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new change, new feelings, lil arguing....

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The next day we went for shopping. I wasn’t that comfortable letting Harry to buy my books but he insisted. It was so unbelievable the way you can get to Diagon Aley, and even more the type of things the stores sell. First, all of us went to buy our books. Hermione was happy but I was really worried because of the size of the books. Mr. Weasley wanted all of us close; with You-Know-who around, people were scared to get out and didn’t trusted in anyone anymore. Mr. Weasley joined Harry and me to get my stuffs. Like my uniform, supplies and what wizards buy. Harry bought me a little white cat. It was so beautiful! I named her Cookie haha. We went to Olivanders to get my wand! Right away I got it. Finally, I was really starting to feel like a witch.

Cautiously, all the Weasley family, Hermione, Harry and I went back to the burrow. Fred and George returned to their apartment above their store.
I started flipping my books and seeing what I was going to learn. So many interesting things that I didn’t know a heck about. I felt anxious and excited; I was getting desperate to go to Hogwarts and swing my brand new wand!. And I just wanted to clear my doubts about my old life. I was still a little mad with my parents, especially my mom. Obviously, she dragged my dad to not sending me to Hogwarts. Mom. Always such a cold person. She wasn’t my best friend AND, if she was my age and not my mother I wouldn’t even talk to her. Not for what she did, but because of the way she treated me, and now I have the explication for that treats. She didn’t want me to know the truth, that’s why I barely hang out with my friends; she was scared that I could do magic any sec. But now she wasn’t around. I was free and could be like I wanted to be.
“humm” I said thinking that. I was in my room, alone with Dolla, laid on my bed with my books spread. I started thinking what I always wanted to do if my mom wouldn’t be watching me. I scratched my head. My hair. I always wanted a dramatic change. My hair was just at my shoulders, light brown and wavy. What if I cut it off?. I asked myself and smiled at that tough

I pup out of the bed and went to the dresser. I looked at myself. I wasn’t that pretty but I had my things. I liked my big hazel eyes, but my nose didn’t fit for me. My lips weren’t that full but people said I have a pretty smile. My hair. That’s all I can change.
“hummm” I said thinking and looking for some scissors. I found ones and grabbed them. I looked at them and doubt. But then it came to me that I needed a change. I was living a new life so come the new hair.
“what the hell” I said and grabbed a strain of hair and put it between the scissors. I closed my eyes, nervously
“one…two…three!” I started cutting my hair and I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Finally, I grabbed the piece of hair and opened my eyes. God! I cut a lot. I looked funny with one side of hair long and the other short. So, I took the side and did the same.
“damm” I said smiling and my hair was now short. Just below my ears. I looked like an old lady so I decided to give it some shape. I started cutting more hair.

I was afraid to go downstairs. I didn’t look that bad. I looked better than before. Besides from my hair, I always wanted to makeup my eyes with deep black shadow, so I did it. My eyes looked awesome! Finally I decided to embrace the looks.
“guys, what are you doing?” I asked shyly when I went outside where Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Ron were. Ron and Harry riding their brooms.
“just…wow!” Ron said when he looked at me. He looked shocked. Yezz bad sign. The others turned too. I wanted to see Harry’s reaction, he was like my approval. He looked surprised too, but then smiled a little. Few!
“Lani…you look…awesome!” Ginny said coming to me and looking at me carefully.
“yeah!, how did you do it?” Hermione asked
“I went crazy” I simply answered. Harry and Ron dropped out their brooms and came closer. I was following Harry’s eyes as he looked at me
“do you like it?” I asked looking at his eyes
“love it” he said. AH! He loved it! Score!
“great!...-I said looking at his eyes and then glanced away, blushing-so, ahm, Hermione? Where is that book that tells everything of Hogwarts? I really don’t want to get there and look stupid and ask for everything I see” I said
“oh! I have in my room. Come on I’ll give it to you” she said and walked me into the house. I could feel somebody watching me from behind, I turned and Harry glanced away. I blushed
“stop it!. Don’t be too obvious!” Hermione said as we walked inside the house, and I frowned.
“what?” I asked
“oh come on….dont tell me that you don’t like Harry” humm…never though of that. I mean, Harry is…Harry! If you just see him, you will like die. Well, not that much a part of you will. He was so handsome and most of all such a great guy and good friend. But, I didn’t like him like to be his girlfriend I just found him appealing.
“you are taking to much to answer” Hermione snapped me back and we were already at our room.
“I was thinking in the exact answer” Hermione dropped the topic and burrowed me her book.

Days passed by and I really got desperate! By Hermione’s help, I got to learn more about Hogwarts and everything basic I needed to know. I wasn’t going to first year. Don’t know why, but it seemed unfair for me. Hermione burrowed me any kind of book, and amazingly, I couldn’t stop reading.
“I have enough with one Hermione” Ron joked by this fact and received a snap from Hermione.

“I don’t know Harry!” I yelled desperate at him. He was asking me how to say several things in Spaninsh, at first it was fun but after 20 words if was desperating.
“yes you do! Come on tell me” he insisted
“moco! Ok? Moco!”
“jajajaja” he laughed and I rolled my eyes. “that was the last one, promise” he said
“I already know what to give you on Christmas” I said
“a Spanish dictionary” I answered
“you got it” he said winking at me, I smiled.
“ok, now could we please concentrate here?” I asked
“ok…” he answered moving closer to me. We were reading the book Hermione burrowed me and Harry was helping me to get to know the rules about this world. We were lain on the floor upside down. I rested my head in my hands as Harry lay besides me.
“so, the killing curses are: imperius, crucio and…avadra kedavra” I said
“yeah, mailing used by Death Eaters who are…”
“morons following the major bastard” I added. It was easy to remember Voldemort like this and funnier.
“jaja…like your theory” Harry said
“we have to look the funny side of this. I mean, I hate living thinking he’s out there and that maybe he could be after me too”
“don’t say that. I really pray he’s not. It would kill me-“
“Harry if he does-“
“I will give my life for yours. I promised you father to take care of you and I’ll keep it” he cut me off and I felt especial. This guy, really, was a nice one.
“and thanks for that, Harry…” I said honestly. We were looking deep in our eyes and, because we were close, I could feel his warm breath on my face. Suddenly, the environment in the room went tense but comfortable.
“stop thanking me for everything” he barely said looking at my eyes and glanced quickly to my lips. What was he going to do? I was drowning in is green eyes and looked at his lips. They looked irresistible, BUT I didn’t want to do anything to ruin this.
“so…-I shook my head from him and cleared my throat – move on to the next topic” that was so awkward! And I went nervous. I flipped the pages of the book as Harry said
“yeah!...ahm ejem…what’s next?” he asked like nothing happened. Well, actually nothing happened and I was glad for that.

Finally, just 2 days more and start Hogwarts. I was in pajamas, in my bed, reading a good book, about Transformation. Dolla was playing with a little ball Hermione burrowed me. It was already dark outside, the others were doing I don’t know what out there. Then, I heard a knock on my door
“come in!” I yelled still reading.
“you’re still with those books?” I heard Harry’s voice say. He and I acted normally on this passed days after our little close up. I know it meant nothing but to me it meant a little.
“yeah, guilty. It’s just that this is so interesting and I can’t keep my eyes out of it” I say when he sat down at my bed, infront of me “of course, to you, is just another book” I added
“not at all. It’s interesting too but…I just don’t read that much”
“right…well at least is not math or chemistry…you don’t have that kind of classes, right?” I asked worried. I’m done if they do
“no, but don’t think is so simple. I think is the same as Muggle schools”
“thanks for bringing down my hopes that for one time I will do good in school” I said with sarcasm. He laughed
“jaja, sorry, didn’t meant that. But you will do good, I assure you”
“than-…sorry, I forgot I that you don’t like when people says thank you”
“just when its to many times in a row” I nodded.
“I’m nervous” I started saying
“why? It’s just me”
“not for you!...I’m talking about going to school” I rolled my eyes.
“why?!...Harry, is not that easy to be in England and be Mexican. Imagine what they are going to say: “hey Lani!, where is your sombrero?” or “hey you have a ‘nopal’ in your forehead” or whatever” Harry was laughing now “is not funny!-I hit him with a what are they going to say about me being 15 and going to sixth grade without passing first grade?!”
“I always though you didn’t care what people said about you”
“I don’t actually, but, I don’t know I…just…think that…they” I couldn’t put my words together.
“you will be fine. You are a great person and it doesn’t matter where are you from or how old are you…” awwww…
“aww…Harry, that’s really nice to say. You are such a nice person to….I mean it” he smiled and I melted. Hihi…
“Lani? Can I ask you something…personal?”
“sure, I’m a open book” I said and looked at him
“ahmm…back in Mexico, did you have…someone? Like a boyfriend?”
“ja! I wish. I mean, I had a crush on a boy but, here is better than him. Way better” I said and he kinda looked relief “I wouldn’t be here if I’ve a boyfriend” he nodded and I frowned by his question.
“and you?...have anyone special?”
“no!, no…it’s difficult with the whole You-know-who thing. I don’t have a girlfriend cause I’m afraid he hurts her to get to me or something like that”
“yeah…it must be tough…being you. That is not fair. You not having girlfriends for a stupid jerk trying to kill you. But I mean that doesn’t means that you can’t stare”
“yeah, you know? Watch someone and fill butterflies inside. Dreaming about being with that special person. Those pretty things of love”
“ah, well yeah. But I haven’t pass far that line”
“me neither. I’m more pathetic because, I don’t have someone chasing me and I never had a boyfriend. You have a reason but I don’t. And I’m sure that you had your chances” come on! He’s a handsome boy and famous. What kinda of girl wouldn’t drool for him.
“well-he made a funny face- sorta. Don’t tell me that you haven’t!” he asked surprised
“1 or 2 times. And believe me, that was a waste of time. I think I’m really picky or to shy with men. Or maybe I’m not of those girls that have a lot of boyfriends. I rather have one and marry him than having lots and not marry any”
“ja, that’s deep but I’m sure you have some guys that liked you. I mean, you are a beautiful girl AND I’m not being just nice” awwww….
“awww…Thanks Harry. Sorry!” I hurried to say and he smiled “a girl like me doesn’t hears that so often from cute guys like you” I turned shyly to him blushing
“well, then I’ll have to say it more often” I smiled and blushed. What is going on here?...why do I feel my stomach like this?. I covered my face with my book for him to not see me red
“you made me blush!” I told him giggling. He laughed and I dropped the book down.
“sometimes I feel I know you for a long time ago” he said
“we are practically the same…well, in a few things. I’m still in the search of the other part”
“that is…”
“the true story of this little thing” I pointed at my scar.
“hope is not the same as mine” he added “that would kill me”
“why? I’m not afraid of the bastard” I said firmly “I’ve never seen him; why should I be scared? And If I ever see him I will be pleased and decided to stick a knife to him” Harry looked down, worried and sad
“Lani, he’s evil. He’s capable of anything. He had taken the people I must love. My parents; because of him my godfather is dead. I could not take another lost. That’s why I’m alone, I don’t want another person dying for me” he was really sad and he just made me come near to him and hugged him.
“Harry, I’m sure your parents and your godfather are very proud that they didn’t die for a stupid reason, they died for what they loved. You. Don’t blame yourself for this, you didn’t kill them, do you?” I asked and he denied looking at me “so? Why feeling this way? Instead you should honor their death, finishing that bastard, and that way their death will not be worthless. And if he is after me- he looked at me worried- then I wont let him catch me”
“I wont let him do anything to you-“
“I know you wont-I cut him off- but let’s not worry about this right now…or even think about it” the idea of someone chasing to kill me freaked me out. I don’t know how Harry sleeps.
“yeah…let’s talk about something else” he said relief and smiling. We pulled apart from the hug but didn’t move farther.
“I don’t know, just bring a topic” even if Harry and I just met like 2 weeks ago I found lots of things we got in common, besides our scar. I identify with him and I felt comfortable with him. I guess he feels the same…hope.
“ok…humm…Harry, when you pick me up from..Mexico, did you think of me? Of how this was going to change my life? Or did you just said “oh, look, this girl has my scar! Let’s take her to London!?” I asked
“jaja…well, I really didn’t got much time to think about that, I just reacted. I just wanted to know if there was another like me. And the idea of not being alone on this, excited me. So, no I didn’t and I’m sorry”
“ja…it’s ok. This is…amazing! And I feel like home in here. I’m so happy to be here”
“we are more happy to have you around. I know I am” he smiled a little making smile bigger
“really? I’m not annoying? Cause sometimes I feel I am, when I am asking things to you”
“not at all. I like to be asked and don’t doubt doing it. I’m here to help you” he said softly and his voice made my stomach feel a whole inside
“but when we get to Hogwarts I don’t want you to worry about me to much. I can take care of myself and don’t feel compromise and just do your own things”
“what? you don’t like being around me?” he asked
“Harry, of course I do! But I’ve always been on my own and look at me! I’m talking to you”
“But it’s not the same in here. You don’t need a gun to kill someone, just a flick of a wand. It is more dangerous”
“I know…but I just don’t like when people is keeping an eye on me. There is some reason I wasn’t always at home”
“Look, I’m not saying I’m going to stalk you…just take care of you”
“ok, fine” I said annoyed a little and I went back to my book. “just don’t get to excited about it”
“Lani, I made a promise-“
“with my father!....I know, don’t start with that” I hide behind my book, avoiding his eyes. I heard him sigh and he walked out of the room, probably pissed. It just that he gets obsessed to much with things and he was always around me. To much can get annoying! But I kinda felt sat I yelled at him. Dam, hope he didn’t took it to personal. I sometimes get on with the flow and explode….sorry, Harry.

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