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meeting people i already know

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007-09-17 - Updated: 2007-09-18 - 697 words

We all sat at the swings, all except Gerard. “so, who are you guys?” ray blurted out. Bob smacked him over the head and glared at him. “sorry, that’s ray, he’s a little bit on the slow side.” Bob smiled as ray rubbed the back of his head and scowled at him. “im bob.” He reached his hand out and I stared at it for a moment or two. “oh right,” I giggled and shook his hand, “my names Emily, and this is sonny,” I pointed at sonny, he was checking mikey out. I nudged him in the side and he turned to have a go at me but noticed bob looking at him. “oh hey,” they shook hands. “this is frank,” bob pointed frank out and he blushed as I smiled at him. He is so cute, he must be shy. He reached out his hand. “awe don’t be silly.” I smiled and reached over and hugged him. “wow.” Is all he said before he went bright red and resorted to staring down at his shoes. “this is mikey,” I looked over at mikey, “sup, dude?” I looked over at the young male. Damn this guy was hot. “and this is ray, like I said before, he is embarrassingly slow.” Ray looked up at him angrily, “I’m not actually slow, he’s just saying that cos he is jealous of the fro!” we all laughed. “who’s that?” I asked dumbly pointing over at Gerard, as if I don’t know! “oh that’s Gerard. He doesn’t really come out a lot.” Bob admitted. “especially since we just moved here.” Mikey added. “oh yeah? Where’d you move from?” I quickly stole a glance over at Gerard again, I think I had ‘glanced’ for too long. “Emily? Emily!” mikey screamed at me. “huh? What?” I shook my head and looked over at mikey, eyebrows raised. “were you just checking out Gerard?” ray giggled. “eew! Were you just checking my older brother out?!” mikey squealed. “no!!” i defended myself, “I was looking at…. At…” damnit! Im screwed, I was staring at Gerard’s beauty, and I got caught! “at Gerard!” ray scooted over next to me and nudged me in the arm. “your all insane. I wasn’t checking him out, I was…” once again, lost for words… “you were checking him out.” Frank said sadly. “what’s wrong with you?” mikey asked just as sonny leaned over to whisper something in his ear. He burst out in a fit of giggles and we all just sat there staring in complete and utter confusion. “nothing. I think I’ll go home now, its getting late,” I looked at my watch, “four thirty is late?” I asked dumbly. He shrugged it off and begun to stand. “frank, you know if you go home, Jason will be there.” Bob said pulling on franks jeans, “yeah I know.” He shrugged sadly again and waved bye to us all. “hey frank, can I come with you?” I asked, I didn’t wanna let him go by himself. “ummm… sure… I guess so.” I smiled. “sweet!” I squealed. “wait, what about me?” sonny looked over at me as I kneeled and begun crawling on my knees over to him, “you’ll be ok. Just catch a bus home.” We kissed lightly on the cheek and hugged. “I’ll call you tonight.” I whispered in his ear. “ok”
Crawled around on my knees around to everyone and hugged them goodbye. “come on then.” I said as I linked mine and franks arms and we begun walking towards the park exit. “hold on, I’ll be back in two seconds.” Frank let go of me and I instantly felt all the warmth leave my body. I watched him take off in the direction of Gerard. About two minutes later frank came back into view… with Gerard by his side. “gee’s coming too, is that okay?” I nodded and offered Gerard a smile, I could tell he wasn’t so sure about me so I didn’t mind that he basically hid behind his hair the whole walk home.
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