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The Starting Dream

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Lani has a secret to difficult for her to handle. Plus, now the fun really begins

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let's keep going....

I didn’t know where the hell I was. Too many hallways and moving stairs! I was just walking trough the school and looking for a sign to say “Gryffindor” or something like that. Meanwhile I was thinking in a great story to tell the guys about my pass. They will obviously going to ask, especially Harry. It had to be logical. To difficult. What if is say that the story about the broken glass in my forehead was the real true? It is stupid but at least it hides the true. Man, the true. It was so complicated and hard to swallow in for me. So Voldemort tried to kill me, like Harry, my aunt died for me and that’s why I’m here, like Harry with his parents, I have a connection with Voldemort, like Harry, my birthday is July 31, like Harry. And I am British, like Harry! Harry, Harry and more Harry! Omg…I am British. No! I mean, not that I don’t like British people but, I thought I was Mexican for 15 years! Oh sorry…16! I was fooling myself when I break piñatas and eat tacos! I don’t care. Even if I was born here, I will still be Mexican in my heart. And I am 16? I lost a year of my life….and my 15 years old big party was a joke!, how could my parents do this to me!...I am a good girl!....

It hurt. Everything. Suddenly I felt so weak and fake. Al this years I pretended to be someone else. I lied to myself. The only thing real was my name…I think so. But, how could my parents decide about what I was going to be? Why didn’t they let me live like…what I’m really am for God’s Sake!

I felt my eyes wet and my face burning red. I couldn’t breath and I felt like something just hit me and I burst into tears. I stopped walking and hit a wall and then I sat on the ground. No one was around so I started crying and let everything go. I hated them. My parents…..argh!...and I am crying for them….hate crying. Stop it!

I stood up and wiped my tears forcefully. And decided to get to walk again.
“Look who we have here” a blonde haired boy, who was infront of me, said. I frowned as he came closer to me, along with friends…I think.
“Isn’t she the new girl?” one guy asked
“Of course she is, Goyle” another guy said. They were all looking at me up and down like examinating me.
“Can I help you?” I asked annoyed
“Not really, I mean, ja…you absolutely have any idea about magic, as I’ve heard. How could you help being like a muggle in here?” the blonde said…
“You are right, I don’t know, that’s why I’m here to learn…like you” I simply said
“Yeah, but we don’t got in here by tricks like yourself, I’m sure”
“I didn’t got here by any trick”
“Oh really?...and why are you in sixth grade? You didn’t even get to first” I don’t like this guy…
“Humm, let’s see, because…is not of your business” I said with sarcasm
“jaja…-he laughed like joking of me- be careful with whom are you playing girl” he warned me. Who does he think he is to warn me?
“I don’t care with whom I am playing” I said back and he looked at me deep and mad.
“Mudblood” he said and walked away laughing with his bunch of friends.

I did the same but to another way. I just got here and I’m already mock. Great. I was walking in God knows where when…
“Lani!!” I heard my name be call. I looked around but didn’t saw anybody. “up here, dummy!” I looked up and saw Ginny stood on a stair.
“Finally someone I know!” I said and hurried to climb the stairs “I was lost!” I said when I reached her
“Figure. Come on, I’ll take to the common room” we climbed other stairs and she stopped in front of a portrait of a woman. I knew her from the books.
“The Fat Lady” I said to myself looking at her.
“password?” she asked
“Encomienda” Ginny said and the portrait opened and we got inside. Oh! The common room was beautiful! I was just glancing at every inch of it amazed. But, Ginny interrupt my moment
“So how did you go with Dumbledore?” she asked as we walked where Hermione, Ron and Harry were.
“Ahm…good. Nothing shocking-liar!- but I really don’t want to talk with anyone right now…could you show me the rooms?” I just remembered about everything and felt like I felt before. Hurt. Sad. I just wanted to go to my room and cry.
“sure…but I think Harry is waiting for you to tell him everything-” I rolled my eyes.
“just take me to the rooms” she nodded and we walked to the stairs. I glanced at Harry quickly
“Lani!” Harry stood up and began walking to me. He obviously wanted to know everything but shhhs!
“Harry…not now” I hurried to say and climbed the stairs leaving him alone there. I felt bad but I really didn’t want to talk.
“I think this is your room” Ginny said as we stopped in front of a door.
“thanks, Gins”
“Lani – Hermione had just showed up- is there something wrong?” she asked worried.
“wrong isn’t the word I’ll use. Shocking is better” I said and walked into the room. As quickly I saw my trunk, I threw myself to my bed and just let everything go.
“I’ll catch you girls later. I’m going downstairs” Ginny said and walked out the room.
“you are sharing the room with me” Hermione said and I couldn’t be much happier
“thank God!...I will fell weird with new people here” Hermione walked and sat next to me on my bed and looked at me.
“by your look, I think something big happened” Hermione said and I looked at her. Thinking. Should I tell her? She’s, by now, my best friend. And I just need to tell someone else!.
“you really want to know?” I asked her.
“only if you want me to”
“I’ll take that as a yes” I said and sat down next to her “I only warn you that anything you hear it’s true and that I didn’t know a thing about it” I said and she nodded.
“well…” I started telling her every part of my past. Just the way Dumbledore said it. Her eyes grew wider at every shocking fact. She didn’t speak at all but her face said everything.
“…and well I am-“
“16!?” yeah, I just ended my history with my age.
“shhhhhhhhs!” I demanded
“sorry…but wow! Lani, this is….HUGE!”
“your parents really work hard on you, on hiding everything from you”
“I hate those dumbasses…don’t even mention them”
“omg- she gasped with a thinking look and really worried- if you are just like Harry…You-Know-Who is after you too?” my eyes widened at thinking that. I kept frezze and terrified.
“that bastard is trying to kill me too?” I asked almost crying.
“I’m just guessing, Lani. Is not like I know-“
“but you are right. Is the same story” my eyes were wet and my face red
“but it doesn’t means it has to end like Harry’s”
“but-“ I hesitaded, nervous
“look, lets not make any conclusions. Just don’t think about it!” I cried softly as Hermione hugged me to comfort me, rubbing my arm
“I promise not to tell anyone about this. Not even Harry”
“especially Harry, but- I pulled back the hug- how can I don’t tell me if he asks me? He obviously wants to know and would take any chance for me to spit the true. And I’m not really at hiding secrets! Any day I would scream the true to the whole world!”
“I’ll work on it, don’t worry”

The next day, my classes finally started. Professor McGonagall gave me my schedule. Obviously it matched Harry’s.
“great! That way I can help you to anything you might need. Plus is going to be fun being in class with you”
“Yei!…great” I sighed and made a fake smile. Is not like, I wouldn’t like to be with Harry all day. NOT AT ALL. But this just brings out the possibilities for me to spit out the truth. This is going to be hard. I wanted to tell him everything! He was really my best friend and I tell everything to my best friends! But Dumbledore is Dumbledore. I didn’t know what Hermione did, but it was working. Harry hasn’t asked me a thing about my past, but he was acting weird. Better that way.
“why do you have that class?! What am I going to do with Harry if you are not around?” I reclaimed Hermione as we walk to our first class. Just she and me.
“you will do fine! Believe me” she smiled and seemed so sure about it. I frowned
“And why do you want to study Ruins? Is not like you are going to buid one” I whined
“Because I have the desire to learn about them. Lani, you should really concentrate in your classes than in Harry and about-“
“the bastard” I cut her off
“-Who- she rolled her eyes- because when you less expects it, partials will come over. This is not like Muggle schools. And believe me, I know what I’m talking about” sometimes I forget she is a muggle born, don’t you?

I got to know each of my teachers and Hermione sat with me each class. Advising me and explaining me things. Harry seemed interested on me more. He was asking me if I got what I was hearing, if I needed any help. Better that, than questions about Dumbledore. Or maybe he was being nice because at one time he would ask me…hum…

My first day of classes ended but I had work to do. Homework. But I enjoyed it, because it wasn’t any math or chemistry things …it was magic!
I was in the common room, sat in a cough doing my homework. It was full of people talking and laughing, that’s why Hermione took off to her room. I was left alone. I was concentrated on my Potions’ homework till…
“Already doing homework?” I raised my eyes to see who was there. Harry…please, don’t ask.
“Yeah, you shouldn’t be doing the same?” I asked as he sat next to me.
“Yes” he simply said. I laughed and went back to my homework.
“So, how is your first day at Hogwarts?” he asked.
“Harry, you were all the time with me” I pointed out.
“Yeah, but…I mean, how do you feel? You like it?”
“Oh…well, yeah. It’s great! Fabulous it’s better…from what I learned today already, I must say I will love studding for exams”
“Hermione 2” he joked
“Don’t start with that!” I said smiling and pouching him with the book on his arm. “and you? do you feel?” I asked
“nah…not so bad, not so good. It’s nice being in home again. Although, people stare at me more this year” he said annoyed
“aww…poor baby” I joked and he smiled. “well at least because they call you hero, not because they think you got in here cheating” that was my case. I already heard the rumors.
“who told you such thing?” Harry asked surprised
“I have good ears” I answered “plus, every time I rubbed my forehead I hear gasps and murmurs” I was talking about my scar “so awkward”
“Yes. And then they keep staring to see if you do it again”
“Exactly! I mean, take a picture if you like to look at it that much”
“jaja, I know what you mean”
“Now I know how you felt your first year”
“Yes, it’s not pretty isn’t it?” he asked
“Not at all. People ask me if I’m you sister. You think!?”
“Yeah. Awkward, awkward” I didn’t realize I was bringing the topic up by myself so I quickly went back to my homework. Ignoring him.
“I talk to Dumbledore” he suddenly said. Dam…
“really?....about?” I asked nervously
“You- Know- Who. He wants to give me lessons about him” fewww…
“lessons about the bastard? How boring…” I asked relieved
“Yes, he didn’t tell me why. And I asked him about you but, he avoid the topic” I have to go!
“really? How rude. Well, Harry- I started picking up my books and getting up- I have to go and get some sleep-“
“babay!” I hurried to the stairs quickly, leaving Harry alone. I got to my room and quickly changed to pajamas and went to sleep.

The next day I met the rest of my teachers and my do list went longer. When our classes ended, I had some free time because I finished my homework the day before but Harry, Ron and even Hermione were in a rush.
“That’s why I did it yesterday, to enjoy how you guys bumped your heads doing it today” I joked as I just laid there in the couch, watching them suffer.
“Shut up Lani” Ron said, throwing me a pillow.
“And what are you doing Herm? Didn’t you finished it yesterday too?” I asked her.
“Yes, but I’m doing Thursday’s homework” she answered
“You gotta be kidding me” I rolled my eyes “I was counting on you to give a walk today” I whined
“I’ll go with you” Harry, who was sitting next to me, answered, closing his books. I turned to Hermione, worried and she just nodded
“Don’t you have homework to finish?” I asked. He stood up and looking down at me answered
“I’ve just finished it” he offered me a hand to get up
“O…ok” I hesitated grabbed his hand and got up.
“See you guys later” Harry said to Ron and Hermione and we left the common room, with looks of the people in there. I smiled by it.
“What?” Harry asked
“Didn’t you see it? Everyone looks at us, like if we were some famous couple” I answered
“Well, we do make a very good looking couple. With the scar and everything” Harry joked
“jajaja” I laughed at that
“Really! Haven’t you heard?”
“Heard what?” I asked
“I’m going to tell you, but I swear, I didn’t make this up. They are just things I heard” he was already laughing
“Shout” I said
“I heard we were twins and we were separated when we born-“
“But we don’t even look alike!”
“That’s not all, people think that we are boyfriends and say that when we have babies they are going to be born with the scar”
“That’s stupid! You made that up!” I pointed at him laughing
“No, I didn’t! Why would I make that up anyways?”
“Because that’s what you want to happen between us. I know you want me” I joked in a sexy way, coming closer to him. He smiled looking away
“And you don’t?” he played the game
“Harry, I just met you in a month. How could I possibly fall for you? It’s impossible. And besides, you are my best friend” I answered. We were just walking trough the hallways and headed to the gardens.
“And so what?”
“Best friend’s love never works” I answered
“And if we declare our relationship as just friends?” he asked
“Then I won’t be having this conversation with you, or trusting you my deepest secrets” I was feeling so fine with Harry that I was just talking, not even mattering if I brought my secret up
“Have you trust me your deepest secrets?” he asked. I walked to the nearest tree and sat down above him, Harry following.
“Are you sure?” he looked at me not believing me.
“Yes” I answered again.
“I don’t think so. And you know what I mean” he looked at me serious. And from there, the conversation turned awkward.
“Yeah, I think I know what you are talking about” I looked down, trying to avoid the topic. “And, I’m just still not ready to tell you. I’m still swallowing it” I felt Harry touching my hand
“Hey” he said and I looked up, meting his beautiful eyes. “Don’t worry, you can tell me whenever you want. And what ever it is, you can tell me, and maybe I can help you with it” believe that in that exact time, I wanted to tell him everything. To hell with Dumbledore and Voldemort! This guy deserved only the true….but then Dumbledore’s face showed up in my mind. And I looked away
“Thanks…for understanding. I haven’t told anyone-Liar!-but when I do, you’ll be the first to know” you are a big fat liar!!
“Good, then” he smiled

I was already in my bed sleeping. As I dreamed peacefully, suddenly something knocked up my dreams. I was in a dark room, where a little lamp just lightened a lil the room. I was in my room and lay down in a cradle. I could only see the ceiling. Suddenly the door of the room snapped opened and my Nanny run to me and hugged me very tight. She looked worried and so scared. She was crying.
“te amo muchisimo, cuidate mucho (I love you so much, take care of yourself)” she said and dropped me again in the cradle.
“Alice” a cold voice said and my Nanny looked to where it was coming. She protected myself of god knows what. I looked where her eyes were. It was someone with a black hooded coat. It looked terrifying. He, I supposed was walking to us.
“step aside of the girl” he said
“NO! I wont let you kill her!”
“then I’ll kill you” the next thing I saw was a green light coming from the man’s wand and my Nanny storming to the ground.
“NO!” I yelled and woke up sitting down in my bed, breathing hardly. I was sweat and my scar hurt a little. I just saw my Nanny die
“Lani?” Parvati asked as Hermione turned on the lamp.
“Lani what happened?” Hermione hurried to my bed and sat next to me.
“I just- AH!” my scar hurt like pinching and I saw, the man, obviously Voldemort, above me, with a grin on his face, pointing at me with his wand.
“Avadra Kedavra!” he yelled and a ray of green light blinded me.
“omg!” I yelled as my room went back and by the hurt I felt. The girls looked worried and scared.
“we have to take her to Dumbledore!” Hermione said and helped me, with Parvati and Lavander, to get off the bed. We walked out of the room and as we did that, there were moments where the hurt was too much and couldn’t even stand right. I didn’t know what the hell was happening.

“I think we were wrong about the connection, Minerva. I think he already knows. A Lani told us, he was remembering the night he first knew Lani” Dumbledore said, wearing his pijamas, like Professor McGonagall. I was sitting down at Dumbledore’s office. Tired and half sleep. My scar didn’t hurt anymore but my head did.
“But how Albus? Lani already told us she kept her mind away from him”
“well, somehow he turned on that bond” Dumbledore answered
“should we teach her Oclumency like Harry?” I was so lost and sleepy that I didn’t know who was talking.
“that didn’t work for Harry”
“then what Albus?”
“for now let’s give her a rest. Warn the teachers she won’t assist to classes tomorrow” I did heard that
“what?” I asked and all turned to me. “I don’t feel that bad for not assist classes, sir” I added
“you need to rest- he came closer to me and tap my shoulder, nicely- Now, I’m gonna ask Miss. Granger to join you to your dormitories”
“yes, sir” Hermione, who I didn’t notice was there, said.

guys!!! i know, i know....very sorry for the super huge delay!!!...i know i promise to post every friday but the first friday i didnt post was my birthday (yei 16 and counting) and then that weekend went on goin outs so i wasnt able to post. Then las friday i went out with my friends and then the whle weekend with my family. And between the week i couldnt because i was really reall busy with homework....i know is not excuse and i'm sorry if you took you time to see if this young lady post and you found out nada!!....really sorry but I'm back in my track and well see you this friday!.....(i didnt had homework today, that's why i post!)......hope you liked it!!!

los kelo!

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