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Confusing come back

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what will happen when i see my parents again? out for mom!

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“so if you are famous for your scar, then I am too, right?” I asked waiting a yes. It was my fourth day in the Burrow and well, everyone was helping to catch up in this wizardry world. I just found out that Harry is well known around here because of his scar and the story behind it. Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Harry and I were in the living room talking about this. Everyone, except Harry, seemed to brag about him with flags and good things; thing that seemed to not like him.
“well, we didn’t know about you at all. We only heard about Harry. You must have seen when he entered Hogwarts; everyone was like “yezz! Look Harry Potter!” Ron explained me with a funny face. I laughed a little.
“Ron…” Harry warned with an annoyed look at him
“oh, come on Harry! I don’t know why you look annoyed. I mean, you are famous! I would enjoy that” I told him
“yeah, but sometimes it was not that great” he answered me “you know, like last year? Everyone hated me for bragging about You-Know- Who, and pointed at me as a liar. I’m not a big fan of being the center of attention” he told me an I nodded understanding. He has told me everything that happened last year. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes
“but now they admire you! You were telling the truth, and the morons that didn’t believe you, banged their head with the door. I assure you” Ron added. Wow, from everything that I’ve heard, Harry became my hero. Although, he says he always got help and never did everything by himself. Modest
“that most had been fun to watch” Fred said smiling
“when are we gonna go to buy our books? I wanna read them!” Hermione asked desperate. She was right. In one more week and we will be in Hogwarts. But then it came to my mind that obviously the books, were not going to be for free, and that I didn’t had any money. How am I going to get them?
“don’t worry Herm, we will go tomorrow, can you hold on that long or you will die if you don’t read them today?” Ron said in a worrying funny way.
“shut up” Hermione snapped back. They kept talking but the thing of money kept on my mind.
“what’s wrong Lani?” Harry asked, taking back to earth
“oh, ehm, nothing, just thinking about how am I going to buy my books. I mean, is not like a public school, right?” I said
“ja! No” George said
“don’t worry about that. I’ll buy your books” Harry simply said.
“Yeah, right” I said sarcastically
“what? I’ll buy your books” he shut me up looking at me deep.
“I’m not gonna-” he then touched my hand and looked at my eyes, cutting me off. I melted
“I will buy your books”
“th…thanks” I hesitated cause I got nervous.
“anytime” he smiled a little.

After that, Mrs. Weasley called us, because the breakfast was ready. I was in my pajamas again but the other 3 days Hermione and Ginny burrowed me some clothes. That was really awkward for me and I wanted to get my own clothes. I needed my things. But I wasn’t ready to go home and see my parents. So, after breakfast I asked Harry:
“Harry, is it anyway I could get my stuffs back? From my house? BUT, I don’t wanna see my parents yet. I just want my stuffs. I REALLY need them. Is it any spell that could make us…invisible?” I asked hoping he would come out with something, tough that seemed impossible
“well-he started thinking- yeah…we could use floo (don’t know if that is how it expels) dust to get there and my Invisibility Coat to not be seen”
“ahmm…I’ll take that as a yes” I didn’t understood him but it sounded cool “yeah, just tell me when and we’ll go”
“great!…ahm…today is to soon?” I asked
“no, we could go right now if you want” this boy knows what I want to hear!
“awesome!, just let me get change and then we’ll go”
“sure” he said. AWW this boy was such a nice guy. I rushed to the stairs and then turned at him.
“Harry?…-he looked at me- thanks!” I smiled and he nodded smiling back. Then I went straight to my room and change with the same clothes I wore yesterday and went downstairs. I was doing this without telling anyone else, but Harry. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were out and the others were doing stuff. Harry was already in the living room with a folded robe on his hands.
“ready?” he asked
“yeah” I said excited “how we are going to do this?” I asked and he explained. We used flo dust to get there. Now that’s technology.
“that felt awesome!” I said excited when we got to our house. “why is so dark?” I asked and then I remembered “oh, right, I’m at the other side of the world”
“jaja” Harry laughed lightly “here, put this on” he unfolded the robe and covered us with it. I was freaking invisible!
“wow!…jaja…I love magic” I gasped happy
“me too” Harry added.
“let’s hurry up” I said and directed Harry to my room, upstairs. I looked around to see if my parents were up, like in movies when someone is lost and the mom sleeps in a couch, but no. I got into my room and closed the door. Aww…my sanctuary. We uncovered us and I went straight to my closet for a suitcase
“cool room” I heard Harry said.
“yeah, all made by Lani” I said back bringing the suitcase back and settled on the bed. “so, how much I should pack?” I asked Harry
“anything that fits in there” he answered
“clear” I nodded and went like crazy! I opened drawers, boxes and fill up my bag with everything. Harry helped out a lot.
“shhhh!” I said to Harry when was just throwing shoes to the bag like me.
“sorry” he whispered. Anything could be in my bag: shoes, clothes, makeup, bands, brushes, pajamas, underwear. Anything.
“are we done?” Harry said exhausted
“yeah, I think so- I looked around the room. It seemed like a hurricane just passed here- oh my glasses!” I hurried to pick them up.
“you wear glasses?” Harry asked surprised
“yeah…my sight is going like crazy”

we went out the room, without wearing the coat, don’t know why, with my suitcase, Harry carrying it, walking to the stairs.
“won’t you miss it? Here?” Harry asked whispering
“yeah, the beach most of it. And my friends of course, but I will visit now and then”
“Lani?” a female voice asked in the dark. I stopped in dry, so did Harry. “Lani?” footsteps were coming from the hallway and then the lights went on. Shit, my mom
“Lani! Where have you been!? We were looking for like crazy! So glad you came back…who is he?” all this was talked in Spanish. She looked at Harry.
“hola, ma…ahm…this is Joe” I lied and looked at Harry who looked scared.
“Hola” jaja it was so funny when he said that!
“and why is he carrying a suitcase? Where you think you are going?” she said walking closer to me. Harry put down the bag. I was brave and said seriously
“didn’t you received my letter ma? I’m going to Hogwarts” I answered.
“Hogwarts?” she made a look like she knew what I was talking about. What did I told you?
“yeah, you know that School of Wizards that you never talk me about? It turns out I was accepted and…I’m going”
“no, you are not! You are staying here, where you really belong! You didn’t went before, you won’t go now!”
“before? So, I was accepted before? When I was eleven, isn’t it!? You know I was a witch didn’t you?!” I was yelling at my mother; I was angry, really angry.
“yes! And I did the right thing by not sending to that stupid freak school!” she yelled back
“it turns out you didn’t! you made me live a lie, ma! And what about this!? –I showed her my scar, she locked shocked- is not a simple cut, right? Is more! Look!” I reached Harry’s head and showed her his scar. She looked more shocked “what do you say about this?”
“omg! You are-“ she pointed at Harry scared
“you know him?”
“no, no, no…what is he doing here?” her face looked really worried and scared
“ahm…I” Harry tried to talk
“who cares!?…Mom, you know what made this scar, don’t you?”
“what is going on?” my dad came out, speaking Spanish too “Lani?!” he come running to me and hugged me
“I was really worried about you. I’m happy you are alright!” he said still hugging me
“hi dad” I just said
“wow, is it true who I’m looking at?” he said and pulled apart the hug, looking at Harry
“you know him?” I asked dad
“of course! Is Harry Potter!” he said
“oh, so I guess you know ,right?” he asked me worried
“yeah, I’m a witch”
“no, you are not! And you are staying!” mom said grabbing my arm and pulling me to her. I let go of her hand
“yes I am and I’m leaving to Hogwarts!”
“you were accepted to Hogwarts!? That’s amazing!” my dad said excited. Hu?
“I know! Thanks dad for being supporting!”
“Luis!” my mom yelled my dad
“honey, we knew someday she was going to find out. She is safer with them than in here. Plus, she comes with Harry. She’s in good hands” I turned to Harry who had this what? Face. He looked so funny “I’m so proud of you Lani! You are a very special witch. I mean it” he smiled at me and touched my scar.
“Lani, you can’t go there. It’s dangerous. And then you are with him!? Don’t you know how dangerous it is these days?” my mom said and I was confused
“are you guys wizards too?” I asked
“no, we are not. But we are aware of what is happening” my dad said and turned to Harry. “Harry, please take care of her like if she was your life. She’s, like I said, a very special witch” what did he meant by special and why he just talked like British? I frowned
“of course sir. I promise I will” Harry answered back.
“you better get going” Dad hurried us to stairs and to the fireplace. “Lani, Dumbledore will explain you everything. Be the best student, don’t get in trouble and please take care” he hurried to say. I wanted to ask him various things but he keep cutting me off.
“what are you doing?” my mom gasped. We got into the fireplace with the suitcase and..
“see you on Christmas!” my dad said and I was confused and wanted answers “Harry, now!” he ordered
“Dad!” I yelled and wanted to go with him but it was too late. Harry just dropped the flo dust and in seconds we were at the burrow again. My suitcase banged on the ground and so did us.
“well, that was interesting” I gasped looking at Harry who was full of ashes and dust.
“yeah, nice family tough” he joked
“shut up” I said smiling as he stood up and help me to get in my feet.
“at least we got your stuffs” he said picking up my suitcase
“yeah!…and all thanks to you, Harry!” I just went with my instincts and hugged him. I think that surprised him cause he hugged me slowly “really, I don’t know where I will be if you wouldn’t have brought me here” I said still hugging
“I think you will be in home” he had a point
“and there’s another thank you” I pointed out and pulled back the hug. I looked at my suitcase excited and clapped, picked it up and carry it upstairs.
“need a hand?” Harry asked me when he reached me on the stairs.
“ehmm…yes?” I said and he nicely helped me
“so, how come your parents speak English? And with British accent?” he asked as we climbed the stairs. Good question
“I don’t know. I mean, I know my dad knows. We have this little restaurant in the beach and the customers are all foreigners, so we had to learn. That’s why I know English too well. I am the waitress…well, was”
“ohhh…that explains it all. I was shocked when you talked English, when I brought you. I wasn’t sure if I went to Mexico”
“Harry, not all Mexican people speaks only Spanish. We have evolved! And we don’t wear “sombrero” or travel on a “burro” Harry laughed and I laughed at him.
“jaja” we got to the floor where my room was “I’ll take it from here” I told him and put down the bag. “thanks Harry, you are really cool guy”
“nah…it’s natural” he joked
“jaja, shut up” I laughed at him “but really, thanks” I said seriously
“you gotta stop thanking me for everything. I do it because I want to” awww cute.
“ok…then, I’ll go to unpack all this” I’ve brought to many of everything.
“sure…so I’ll see in an hour or two” he joked again and I smiled
“three” I added and he laughed lightly, then I went to my room.

I explained everything to the girls and everything that had happened. Hermione thought I should had warned and Ginny that I was too dramatic. When I opened my suitcase they started grabbing and looking at my stuff. They ohhed and awwwed
“hey! Those are my panties!” I yelled at Ginny when she grabbed my panties. Stubborn!

so...thats another chap...i know i have no reviews but plenty of views that's ok...! and also...i think i'll post each every friday come by and read!!!!

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