm.

“I need a Dark Mark to study. I knew you were here, so you were the obvious target. I'll be taking your arm. Then I'll study the magic in the Dark Mark. Then I'm going to use my findings to track your brethren, and I'm going to kill them in all sorts of terribly wonderful ways.”

This was said with such casualness that Snape was actually nervous. This was nothing like the rash Griffindor who he had put up with for five years. This was a killer on par with his master. He killed and spoke of it as if it was a dinner conversation topic. It was then that the Potions Master noticed the flame blade around Harry's arm.

“Your mother would be so disappointed in you Potter.” Snape spat out with a mad grin.

“Mommy isn't alive to feel such things. I have you to thank for that.” Harry's voice and demeanor had completely changed to a cold fury.

“I had planned to simply come and cut your arm off and leave you be. You just reminded me of who it was that heard the prophecy and reported back to Tom. My mother would most likely be alive if you had not heard that prophecy. It is you and you alone, who are responsible for everything that happened that night.” Harry spoke with venom.

He slowly let the blade of black flame sink into Snape's left shoulder. He ignored the man's screams as the black fire literally seeped into his veins and began to swim through the current of blood. He gave a push and Snape's left arm fell to the ground. Harry stepped back and watched Snape scream in agony as his body was held spread eagle and black fire burned through his veins. He'd just created that little spell. The fire burned through his veins, swimming with the blood, and coursing through his heart, but it was never enough to kill.

The heat became so intense and his veins and arteries so full of black fire that his veins began appearing through his skin as black lines. His screams reached a high pitched volume just before Harry snapped his fingers and black flame shot out of Snape's eyes and mouth. Snape's body drifted to the ground where bits of it flaked off. His eyes and mouth seemed to be filled with ash, his skin nothing but a husk holding the ash in with his face contorted in immense pain.

Harry smirked as he looked at the husk. He shook his head and turned away, his body turning to mist as he vanished from the lab.

Twenty seconds later the cauldron began to bubble and then exploded. The explosion incinerated the lab and both classrooms around it, along with waking the entire school, and causing a section of the first two floors to collapse due to the lack of support from the area of the dungeons destroyed in the explosion. Snape's remains would never be found.


The dozen Death Eaters rushed through the forest surrounding a modest manor. The manor grounds had extraordinary wards, but the anti-apparation wards went several miles farther than the other wards. They had already killed several guard patrols on their way and were preparing to take down the wards. As it was night time, they never noticed the cloud of black mist following along above them.

They approached the edge of the wards and six of them spread out and began chanting. As they worked on the wards the other six spread out to look for any patrols. It took them only a few minutes before they had the wards down and the twelve Death Eaters rushed out of the forest and across the yard of the Minister's manor.


Amelia Bones was asleep when the alarms connected to her wards tripped. Years of experience had her on her feet, wand in hand, and completely alert with her three signature spells at the front of her mind in a matter of seconds. She blinked and rushed out of her room and down the hall to a door that led to a hidden access to her yard. She'd get behind the intruders and take them out. Unfortunately for her, she never got to do as such, since every door and window leading out of her house was sealed and nothing she tried unlocked them. She ran to a window by her front door and looked out across her yard to the dozen Death Eaters rushing her position. She swallowed and thanked Merlin that Susan was away at school. She caught movement in the corner of her eye. She turned to see black mist appearing right outside her door.


The twelve Death Eaters were almost to the house and were already casting spells at the manor. They didn't notice the black mist in front of the door until a black claw grabbed the foremost attacker and crushed him.

They instantly froze, a mistake for them. Lightning erupted from the front door of the manor and plowed into three Death Eaters turning their abdomens to ash and causing their bodies to fall to the ground in two pieces.
It was this point that the screams began. The dying Death Eaters had never experienced their current agony, even at the hands of their master.

A gray burst of magic shot from the shadows of the front door and erupted in front of the standing Death Eaters and two of them were pulled straight towards it. The sphere exploded outward when they were a few inches away. Their bodies were ripped and shredded as they were pushed back with the explosion. Just when their lives were about to end as their bodies neared being ripped to pieces, something sparked in the middle of the spherical explosion. With the sound like a jet engine starting, the explosion was pulled back inwards to where it began, pulling both the still living Death Eaters in with it, crushing and imploding the entire two meter area until nothing was left.

The remaining Death Eaters began to flee but as they turned they came face to face with a Dragon of black fire. It opened its mouth and expelled balls of lightning that shot through the chests of three more, and then swallowed the remaining three before dissipating into nothing.

None of them saw the face of their killer, as he never stepped out of the shadows of the front door. Madame Bones was the only person who saw him, and she'd forever fear the cold face, and amethyst eyes that watched with indifference as their owner slaughtered twelve men with magic she couldn't begin to imagine.


Several cloaked figures moved swiftly into Knockturn Alley. They strode purposefully and quickly down the alley and through the small number of hags, drunks, and peddlers on their way down it. They were joined periodically by people standing at a corner or in an small alcove between buildings. The group had amassed to fifteen by the time they reached their destination. They silently entered the surprisingly full pub. They paid no heed to the other customers. Most were criminals of some sort and none would report their presence. They moved swiftly through the tables and into a back room. They never noticed a pair of amethyst eyes at a table in the far right corner watching them.


Harry watched the large group enter the back room. He chuckled as several other customers got up and followed them in. He shook his head at how much they lacked stealth.

It had been a couple of days since he killed the Death Eaters attacking the Minister's home and a week since he'd taken Snape's arm. The Death Eaters were having several meetings without their master and seemed to be distressed that someone of his power was attacking them. He chuckled at the thought. He'd hunt them all down and kill them, and anyone who got in his way.

He stood as his hair shifted to amethyst and black mist began to surround him. This attracted the attention of the other patrons whose eyes widened. Harry smirked as he looked at them.

“You're all criminals of some sort, though you should never mingle with the likes of those in the back room. Now you'll die along with them.”

Before any of the patrons could leave, black flame seared throughout the room, followed by an explosion..

Outside of the pub, peddlers, drunks, and prostitutes fled from the pub as it exploded and burned with black fire. None of them saw a amethyst eyed figured walk out of the burning building.

He was wearing dark blue pants, a black shirt and a dark blue knee length jacket with a hood. He slowly lifted the hood over his head and obscured his face and then let his hands fall to his sides. With a casual gait he moved out of the dark alley and into the brighter sites of Diagon Alley all the while whistling the tune to a Weird Sister's song.


Damien Montrose was a well bred pureblood. He'd gone to Durmstrang, had a lineage that stretched to Merlin on both sides of his family, and had a beautiful pureblood wife and three perfect pureblood daughters attending his old school. He was a staunch supporter of Voldemort, and while not marked himself, was a financial backer. He was currently throwing a dinner party with five other couples, three of which were marked Death Eaters. The dinner had gone perfectly and now they were relaxing to music and conversation. His last thoughts on earth were whether or not the Notts would agree to a marriage arrangement between their son and one of his daughters. He, along with Mr. Nott, were incinerated by a black bolt of lightning that, oddly enough, slammed through a wall.

The remaining ten party goers jumped in shock. The wives of the two incinerated men wailed in surprised grief at where their husbands had stood not a second before. Both were quick to join them when a rain of black fire showered down on them from the ceiling.

The others all drew their wands and pointed to the middle of the room where a cloud of black mist was appearing.


Harry appeared in the middle of the heavily damaged room and was greeted by eight killing curses. He chuckled as he maneuvered around the curses. One of them hit a mirror, and to his immense surprise, reflected right back at him. He was too shocked to move, but luckily for him it was off by a few inches and sped past him, hitting an equally surprised caster.

Harry turned and looked at the fallen body with a baffled expression.

“That curse can be reflected with a mirror?” He asked in surprise.

“How the hell did that never happen before?” A female member of the casters asked in surprise.

“No clue. That's damn weird.” Harry said with a laugh.

He waved his hand and instantly all seven remaining members of the party were lifted into the air with their bodies bound tightly. Harry smiled and pointed at two. A gray blast later and they were both stuck to opposite walls. With a twist of his wrist thirteen daggers appeared around him. He made a shooing motion with his hand and seven of the thirteen shot straight into one of the floating members. He gurgled before falling limp. He was quickly turned upside down, and a rope manifested around his ankles and tied him to the chandelier on the ceiling. With a nod Harry turned to the woman who had asked how the reflection of a curse could happen.

He manifested a blade of black flame around his right arm and thrust if forward into her stomach. She screamed as the black fire poured into her veins. Harry watched quietly as his custom brutal death spell went through it's course. Eventually black flame shot out of her eyes and her mouth and she was left an ash filled husk like Snape.

He looked at the others, and loosing his enthusiasm, simply cut them with his black firebrand. As they were screaming he waved and the two on the walls rushed at each other until they meshed together with a squelching splash.

Harry sighed as his body began turning into mist.

“One more stop and then Tommy should be moving. I've prodded enough.”


Hermione sighed as she looked at the letter in her hand. Harry had sent it shortly after the events in Hogsmeade. He told her he would be busy and that he wouldn't be able to write anymore. She shook her head and looked at the Daily Prophet.

It was filled with stories of attacks on Death Eaters, supposedly by Harry, though there were never any eye witnesses who said he was there.

It was supper time and just as she began filing her plate, the hall grew unnerving quiet. She looked up and inhaled sharply.

A cloud of black mist was appearing in the middle of the Great Hall.

It slowly turned into a human shape and then into a figure in dark blue. A hooded jacket obscured their face. Slowly the hands lifted and lowered the hood, revealing amethyst colored hair as several students cried out in surprise. She vaguely noticed Ron faint and slide off the bench, but her attention was on Harry.


As Harry materialized in the Great Hall he quietly laughed. He looked around and lowered his hood. He was amused at the fear they felt towards him. It reminded him of his second year when he was the big bad heir of Slytherin.

He reached into a pocket on his jacket and pulled out a black sphere that seemed to be made of glass. He looked up at Dumbledore and began to speak.

“This sphere is filled with black mist. It's the mist I can make and it causes the bodies it touches to rot away. I have charmed the mist in this sphere to expand and spread and seek out one thing. The Dark Mark. It's range is only the grounds of this school. I am not as naïve as Dumbledore. I know at least twenty of you are marked.

“This will seek out those who wear the psycho's brand, and it will rot away their flesh until they're nothing. It will be very painful. If any of you decide to take the mark after this, well, you'll fit right in with their insanity and foolishness.”

Finished with his speech, Harry dropped the sphere and it shattered upon impact with the ground. Black mist began to seep forth and a shocked crowd swept their eyes towards it.

Harry turned and looked into Hermione's eyes. With a soft smile he turned to mist and vanished.


Tears flowed down Hermione's face as she watched mist seek out over thirty students and two teachers. Students from all four houses. They were covered in the mist and their screams filled the Great Hall. It lasted a half hour. A half hour where nobody could leave the Great Hall regardless of how hard the Staff tried. When the Great Hall doors opened again, Hermione let out a sob and fled through the doors.

One thing was made sure of that night. Nobody who witnessed the events in the Great Hall, would ever take a mark of any kind for the rest of their lives.
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