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That's What You Get.

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He Loves her. He Loves her not. He loves her. He...Loves her not? Well, He sure as hell loves hurting her.

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Her footsteps tapped out a hollow rhythm on the concrete as Troi sped down the sidewalk leaving all conscientiousness, all common sense and concern back with Patrick.


He was probably gone by now, no doubt. Figured he wouldn’t stick around for too long after that little scene. Way. To. Break. Her. Heart.

Fuck, I am so stupid! GOD!

Troian made sure she was good and lost before she stopped her steady pace and sat down on the sidewalk, her side hurting from the run. Her face was slightly red and streaked just a bit by eyeliner smudges mixing from the fresh flow of tears and melting snow. Snow…and tears…what an odd combination. The feel of his lips still lingered on her now cold ones and was forcing a physical pain on her body and she recalled the way his hands gracefully moved to push her away. The way his eyes flashed with anger and as he jumped away, his hand wiping his mouth like she would never be good enough, like she was tainted. And she wasn’t good enough. She knew that. It wasn’t a question of fate or God or Karma, no it was the simple fact that she would never be good enough.

But did he have to be so fucking mean? Did he have to stomp on and break her heart into a million tiny, bite sized pieces before he handed it back to her like it was nothing?

Breaking hearts has never looked so cool.

She sat there in stony silence for over twenty long minutes, her knees hugged to her chest, her body shivering from the snowflakes falling around her, from the snow soaking through her hoodie. It hadn’t dawned on her that she had no car until know.

Nope, jackass had the car.

Would he have really have left her?

Troi stood on her feet, and tugged the black clandestine hoodie around her body before she forced herself to walk back in the direction of her worst nightmare. Her body seemed to shake with every step closer that she wandered. When she found herself in the park again, the tracks her runaway converses had once made were already covered. No Jackass in sight. She wandered past the lonely park in pathetic hope that he had re-entered the coffee house but really knew that was gone. There had been fury deep with his emerald eyes as he glared her. He truly believed she was using him and that killed Troi on the inside. Her eyes couldn’t help but to water as she passed the doors to the coffee shop, the only light coming from the small “closed” sign in the window. He had actually left her. If she wasn’t hurting then, she was now. Not only did he break her heart, but then he abandoned her in the middle of downtown Chicago in the fucking middle of winter.

Don’t cry. Do not fucking cry.

Her fingers were numb by now, even in the depth of her hoodie pockets. She was just able to dial her phone as she leaned against the wall of the closed coffee shop. It rang who knew how many times before she finally hung up realizing either no one was home or no cared. She slid down the wall, resting on ground and waited. For what, she didn’t know. For him to come back? ….To freeze to death…for someone to shoot her. Anything.


“You are so hot.” Pete whispered in Katie’s ear as they snuggled into each other on the couch. The room was dark and warm and the house was even better with only two of them inside. Katie let out a small giggle and stood up to get comfortable when Pete pulled her down, landing her on his lap. Her wrapped his arms around her stomach, clasping them together.

Katie didn’t protest but instead let her head fall back to lay on Pete’s muscled chest. “You’re not so bad yourself Wentz,” She told him, resting her hands on his. His lips found her neck and she couldn’t hold back the small moan that erupted from her lips as Pete gently sucked on her neck. His hands were no longer calm and at rest but exploring her body, occasionally touch the skin above her jeans in tease. Katie couldn’t help but grow hot at his touch as Pete expertly touched her, slipping one hand beneath the hem of her shirt. The other hand was gingerly placed on her cheek so that her lips met his. Once they were connected, Pete let his hands take a hold of her waist, picking her up without difficulty. Without breaking their kiss, Pete moved Katie so that she now straddled his lap; her shirt riding up slightly.

“Oh God,” Pete muttered as her hands glided smoothly across his chest, running over each ab. He brought his hands to her shoulder, squeezing them; running his tongue along her lips in request. Immediately it was welcomed as the two shared a kiss, the only sounds come from the shifting in their movements. Pete took the initiative and started to pull Katie’s shirt off slowly, a seductive smile about his face. It would have been completely perfect. The mood; the setting; the desire, it was all perfect except Pete’s phone had to ring. The ringtone could be faintly heard from where they sat. His attempt to ignore it could only last so long before Katie nudged him to go and answer it.

“I don’t want to.” Pete pouted, leaning in for another kiss.

“It could be important,” Katie countered, and Pete rolled his eyes. “Then they can leave a message.”

“Go.” She said sitting back, so that he was free to get up and answer it.

“Okay, okay, fine.” Pete grumbled as the phone’s insistent ringing continued. He made his way to the bedroom quickly, looking around in question. “Aw, damn, where is it?” He mumbled, flipping bed sheets and pillows in search of it. The ringing continued and Pete half hoped that they would hang up before he could find his phone, but alas he found it just as the thought came up. “Hello.” He snapped into his phone, clearly unhappy to be interrupted.

“Pete…” Someone whispered; their voice low and shaky.

“Who is this?” Pete muttered, in impatience.

“It’s Troi….” She muttered in annoyance, as the wind picked up where she was at. “Why won’t Katie answer her phone?”

Pete shrugged and made a noise that signified “I don’t know.” And Troi sighed in embarrassment.

“Can you come pick me up?” She asked softly, afraid for anyone to know what happened.

“Huh?” Pete asked again in confusion, “I thought you were with Patrick.” He asked, his brows furrowing together. “Didn’t you two go get coffee or something?”

“I—I was.” Troi confessed. “But he had to go somewhere.” She lied, pulling the hoodie sleeves down over her hands as the wind picked up speed, making snow hit her face.

“Whaaat?” Pete asked, still extremely annoyed. “No, seriously,” He mused. “Like Patrick would ever leave a girl—his best friend at that, in downtown Chicago in the middle of winter.”

Tears were inevitable at Pete’s probing and Troi had to bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out.

“Look, he’s not here. Can you please, just come get me?” She asked, “Its cold.”

Pete refused to let it go, and rolled his eyes along with a big dramatic sigh. “Seriously dude, where did he go?” He asked, not even playing any more. He wanted to go back into the living room, ignore Troi and Patrick and mess around with Katie.

“Please.” She whispered so softly, Pete wasn’t sure he had heard it.
Was she crying?

He could definitely hear something in the background.

“Okay, alright, alright, I’ll go get you.” He made a face at the phone. “Tell me where you are.”


He snapped the phone shut and grabbed the nearest hoodie. “Babe, I gotta go pick up Troi. Apparently Patrick had to ‘go somewhere.’ He rolled his eyes, and huffed. “Wanna go?”

“Nah, I’m gonna crash.” Katie told him, giving him a last quick peck on the lips before leaving him in the living room.



Thirty minutes later Troi still sat on the ground in seclusion, ignoring any sounds she heard, any people that she saw. Most of them did look slightly suspicious, but she had no money on her. That meant if anyone tried to mug her, she might end up getting hurt.

The street suddenly looked extremely dark and dangerous, and the thought of being there alone scared Troi. Impulsively she called Patrick. Please, please pick up, I’m sorry!

No answer.

She planned to call him again, when the shine of headlights broke her thoughts, and made her cringe from the vividness of their lights shining in her eyes. A car door slammed, footsteps echoed over the concrete and suddenly Pete was kneeling next to her, in utter confusion. He took a long look at her, perplexed as to why she was here; cold, shivering, distraught, alone, and tear streaked.

“What happened?” Was all he managed to breathe out.

Troi shook her head, and stuffed her cellphone in her pocket. She stumbled upwards, and Pete caught here, holding onto her tight.

“Whoa. Where’s Patrick?” He asked, walking with her to the passenger side of his Escalade. Again, no answer. She just shrugged, and he opened her door and helped her in. She looked like she was ready to fall out. Literally.

He sighed, and closed her door, then rushed back to driver’s seat. As soon as he was in, he cranked the car up and turned the heater up on full blast. She was shaking like a leaf and it was starting to worry Pete.
He found it ridiculous that Patrick had ‘left’ Troi downtown in the snow. Alone. It just wasn’t like him.

“Did you guys have a fight or something?” Pete asked, refusing to drive until he got some answers.

Troi shrugged, and turned her stony glare to the window. Pete sighed in exasperation, and put a hand on her shoulder. “Troi, come on, tell me what happened.” She shrugged his hands away and he pulled her by the arm to face him. “Look at me. Tell me what happened! There’s obviously something wrong; you look like you’ve been crying; you don’t know where Patrick is, so obviously something is wrong. What happened?” he asked through clenched teeth.

Troi sniffed and attempted told hold back tears as Pete lectured her.

“I kissed him.” She whispered. “And—and he hates me.” God, she had never seen so much fury in one person’s eyes.

Pete stared in misunderstanding. “Huh?” He shook his head. “Hold on, you two are best friends, why would he hate you? ...that makes no sense… Wait, you kissed him?” He repeated; a small smile on his face.

Troi sat back in defeat and sighed. “He hates me because I kissed him, because he was ignoring me at the coffee shop.”

“I am so lost.” Pete told her, shaking his head. He turned the key in the ignition and put the car into drive. “Start from the beginning.” He ordered her in a worn-out voice. Girls.

“He said what!” Pete cried, as Troi recounted the scene earlier, the pain still as fresh as it had been in that moment.

“Come on,” He rolled his eyes in a skeptical fashion. “It’s Patrick! He would never—he’s too nice.” Pete shook head, refusing to believe the lies being spoken. It wasn’t something he wanted to believe, not something he wanted to hear. So he just wouldn’t.

She had to be lying….He had known Patrick for a long time, and that just didn’t sound like him…and if he had, we’ll she must have deserved it.

Troi nodded, turning her face away from Pete. She was not going to cry again, she just wouldn’t.

“Uh well…..” Pete finally shrugged. He didn’t know what to do. Troi was not his best friend, Patrick was. This meant he had to stick by his side no matter what.

Troi ignored Pete’s rambling, and slumped into her seat. What had she done? She had just screwed everything up. Not only had she lost the guy she loved, she’d lost her best friend.

Pete drove silently, the entire time running everything she had told him through his brain, occasionally shaking his head. By the time they were turning into the parking complex his anger had formed and he was outraged that this girl could even be upset. They way Pete saw it, she hadn’t been listening to Patrick and she had ignored his feelings about Cindee. Troi obviously deserved whatever Patrick had done to her, and that was that.

He happily found a parking spot up close and rushed to turn off the vehicle. Without a word to Troi he slammed the door shut, heading up the iron stairs.

Troi froze in her seat, her eyes following Pete’s form in the darkness through the windshield. Her mouth fell into a small “O” as she stared in confusion. Had she said something to piss him off? She wasn’t sure. She was only badgered by more unwanted feelings and she clumsily unbuckled herself from the seat and got out of the car slowly, making sure to lock her door. The she followed Pete’s trail quietly, wondering what she had done. There had to be something. There always was. It was always her fault, one way or another.

She crept up the stairs nervously, wondering why she was afraid to walk into her own apartment. It’s not like it was really anyone else’s.

No one ever helped her pay rent, or make food.
Except Katie of course, but not Pete or Patrick. She could easily kick him out and all her problems would be solved in no time. But, seriously. Like Troi had ever been one to kick anyone out of anywhere. It wasn’t in her character to be so cruel. Plus no matter how badly Patrick hurt her, she could never actually bring herself to do such a thing.

So with a heavy heart Troi pushed open her door and stepped into the quiet apartment. As silently as possible she closed the door behind her and tiptoed further in as if this was her first time in a stranger’s house. The lights were all off, except for a very small lamp in the corner that someone had left on.

A Yawning Katie entered the living room to freeze in her spot at the sight of Troi silhouette. She stared for a moment before recognizing Troi and rushing to her best friend’s side. One glance at her slightly red face, messed up hair, and damp clothes gave her away. “What happened to you?” She demanded.

Troi shrugged a lifeless shrug, but Katie was not letting her out that easy. “Tell me,” She said a little bit softer this time, putting a hand out to steady Troi who looked like she was ready to collapse.

“I know there’s something; I just watched Pete storm into his room like you broke his guitar.”

“I screwed up.” Troi said simply, refusing to think about the past events. Too late.

“Are you two pissed off at each other or something?” Katie pressed, still perplexed as to why her two favorite people seemed angry. At each other. “Did he say something stupid?” Pete wasn’t always the most tactful person.

Troi shook her head, not wanting to talk but at the same time wanting to pour out her heart. “No, Pete and I are fine,” She sighed. “I think.” She added, remembering his attitude after she told him what happened.

Katie pulled her by the arm, her face set into a ready glare, and she marched Troi down the hall the entire time, shooting questioning glances in her direction. Although she looked like she was ready to chew someone out, the knock on the door was rather steady and calm.

“Hold on!” Pete called from inside, jumping off the bed.

There was a shifting noise and soon Pete’s face appeared behind the open door, peering out in question. He only caught Katie’s face at first and opened the door wider, the light spilling into the hall; catching Troi’s face. He shot a small glare at her before fixating his eyes on Katie again, a small smile widening his lips. “Sup?”

Katie scowled at his casual expression and pushed her way into the room, making Pete back up. “Either tell me what’s going on,” She directed at Troi, “Or I’ll make Pete tell me.”

Troi shrugged again. She seemed to shrugging a lot, and Katie turned to Pete for answers. Pete immediately put his hands up, and made a face.

“Don’t bring me into this!”

Katie rolled hey eyes in annoyance. “Shut up. You’re already in this; you know what happened, now tell me because she won't.”

“Really guys, it’s not a big deal.” She muttered, trying to stall Pete’s explanation. “I’m fine.”

“See? She’s fine.” Pete repeated, not looking at her.

Katie rolled her eyes. “You’re lying. You both are.”

Pete let out a dramatic sigh and recapped everything Troi had told him, letting his own comments and scowls and other remarks fall into the story as well. Before Pete could put in his last remark however, Katie’s jaw dropped and she turned to Troi. “What the fuck, did he actually say that shit to you?” Her eyes were wide with astonishment, anger mixed with it.

Just wait until that ass came home.

“Yeah,” Troi muttered, inevitable tears filling her eyes. Pete snorted at the sight and Katie’s eyes flashed to him. “What?” She said sharply.

“Nothing,” Peter shrugged. “It’s just, well…Patrick is a smart guy and he’s not an asshole, so whatever Troi really did, she must have deserved it.”

What I really did? Troi thought shrilly.

Both Troi and Katie’s jaw dropped in unison, and without warning, Katie punched Pete, hitting him square in the shoulder. Hard.

“Ow!” Pete Whined, his hand flying up to caress his shoulder. He glowered at Katie, rubbing it gingerly. “What the fuck!” He cried.

“Don’t what the fuck me!” Katie shouted, standing up “You deserved that. Sticking up Patrick when we all know what he did was stupid, immature, and fucking hurtful!”

“Well, fuck! She goes and kisses him, ‘practically rapes him’ as she says he put it and you expect me to feel sorry?! Patrick is my best friend! I’ve known him almost all my life. He is not a jerk, so she must be!”

“I did not!” Troi cried out defensively, her eyes tearing up again. “Just because I’m not fucking pretty doesn’t mean everything I do should be looked at like a crime!”

Pete gave her a confused look before regaining his glare.

Troi got up, stomping to the door. Before she left she turned back, “If I had looked like Cindee or some slut, no one would have said a thing. In fact he probably would have let me!” She choked out, before slamming the door shut and coming face to face with Patrick. She let out a yelp at the surprise and he backed away.

Now what, was she trying to ‘rape’ him with her glare?

She shook her head as if he didn’t matter and shoved past him. “Fuck you.” She muttered, loud enough to be heard. Patrick glanced back at her, his face contorted in pain as she stalked away, her head hung.

The words stung like fresh wounds and Patrick’s hand raised up slightly as if to pull her back to him, but no words escaped his parted lips. He stared after her in frozen anguish, his own hands starting to shake. Then he quickly regained his composer; a glare emanating from his precious face.

Before he could contemplate going after her again, or coming up with something mean, the door to his room opened, and out stormed Katie with a not so happy Pete behind her. “All I’m saying is: don’t get mad at me, I’m not the one who fucking left her downtown. Hello? I’m the one who went and got her!” Pete said defensively, not noticing Patrick as he stood there, shame kicking him in the stomach. Katie noticed though. She went on ignoring Pete’s cries and moved to Patrick, her eyes blazing. Her hands shaking.

“I swear you asshole. If she never smiles again, I’ll kill you myself.”

Patrick’s hands found themselves in the air and backed up, hitting the wall behind him. “I’m sorry.” He scowled. “God, She just jumped me and I didn’t know what to do!”

Katie laughed sarcastically. “Oh yeah, real nice Patrick,” She spat his name. “Yes, let’s try and emotionally kill her since we don’t know what to do!” She screamed the words, getting higher with each one. “You’re so fucking stupid!”

Pete was quiet now. They were all silent, except for their heavy breaths.

Troi could hear the endless shouting from her closed bedroom. She couldn’t escape the guilt. No one would be pissed right now, if she had just learned to control her emotions. She stifled a sob with her thick pillow, but nothing could block out Katie’s yells. She couldn’t quite hear what Patrick was saying and she only wondered if he was actually denying it, or saying something even more hurtful.

Pete’s voice carried down the hall insistently. “Katie—katie!” He said forcefully, grabbing her shoulders gently. “Let it go. Come on, just—“

“No! Don’t fucking touch me.” Katie said through clenched teeth, wrenching herself out of his hold. “You’re just as much an asshole, siding with him like a ten year old!”

“What the f—? “ Pete began, but she made a face, and pushed Pete away, stalking past the two boys towards her and Troi’s room.

She knocked on the door quietly before entering and stepped into the room awkwardly. Both met each other’s stares. Neither of them said anything. A silent agreement seemed to pass between them as they both went to change into pajamas. Once they were both ready to go sleep, two girls let darkness fall over the room, then soon afterwards sleep.


The bright light hitting Troi in the face was most unwanted. She shifted in her sleep and they solar ray seemed to follow her in an annoying manner, hitting her right over her closed eyes. “Go away sun!” She mumbled, throwing a pillow over her eyes. Not that it would have mattered. She was awake now, and sleep was fading away with her dreams. As quietly as possible to not wake Katie, Troi got up.

She rubbed her still asleep eyes and yawned. Her eyes searched the room, trying to adjust themselves to the sunlight. Her eyes furrowed together as they fell on Katie. Since when did she sleep in? Since when did Troi wake up before Katie?

Troi stifled another yawn, and dragged her eyes to the digital clock on the beside table. 5:17 am. No wonder Katie wasn’t awake. No one was.

Troi padded out of the room, and into the hall; aching for her regular coffee. She almost gasped aloud when she walked into the kitchen. Patrick was there, his back turned to her, his hands holding him up as he leaned on the counter. Just as he turned to acknowledge the noise, Troi backtracked.

Only not quick enough; in fact too slowly. Patrick caught a glimpse of her as she disappeared around the corner and reflexively started to follow her as she turned to race back into the comfort of her room. He sighed and gave up.

Troian was close to her room when she stopped remembering her philosophy the night before. Why should she feel awkward in her own home?

Fuck that.

She turned and marched back into the kitchen where Patrick was sitting; a cup of coffee warming his hands. He looked a bit surprised to see Troi enter the room again. She wasn’t sure how to interpret the expression he wore as she poured herself a steaming cup of coffee and sat across from like nothing was wrong. Troi was inclined to believe he was still pissed at her for kissing him, because as soon as her eyes fell upon him, his whole body tensed up; his fingers going rigid around the cup.

She tapped her cup lightly; awkward silence filling the air. She averted her eyes away from Patrick sighed. A tiny voice reminded her that even though she had kissed him, he was still an ass. However, despite the fact that that was true, she felt bad. Ashamed, as if she’d been caught stealing something, or discovered in the middle of a lie.

Patrick in the other hand didn’t seem too worried about feeling anything but anger. He didn’t appear to be enjoying the silence either, so without a word he stood up. His chair seemed to screech much louder than any normal chair—or it could have been the silence.

She gnawed at her lip, her body glued to her chair. She wanted to apologize. She wanted to run up to Patrick and beg him to talk to her, but she didn’t know why. I’m sorry for caring about you Patrick. It wasn’t even her fault; he was just being an asshole.

She shook her head. They had only been in this ‘fight’ for like half a day and already it was killing her inside. How Pathetic.

She waited until she heard Patrick’s door close before she mirrored his movements and headed back to her room. So much hate in the morning made her sleepy.
She woke for the second time, Katie was already awake. Her side of the bed was empty and the clock now read 3:38. She groaned and threw the covers off her body. God how long had she slept? Practically all day it seemed.

Troi sighed, and heaved herself out bed and into the shower.

She let the water run hot, waiting for it to turn as hot as she could handle it.. She couldn’t block Patrick’s glare from her mind as she stood there, waiting; steam rising from the water. Finally she stepped in, let out a sigh on contentment. The water seemed to wash all her problems away instantly. For a little while, she was actually happy again, actually comfortable.

But nothing lasts.

She was greeted with ice cold air as she reluctantly turned off the shower and stepped onto the freezing bathroom floor. With one hand she wiped the fog on the mirror away and stared at her reflection. Her anger was boiling beneath her skin as the girl in the mirror stared back. That girl was ugly. She needed to go.

Troi glared at the mirror one last time, before drying off and slipping on some comfortable cropped track pants and a band tee. Her hair hung limp in wet ropes, and the only make up she bothered with was some eyeliner.

She tip toed out of her room, towards Patrick’s.
She was so tired of being glared at, she was just going to apologize and pray he forgave her. It was hurting inside to see Patrick so mad at her. She ran the imagined conversation through her head several times, barely inching her way down the hall. She was nervous as hell, and all she was going to do was say ‘sorry.’ Maybe it was just the fact that she was scared he might not forgive her.

Troi tiptoed close to room. The door was cracked open and inside two people were arguing.

To be more exact, Patrick and Pete.

She listened quietly, the words stinging the moment they reached her.

“You seriously think I like Troi?” It was Pete. Troi could hear someone pacing, the sound of the footsteps insistent.

“Then what’s with you trying to get me to apologize? Why do you keep bringing her up? Huh? Explain that please. I’m waiting.” It was Patrick. Pete sighed in frustration.

“What do you mean ‘why’? You’re treating her like shit! Dude, I was with you at first, but damn. Now that I know the whole story, you’re just an ass. She deserves an apology.”

“Fuck that! You should have seen her.” Patrick snapped, his voice void of any sympathy.

“Why don’t you just fucking tell her you like her Patrick?! Huh? How about that? I know you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t look so depressed when she’s not around. You wouldn’t keep pacing the way you do.” Pete shouted, getting impatient.

Troi heard something thunk as it fell on the ground. Troi’s breath caught her in throat as she listened, her hands clenched tightly in fists. “I don’t! There’s…nothing to tell!”

“Your eyes should be brown Patrick! ‘Cause you’re full of shit!”

“I don’t! Why would you even think I like her? She’s not anywhere pretty enough anyways.”

There was a deadly silence and tears slipped down Troi’s face.

How could he say that? A beast snarled in the confines of her stomach, demanding for her to burst in and scream and yell until she fell to the ground, silent. Another part of her pulled up into a corner to lick it’s wounds and begged her to stay away. To just let it go, and realize she had screwed up. She couldn’t handle Patrick saying anything else, especially to her face, or Pete’s sympathy. Troi peered through the crack and unfortunately Pete looked up, catching her eye.

Troi swallowed hard, her head spinning.
She didn’t even register what he said next because she ran down the hallway, her feet slamming into the carpet with speed. She grabbed the first coat that caught her eyes, heading for the door. Thankfully, it was hers. Her hands were already on the door, ready to make her escape; her hand on the knob when fingers wrapped around her upper arm.

“Troi, he didn’t mean that.” Pete said quickly. She pulled her arm away rather aggressively, wrenching open the door and pulling her hoodie on. She didn’t care. He had said it. That was all. It hurt just to think of it, and yet it was replaying in her head like a button stuck on replay.

“Where are you going?” He asked his voice dry of any emotion. She couldn’t breath. She was trying so hard not to fall apart in front of him. To not be weak, and stupid.

“Anywhere but here.” She choked out and slammed the door behind her. The cold Chicago air hit her the second she stepped out, but she felt nothing. She was numb as she raced down the street her breathing coming out on short ragged gasps.

The waitress serving Troi at the Capulet Coffee Shop had been giving her odd looks for the past hour. She probably knew something was bothering her, or maybe she was just nosy. Either way, she was starting to get annoyed by Troi, but she didn’t care enough to say anything. She turned up “I'm Not Okay(I Promise)” of MCR’s second CD on her iPod, which she miraculously found in the pocket of her hoodie and tried to drown out Patrick’s words. Her lips found the steaming mug and reflexively Troi started to down her coffee. The warmth instantly made her feel better, though only by a miniscule amount.

His words played over and over again in her head, louder and more hurtful each time. Pete was wrong. Patrick wouldn’t have said something like that if he didn’t mean it. Her silent tears had finally stopped when she realized she was out of coffee. She wanted more already, but she had no desire to ask for another.

The door’s chime went off and soon Katie walked in, looked around, spotted Troi, and walked over.

“You need a better hiding spot.” She said smiling as she sat. Troi jumped at her voice and looked down into her empty coffee mug.

“I’m sorry.” Katie said, bending her head lower so their eyes met.

“So am I.” Troi whispered, another tear falling off the tip of her nose. Katie grabbed Troi’s hand and pulled her up. After leaving a generous tip for the waitress for dealing with her for so long, she took Troi home. The entire car ride she stared helplessly out the window. The whole way Katie tried to reassure her everything would be fine. But she knew it wouldn’t, they both did. Troi didn’t need a flower’s petals to know Patrick didn’t love her.
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