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Moving Pictures.

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We're Going to a Funeral! Pete's Funeral!

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“I just don’t think it’s working out.”

Pete shifted on his legs in an uncomfortable state; the words ringing in his ears loudly. He stared in surprise and focused on the word’s meanings. I just don’t think it’s working out… He wasn’t hurt, no; in fact...he was relieved. He was caught off guard, he was thankful, he was anything but hurt. He swallowed the anxiety he had been bottling up and relaxed.

He sucked in a breath for stabilization, and leaned into Katie, wondering how to explain to her that he actually felt the same way, without making himself sound like he never cared. He had, he still did, but it just wasn’t the same anymore. They had had good times, plenty of them, but what they had perceived as love only turned out to be friendship. Pete would always feel something for Katie but it would never be true love, and apparently she had come to the same conclusion. “Katie, I—“

“Its okay, Pete,” She said cut him off softly. She locked eyes with him but instead of the raging face of fury he had been waiting for, an understanding smile played at her lips. “I know you feel the same way, I can tell.” She shrugged casually, then looked down, but not in shame. She thought out her words carefully, “I will always love you…” She said the words slowly, unsure of how to go by this. “But…Just not in that way anymore and you deserve someone who does.”

Pete couldn’t help but feel surprise. She could tell. “You’re right.” Pete nodded subtly. He was so relieved that he hadn’t actually had to break up with her even though they were now. He just didn’t want to hurt her. Still, he was determined to make her realize that he never took her for granted. “Katie…? Listen, I’m sorry…if at any point when we were together, I made it seem like I took you for granted. I just wanted to make it clear that I didn’t, and you still are and always will be important to me.” He pressed his lips together at the words and leaned back, his arms folding together.

Katie only smile and nodded. She wasn’t really surprised. She had felt they were growing apart a long time ago and now she was just ending it before anyone got hurt. Her hand came to rest on his arm and she gave him a reassuring squeeze to let him know she felt the same way. There was no point and saying the same thing or dragging this out so it turned into something bad when it could end so well. So Katie pulled him into a hug and let one last kiss graze Pete’s cheek before stepping back and nodding. “You’re something else Wentz.”

Pete closed his eyes as she held him one last time and let that feeling she stirred up in him take over. “And you’re one of a kind.”



“Get up!” A loud voice in Troi’s ear commanded. Troi groaned in response to whoever was disturbing her slumber and turned on her side. She didn’t know what time it was, but she knew it was early. And Troi didn’t do early, not it if she could help it. Plus, it was her birthday, aren’t you supposed to be able to sleep in on your birthday? Wasn’t it some kind of unwritten rule?

Someone shoved her shoulders without care and Troi growled. “Stop.” She muttered, sighing. Damn, if she was going to let someone wake her from the place she could feel some comfort. If she couldn’t even escape in her dreams what good did it do to sleep?

Still, whoever was messing with her was determined to wake her up.

Or to piss her off.

Maybe they had A death wish.

Poke. Someone’s finger jabbed into back mercilessly. How badly would her birthday suck if she killed someone and hid the body?

Poke. She slapped the hand away, determined to not let them wake her up.

Poke. Seriously. Was someone out to make her life miserable?

“TROI!” Someone screamed, the cry echoing in her ears so loudly that Troi was fully alert and well aware that everyone in the apartment and in the next heard them.

Troi’s eyes shot open and she came face to face with her nemeses.

Or actually just Pete.

Her eyes narrowed at the person standing above her and she frowned. “Can I help you Pete?” She spat out, through clenched teeth; forming plans in her mind to make Pete yell for mercy. Oh, he would pay for waking her up.

“Finally!” Pete sighed overdramatically as if he’d just finished waiting in the world’s longest line. “Good God, are you deaf?” He muttered, jumping up and down. She glared at Pete deciding that yes, she would make his death be painful.

She chose to ignore his question and eyed the boy suspiciously. “What is your deal?” She asked, letting herself fall back onto her pillows. “Have you been drinking coffee? Or were you just born to irritate me so early in the morning?” She had warned him to stop drinking Folgers this early in the morning.

Maybe she could push him into a moving vehicle…

“NO!” Pete said in a shocked tone that suggested he had been. His cry of shock broke her thoughts and Troi raised her eyebrows in skepticism. He shrugged.

“Maybe…Yes.” He said giving up, and jumping again.

“And Guuuuuess what?” He sang out.

Or better yet she could push him off a really tall building…

Troi moaned in despair. “What?”

“It’s your birthday!” He shrieked, making Troi cover her ears and cringe in terror. He was like a six year old hyped on coffee and sugar and depression pills all at once.

"We're going to a party, it's a birthday party.
It's your birthday party, happy birthday darling.
We love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much." He mimicked Bright Eyes’ lyrics.

Troi gave another dramatic moan. Why her?

“Yes!” She cried; interrupting Pete’s little show. His hands were up in the air, waving from side to side now and he was singing alone with the crazy voice in his head. He stopped, utterly confused.

“Yes what?”

“Yes….it’s my birthday…”

Pete smiled, and opened his mouth; ready to start singing again.

“So GO THE FUCK AWAY!” She threatened loudly, her breathing hard. Pete leaped back at the intensity of her voice and clutched the doorknob; his eyes lit up with fright.

“That time of the month…?” Pete started then dodged the pillow coming his way. “Just asking…” He muttered, taking another step back.

She growled and he laughed nervously. “Did you hear that? I think I hear Katie calling me, I definitely hear Katie calling me…”

Troi glared at Pete, wishing that looks could kill.

“Oh, and by the way…” Pete said quickly, before he had to dodge another pillow or something worse. He cracked open the door in anticipation and slipped halfway through it before looking back. “Get dressed, we’re having a party and it starts at 6:00!”

Troi’s eyes went wide and another pillow hit the door just as it closed behind Pete.

Oh, someone would definitely die tonight.
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