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Nanny's thought

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after the scariest scene, comes the first vision. Plus, Lani marks her place in Howarts in a defending way

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“I think we were wrong about the bond, Minerva. I think he already knows. And Lani told us, he was remembering the night he first knew her” Dumbledore said, wearing his traditional purple pajamas, like Professor McGonagall. I was sitting down at Dumbledore’s office. Tired and half sleep. My scar didn’t hurt anymore but my head did.
“But how Albus? Lani already told us she kept her mind away from him”
“Well, somehow he turned on that bond” Dumbledore answered
“Should we teach her Oclumency, like Harry?” I was so lost and sleepy that I didn’t know who was talking.
“That didn’t work for Harry”
“Then what Albus?”
“For now let’s give her a rest. Warn the teachers she won’t assist to classes tomorrow” I did heard that…and clearly.
“What?” I asked and all turned to me, surprised that I was talking “I don’t feel that bad to not go to classes, sir” I added
“You need to rest- he came closer to me and tap my shoulder, nicely- Now, I’m going to ask Miss. Granger to join you to your dormitories”
“Yes, sir” Hermione, who I didn’t even notice was there, said.

The next day I woke up late. Fine and without any hurt. I should be in class! And instead I am in bed. Bored, in pajamas. Caressing my lovely little cat Dolla. I didn’t exactly know what happened last night. But from what I heard, Voldemort knows I’m alive. He just noticed that a few hours ago. That worried me a lot. I’m just at few days of being here and I’m already in danger. I think. I suppose.

Suddenly, the door went open and Hermione entered the room. Her face looked happy and worried when she saw me.
“Lani! woke up! How are you? You are feeling ok? Nothing’s wrong? Because I can-“she quickly said as she walked to my bed and sat next to me.
“Stop it! -I cut her off- Hem, I’m fine. I’m perfect. I don’t even know why I’m not in class. Is not fair. If what happened is going to put me in danger, I should be in classes learning protecting spells”
“Because Dumbledore told you to” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, annoyed “Besides, you are not missing anything. Teachers are just talking about how they are going to grade and stuff. And starting with introductions, Not big deal”
“I swear, that if you were with a broken leg, you would still go to classes” She kept thinking
“Well…maybe. Only if it is exam’s time”
“I hate being here doing nothing. I am a desperate girl. I don’t like being alone” I whined
“It is just for today. Relax” Hermione said and I breathed in.
“You really scared us last night” she started saying “You were screaming and trembling like if someone jixed you with The Cruciatus Curse”
“It kind felt like it. Hem, I’m really scared. God only knows what Voldemort could do using this stupid bond! I don’t like seeing other people’s thoughts, and especially from a psycho bastard that tried to kill me!”
“I don’t know if this can happen to you but it did with Harry: Voldemort tricked his mind and made him see things that were not real. Like with his godfather. It is one of the reason he is death”
“yeah, he told me about that” I said “but still, I know that what I saw happened. I just saw my Nanny dying and me trying to be murdered. That totally happened. According to my new life that…sucks” I said the true
“Lani, don’t say that. You are where you belong and I can not be happier to have someone like you around here. You know, sometimes I need a girl to talk to, and not just talk with two spoon heads like Harry and Ron” aww…I just love Hem.
“Aw…thanks Hem! You are so nice and thanks for helping with this…freaky world”
“I will always be here” we smiled to each other.
“Talking about Harry and Ron, they asked about you. Well, mostly Harry” she started saying, with a grin on her face and my eyes widened and got worried “don’t worry, I didn’t tell him. I just said to him that you had diarrhea”
“Hem! From all the diseases in the world, you had to choose the most disgusting one?” I whined.
“It convinced him!”
“Fine, whatever it takes for him to not have a clue of what is happening”
“Lani!” Hermione suddenly shouted and ran for a tissue. I frowned scared by her reaction. What- Hermione just grabbed my nose into the tissue.
“What?!” I asked in a funny way
“Can’t you feel it?! You are bleeding from your nose!” what!?
“Bleeding?!” Hermione made me put my head in the pillow and at the time I touched it the room changed again. This time, I was in the same room of my vision I saw earlier, but it was noon and saw myself as a baby sitting in a little chair next to my Nanny.
“Mira (watch)” she said raising her wand and pointing it to a book positioned in the floor in front of me. Swinging her wand she said softly: “Wingardium Leviosa” and the book roused from the floor and started elevating. I was clapping of happiness and my Nanny was smiling by it. Then the room went back to our dormitories. Hermione looked perplexed and worried.
“Wau” I gasped. This time I didn’t fell a pain at all. It was a nice memory. I felt so relax and full of happiness
“Oh my God Lani! Are you alright?!” Hermione shouted at me so worried “You looked lost! What happe-”
“Yezz Herm- I got mi index finger in one of my ears and shook it for the pinching sound of her voice- keep the volume down girl” I complained
“Sorry…I tough it was another vision from-”
“It was” I said and grabbed my wand from the nightstand. I pointed at the nearest pillow and tough “Wingardium Leviosa”. The pillow, slowly, raised from the bed and I kept it suspended in the air with my wand.
Finally I was doing some magic! It felt so great! Hermione looked surprised and asked
“How did you do that?” looking at the flying pillow
“My Nanny taught me” I simply said. Yei!!

Hermione went to classes again. And I was left alone. All the boring knocked me down. Without thinking, I dressed, brush my hair a little and went out the room. I went out of the empty common room and just tour around the school. It was beautiful. I loved everything! I could hear from the other side of the classrooms doors the kids laughing and talking, or teachers teaching, and even little explosions from the potions’ room. I was so happy and relax just walking trough the hallways when I heard my name being call.
“Lani?” I turned around. It was the headmaster. Dam, I’m in trouble.
“Good morning, headmaster” I said nervously as he walked to me.
“You shouldn’t be in bed?” he asked
“Sorry, I just got bored and I’m feeling ok right now. I thought about having a little tour around the school” I apologized
“Very well. I’m glad you are alright, I just tough you could do a right rest for what happened last night”
“Sir, about that, what exactly happened? I just remember the headache and the vision. It was really Voldemort? Or maybe just a little nightmare?” I asked and freeze in a thinking look.
“Walk with me Lani” and we did as he told, and he began explaining “As I believe you know, Harry suffered the connection with Voldemort”
“Yes, he told me about it”
“Well, I didn’t think that with you would show up so soon. I was sure it was going to happen, but I think someone knew about your existence and told him. He remembered about you last night and that was when the bond between you two went on”
“It hurt, a lot” I pointed out, touching my scar “and, sir, do you think that is going to be the last one? Because I’m not sure I can handle more”
“unfortunally, no” that brought me down. I will be death by the third one already “There’s a prophesy about Harry and Voldemort that says: “Either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives”
“What?, Harry needs to kill Voldemort to live?”
“Yes, that’s the way it is”
“He didn’t say that to me. It’s weird because it’s a, well obviously, huge deal…why he didn’t tell me?” that kinda pissed me off. How he could forget something like this?!
“He didn’t wanted you to get worry. Harry is someone that prefers to deal with his problems by himself”
“Hum…and I have something to do with this prophesy?” I asked
“A prophesy may be real and may be not. With your return, we not longer know if that is the future. But, what we do know, is that Voldemort, somehow, will take advantage and use that bond” great…great!
“And…is there a possibility that he might want to ki…kill me? Like he is trying to do with Harry?” I asked scared and nervous to hear the answer.
“I understand your concern and I can’t tell you exactly what it is on Voldemort’s mind. You can”
“So, I should turn on that bond to see if he wants to kill me?”
“No, it might be dangerous. Try to not think about him and when something like last night happens, close your mind and fight against him. I know you can. As we all say, you are so alike to Harry” Dumbledore said, looking at my eyes, smiling. I smiled back and then the bell rang. Lots of students went out of the classrooms in the hallway we were. I looked around to see if a saw someone familiar, then again to Dumbledore but he was already gone. I frowned by that. Such an interesting man, don’t you think?

I went on with my walking. I made my way trough the students that looked at me. I was getting used to this. I went down to the gardens’ floor to see if there was any of my friends. But unfortunally I tripped with my enemies.
“Look Draco. It is nothing more than the No-Clue- Muggle-Born” Pansy “Stupidy” Parkinson had spoken. She was with her “boy”, Draco Malfoy and his Dumbasses army.
“Aww…I already have a nickname? From you guys? That’s so sweet of you-I said in the exaggerates and sarcastic way as possible- I should give you ones in return. How about Mr. and Mrs. Fresa. That’s how we say to such conceited and haughty persons, that they believe the best taco in the pot only because they have a few cents of more or for being pure bloods. In few words people like the ones I’m looking at” I glared them with hate and proud of my answer and, by their faces, I could tell they went mad. Ja…ja!. Suddenly, Malfoy got very near me, looking at me deep in the eye.
“Do you think that offended us, mudblood?” is the second time he says that word. What does It mean? Obviously nothing good.
“By your reaction…yeah, and a lot. Why? Little Malfoy can’t handle a constructive critic?” I kept bothering him smiling. Quickly Pansy came to me and pushed me far from Malfoy.
“You better watch out what you are saying muggle” she said and I went close to her, taking my defense
“Or what Pansy Pants? You are going to jinx me?” I dared her madly
“You don’t who are you dealing with!” she yelled at me pushing me again. I could see people watching the scene but not teacher around so I went on.
“Of course I know. And believe I know more than you know in six years of school” I snapped back pushing her to Malfoy’s arms.
“Prove it Mudblood!” she yelled at me and both took out our wands in a snap. I was ready to jinx her when…
“Lani don’t!” Hermione yelled at me taking down my hand with my wand. Harry, Ron, Ginny and Luna following. “You could get expel!” Hermione added pulling me away from my arms, from the scene. I kept looking to Pansy ready to kick her ass, but Hermione kept pulling me as I struggle to get out of her hands.
“Come on Lani, let’s go” Now Harry helped Hermione and we bagan to walked as Malfoy and his crew of dumbasses laughed.
“Yes Lani, listen to your boyfriend and the mudblood!” Malfoy yelled
“ugh!” Hermione said bothered and mad. I finally asked as we walked with our friends joining us.
“What is Mudblood?”
“Nothing, just some stupid nickname for people with unmagical parents. To most of the purebloods like Draco, it is bad reputation being a muggle born. It is a rudeness to say that to someone” I fired up when she explained it to me. So, we, muggle born are less in this world?!
“ha” I said angry and, without thinking, I turned around and began walking fast and angry to where Malfoy and Pansy were.
“Lani don’t!” I heard Harry yelling at me and following me but I didn’t stop. I took out my wand. Pointed at Malfoy and thought “Expelliarmus”. A blue ray of light went out of my wand and hit Malfoy right in the chest.
“AHH!” he yelled as he flew trough the air, hit a tree and then the ground. I hurried to him as everyone who was around did. He wasn’t unconscious, just whining like a baby he is. At the time he saw me, he put an evil look and got his hand into his coat, probably getting out his wand.
“Don’t you dare” I ordered pointing him down at his face with my wand. He didn’t got out his wand. He kept that look and I started saying.
“Next time think very good who you call Mudblood, because this is nothing of what I can do to you. Go it…Mr. Fresa?” he just kept looking at me with hate. I turned around to walk away. My eyes caught Pansy’s, who had the same look like Malfoy.
“Lets go” Harry said, putting a arm over my shoulder and we all walked to the hallways.
“Lani you are totally my hero!” Ron said smiling, hugging me friendly. God that felt so good! I felt so powerful and cool! I love magic…jiji

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