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Lani's past life is told! explination to all the questions! besides the start at Hogwarts...ah homw sweet home....

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Luckily the 2 days passed quickly and I wake up early in the morning. Actually I didn’t sleep at all. Harry acted like nothing happened and I am so glad. I don’t know what would I do without Harry talking to me.
“Come on girls!!! Get your asses out of your beds!!” I said shacking Ginny and Hermione hardly.
“dear god! What bite you!? It’s just 7:30!” Ginny whined
“better early than late!” I said back
“uhgggmmm” Hermione whined as she stretched and she fall to the ground “auuu!”
“easy with the drink girl” I joked.
“shut up” she whined standing up. I hurried to the shower and enjoyed it. I walked out and went to the room. They were sleeping again. I got mad, grabbed a pillow and started hitting them with it.
“ok, ok, ok!! You don’t have to get to that point!” Ginny said. The two did the same as I did. Meanwhile, I got ready and made myself pretty to cause a good impression in my first day. I checked my trunk, and nothing was missing.
“great!” I said smiling and walked out the room. I went downstairs to have breakfast. Mrs. Weasley was like me. She woke early everyday
“hi Mrs. Weasley!” I gretted her
“hi, darling! Someone is happy today”
“excited!” I added smiling. I was already eating when Harry walked to the kitchen
“Hi, Lani” he greeted me, passing by and messed my hair.
“no!...Harry!” I whined, putting my hair back to its place. He sat by me and started eating. He was already clean and ready. Soon, the others went to the kitchen. They looked exhausted and tired, nothing like me.
“are your trunks ready? You don’t miss anything?” Mrs. Weasley asked to everyone of us.
“yes” I said
“alright, so, finish your breakfast and get your trunk downstairs” I finished my breakfast and did what Mrs. Weasley asked us too.

“Hurry up! are gonna miss your train!” Mrs. Weasley called us as we hurried to the King Cross station. I was just following everyone trying to not stand behind.
“come on Lani!” Hermione yelled at me as we pass through Muggles and trains. I’ve never traveled on train so I was getting distracted. We finally stopped at a wall and instantly Ron and Ginny ran to it and disappeared. Wooow!
“wooo” I sighed and Harry hold my hand and we ran together to the wall “wait!” I yelled but I was already at the other end.
“woo, that was intense” I said to Harry. There was the Hogwarts Express. Black and red and beautiful. It made me smile
“Lani!” Harry called me far away from me. He just pulled me down of my cloud
“you guys don’t let me enjoy this” I told him walking to him.
“believe me, you will have time” he added and I followed him, entering the train. This is really a dream come true!. There were plenty of people inside. Some stare at me and murmured. Probably because I was new or maybe because of my hair? I was following Harry trough the small hallway in the train and boys and girls, specially girls, greeted him.
“and you said you weren’t a hunk” I whispered to him and he smiled.
“come on let’s sit here” Harry mentioned and we got into the bunk where Ginny, a pale and blonde girl and a funny look-like guy were sitting
“hi Gins!” I said to Ginny as I sat down next to him.
“hi Lans!” she greeted back.
“hi Harry!” the other two persons in there said.
“hi Luna, Neville- Harry greeted them and introduced me- this is Lani Contreras, she’s new; Lani, these is Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood”
“oh hi!...nice meting you” I shocked hands with both. They smiled at me politely. I got to know them better and I really liked them but soon I got tired of the trip to Hogwarts, it was taking to long! I was just looking at the window. Looking at the gardens and beautiful sights. Who would’ve tough I could be here someday on my life? I always tough I would never leave Mexico and die old and alone there. But I was in London! And about to begin a super interesting school year. If my friends knew about this. Aw my friends!...I’ve forgot about them…bad Lani. I smiled thinking about those girls…how fun we have back in the days. Wonder if they knew I was missing or did they miss me. I frowned and let my body slip in the leather couch I was sitting on. My bud just at the edge of the seat. I looked around the cabinet with nothing else to do.
“what are you thinking?” Harry asked me, he was sitting infront of me.
“about the immortality of the crab” I simply joked weakly. Harry laughed a little
“we are almost there” Harry read my thoughts and soon the train stopped. Finally
“yei!” I yelled excited I stood up and change my robes to my uniform. So did the others. We went out of the train and I heard a male voice say
“First year over here! First year over here!” I turned and saw Hagrid. Harry had talk me about it so I wasn’t shocked to see the giant.
“that means I should go with them?” I asked to Harry.
“yeah, to be selected in a house”
“ohh yeah” I remembered about that “so…see you guys!” I said to everyone and started walking
“good luck!” I heard them say. Luck, the thing I need right now. I walked to the bunch of little kids where Hagrid stood too. I felt weird and felt tall. I could see the kids watched like if I was a small Hagrid.
“you are so big to be here” a girl pointed at me.
“and you are so smart to notice that” I said back. Then, Hagrid directed us to the little boats and we sailed to the castle. Wow, wow, and more wow! The castle was enormous! And so beautiful at night!...god I feel like home. We landed and we were directed to the main entrance and then to the doors of the Great Hall. I was one of the kids. They were excited and pointing at everything they seen amazed, I was more!
“First year” Professor McGonagall walked to us “welcome to your new school. Right now, you will be introduce to the school and selected to your respective houses. Come in” Professor McGonagall directed us to the Great Hall as the doors went opened. I felt nervous and stared by a bunch of eyes. Maybe because I looked like I was too developed to be in first year. I walked with the kids and felt someone touch me, I glanced and saw Harry lightly smiling, I gave him a nervous look. We stopped and I saw the Shorting Hat. Gryffindor, Gryffindor, I prayed in my mind.
“we’ll begin the Sorting Ceremony…” and Professor McGonagall started calling names. Each house clapped their new ones and the tables were filling up. My name wasn’t call yet. Wonder if I was in that list or if the letter was fake.
“Lani Contreras?” finally my name! uhhhhh…
“ok…here we go” I sighed and walked pass the few kids that were left. Stares and murmurs. I sat down on the bunk and the professor put The Shorting Hat on my head. I closed my eyes tightly.
“ohhh…so what do we have here?- the hat said- hum…is it true what I’m seeing? Lani Contreras? The lost witch? Hum…where should I put you in? You are hard to place…-I was just praying to be in Gryffindor- You are smart…Ravenclaw? Oh but you seem to be brave and daring…which house? Which house? Which house?-come on Hat! Just spit it out!- Gryffindor!”
“yei!” I yelled trough the clapping and cheer of the Gryffindor table. I jumped happily off the bunk and walked to the table, sitting down between Harry and Hermione who gave my space.
“what a relief!” Hermione said hugging me
“what did I told you?” Harry asked grinning at me and I just smiled and hugged him. Yei…I am in Gryffindor, I am in Gryffindor.

After the sorting ceremony, and a words from the headmaster, was over a huge buffet appeared of the nowhere. Oh my, I’m gonna gain some pounds here. As we eat I got to know some of the gang’s friends. Like Seamus, Dean, the Patil sisters, Katie Bell…and others.

I was done with food and my stomach hurt a lot. The buffet was over and I couldn’t wait to see my room.
“I can’t stand up” I said when I tried to. Me, Harry and the others went out the Great Hall and decided to get some sleep but first…
“excuse me! Lani Contreras right?” a young lady asked me.
“ahm…yes, I am”
“oh, ok…here” she handed me a letter rolled and tied with a purple strip. I opened it and read it.
“Dumbledore wants to see me? Oh! Right!...most be about my “problem”. I totally forgot with the food” I told the others
“well, you better get going. Hope everything’s ok” Harry said calmly
“thanks…sorry! It’s inevitable…well, see you later” I said and walked with the young girl who droved to the headmistress office.
“this is where I go. Good luck” the girl said and leave. I climbed the stairs, nervous of what I would find out. Hope it doesn’t brings down my extraordinary day.
“sir?” I knocked the door
“ah, come in!” I heard and did it. There he was, the old man sitting on his big chair. “Hi, Lani…how you been?” he asked politely
“great!...I love the school so far. And you, sir?”
“Anxious but let’s talk about you, that’s why I asked you here. Come, sit” I sat down on the chair infront of him, nervous.
“Lani, what you know so far from your past?” he asked
“ahm, not much. Just that I’m a witch and about my Nanny”
“oh, yes, your Nanny. Very beautiful woman and so dedicated to you”
“you know her sir?”
“of course. She was a member of The Order of the Phoenix” yeah, Harry told me about that Order
“oh…interesting. So, how she died?”
“defending you of course. You see, Lani, there’s so much things you don’t know about yourself but I ask you to take them calmly and understand”
“ok” I breathed in, hoping the worst.
“well, Lani, here in Hogwarts we only accept children born, here, in England. The time when a wiz is born it keeps registered in our files and at 11 years old we sent an acceptation letter”
“but sir I wasn’t born-“
“that’s what your parents made you think. But you were born here, in England and you are registered that way” WHAT!? I AM A BRITISH!
“so I am British?” I asked wanting to yell but I keep it low
“yes you are. That’s why you received that letter”
“but 15 years later” I added
“oh no, no you received when you turned eleven. Like anyone else”
“I don’t remember receiving a letter, sir”
“because your parents didn’t tell you. They didn’t accept the fact you were call to our school. They knew it was possible for you to be a witch”
“why, I mean, they told me they are not wizards”
“Your Nanny wasn’t only your Nanny. She was your aunt” WHAT!?
“what?” I asked shocked. So I am British and my nanny was my aunt.
“yes, and she was a witch. It was obvious that you or your sister were going to heir that. We knew your parents didn’t like your aunt because she was a witch and that, if one of you turned out to be a witch, they were not going to accept it. That’s why we sent your aunt to take care of both of you”
“and while she did that she taught us magic too” It all fits with my dream
“exactly. Lani, when is your birthday?” why he asked that? How kind thought
“July 31” I answered
“the same day as Harry” ohh…didn’t know that
“oh” I said surprised
“we know you were the one to turn like a witch by that simple fact. And that you were going to be a special one”
“why, sir?”
“Lani, I think you know Harry’s story like everybody else. He is the boy who lived and everyone thinks he has been the only one, just like he thinks. But, I am in front of another survivor” WHAT?!
“yes, Lani. You see, Voldemort though that there were only two kids capable to destroy him, but nobody warned him of a third. You. The Order found out before him and we hide you as much as we could. We tough he was coming after you but it turned out that he wanted Harry. He tried to kill him but failed. Then, he knew about you and did the same as he did with Harry. How was your aunt founded when she died?”
“ohhh…laid in my room!”
“yes, because Voldemort killed her when she tried to defend you. He tried to kill you too but again he failed and that’s why you got that scar”
“I understand but…Harry was attacked when he was one year old, by that time I was newly born. Voldemort attacked me right away?”
“no, he didn’t. Lani, remember, there are plenty of things you don’t know about yourself and ones can be shocking and unreal for you, but they are all true” now, this guy is scaring me
“what are you going to tell me sir?” I asked scared. He sighed and looked down. Then again to me and said:
“your fathers thought so good about creating a story, for you to not have a minimum clue about your past. They built it very well. They even were capable to skip a year of your life” huuu?
“you were born the same day as Harry”………..?
“the same day? But that can’t be possible, I’m 15-“
“16” we say at the same time. I frowned confused. Why he said that? I was born the same day as Harry? But Harry is 16- eh! OH NO!
“the same day?! I am 16?!” I yelled shocked. WTF!
“Lani-“ Dumbledore hurried to say to clam me down but that was imposible!
“my fathers lied to me about my age!? I’ve been laying to everyone when I say my age! that’s why they think I look older! How can that bloody-“
“Lani!” Dumbledore raised his voice shutting me up. Dear God. I calmed down a little bit. “they did it to protect you and because they love you” yeah right!
“well I don’t love people who lies to me. And less, people who lied to me about huge things like this. And they are my parents-I said quickly and pissed off…but then I calmed sown, still angry- I can’t believe it” I denied with my head
“Lani, Lani don’t get upset with your parents. If It wasn’t for them, it may sound hard, but you might not be here”
“ok, fine-I said annoyed- I’m 16 and I was born here, but how come I lived in Mexico?”
“we told everything to your parents and tried to make them understand that you needed to be here. To be protected, just as Harry. But your parents denied and decided to go far away and pretend nothing happened. What better place than Mexico?”
“ajam-I nodded understanding everything- I understand everything. Shocking But, sir, I mean, you said I received the letter, but my parents didn’t let me go. Why I had this dream about Harry? Why now?”
“oooh, because there is a time and a place for everything. I knew, someday that connection between you and Harry will happen. Just when you realize about your magic” I started remembering the day I woke up in the burrow. I don’t remember doing any magic…wait…the window!
“the window! I opened a window with my mind!”
“that was the sign for Harry to dream about you. He dreamed the exact moment you opened it. Me, knowing Harry to well, knew he was going to find you when he saw the same scar he has on you”
“so, like Harry, I have a connection with Voldemort?”
“yes, but Voldemort thinks that you don’t exits anymore and that’s why he can’t get into your mind. You started a new life when you leave from here and had any idea you were a witch. Now that you know, I ask you to be extremely careful with your thoughts. Do not think about him any second”
“believe I won’t. But why am I in sixth grade? Besides being 16… I mean I don’t know anything about magic. You don’t think I should start from 0?”
“ooohh, you know more than your own classmates, and I must say even more than Miss. Granger. You said it yourself, your aunt tough you magic when you were a baby. You already know plenty of magic for you to be in sixth grade. Just watch out for the headaches” oh! Now I understand
“so, you are saying that the things my aunt taught me, will come back?”
“sooner than you think. You and Harry are like brothers and I ask you to stay close with him, it will be good for you”
“sure I will. So, that’s only what I needed to know?” anything could come out of the old man’s mouth. Anything…I asked with to much information in my head
“yes, it is. I hope you like your steady in Hogwarts. Remember this is your home”
“I’m starting to feel like in home”
“good. So, now you need to go to Gryffindor’s common room and get to know new friends”
“oh! Right!...thanks, sir. For everything, now that I know where I come from and how old I am” I said in sarcasm and it sounded ridiculous.
“we did it because we love you”
“hum” I smiled and got up from the chair and walked to the door.
“and Lani…-I turned to Dumbledore again- don’t tell this to anyone. Let’s keep it between us” It wasn’t in my plans to tell someone this. It was very important information and it was to complicated to explain
“fine” I smiled and now walked out the office and climbed down the stairs.
“now, where is the common room?” I asked myself.

sooo??? is it?!...good, yiak?...see ya next week!!

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