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dream come true!

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ok... this chapter get really confusing. you might have to read bits over more than once, i know i did. lol please comment! i like this story... but if i dont get any comments i wont continue!

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As we burst out of the cinema doors we shouted, “I’m going home!” just like Frank’n’furter does when magenta and riff-raff tell him they are taking him away.
“right! That’s it! You two! Get out of my cinema!” the manager shouted at us from the concessions stand. “alright. Alright keep your knickers on.” I said as we left the entire cinema.

“well that was fun.” Emily sighed as we reached the bus stop. “yeah. I love it when we have these days.” She looked at me confused. “what do you mean? We are each others only friends, these are the only days we have?” she didn’t understand. It meant a lot more to me than it did to her. “no. what I meant is… oh never mind.” Emily sat down next to me on the seat. “no tell me. I want to know.” She insisted. “well… I know we have these days all the time… but it really means a lot to me… really.” She smiled and put her arm around my neck. “me too… you are my bestest friend ever sonny, that will never change! I love ya!” she licked my cheek and I pulled a grossed out face and whipped my face, she punched me in the arm and we hugged. “I wonder if those jerks are going to be on the bus again?” I thought out loud. “well if they are, please don’t mouth off, I don’t want them pounding your ass and me having to drag you home with me.” I pulled a mock hurt look and she hugged me. I promised not to start anything. Or carry shit on.


I think I fell asleep on the bus. I woke up and I was on a bed. I sat up and looked around. “why am I in sonny’s room?” I thought out loud. “because you passed out on my on the bus… so I carried you back here, I didn’t want to wake you so I put you here… in my bed.” I smiled. He came and sat next to me on the bed and handed me a glass of water. “thanks” I mumbled and skulled half of it. He kicked off his shoes and I put the glass on his night stand. I laid back down and he laid down on me, he rested his head on my chest. “hows my heart?” I asked. “oh fine, it seems to be making some weird sound though… its like a… buh-bumm
buh-bumm…” we laughed. I felt really weird cause, when I laugh my tummy wobbles. Its cause im fat. Sonny tells me off when I say it around him. But I know its true. And so does he, he just wont admit it.

We just laid there for a while, and I guess we drifted off again.
I dreamt of school. For some unknown reason.


“sonny! Look whos joining our school!” I screamed and pointed at the new students. I stopped and looked closer at them. “holey fucking shit!” I screamed and jumped up and down. “its Gerard! And mikey! And frank and ray and even bob!” they looked around and saw me jumping around pointing at them. They started whispering to each other and bob begun to walk towards me.
“excuse me, but do we know you?” I almost died. “what?! What are you guys doing here?! Shouldn’t you be on tour?” he looked at me like I was a Looney. “uhm.. no… were here for junior high.” Junior high?! What?! “what do you mean? Your too old for junior high?” he laughed. “no were not. We’re only 15” I blinked. And all of a sudden it all started making sense. “oh… right… oh my god… im so sorry for freaking you out…” he smiled, in a forgiving way. “my names Emily. Emily Taylor.” I stuck out my hand and he shook it without hesitance. “hi, im bob. Bob bryar.” I so badly wanted to tell him I knew that. But I with held. “so you gonna introduce me to your friends?” I said as I waved over at them. “oh of course, come with me.” I followed bob through the crowded cafeteria and sat down next to him at the table everyone else was at. “Gerard, mikey, frank and ray, this is Emily. Emily, this is Gerard, mikey, frank, and ray.” Bob pointed each of them out and I pretended as if it was the first time I had ever seen them. “hey, sorry if I freaked you guys out before. I thought you were someone else.” I blushed a bit. “awe no sweat.” I heard ray. Each of them offered me a friendly smile which I returned almost instantly. Gerard pulled out his sketch pad and I watched as he flipped though it to the next blank page. “hey, you draw?” he looked up at me. “hell yeah!” we both smiled and laughed bit. But this was different. It was like we had a connection. “me too” I said and I pulled mine out. “can I have a look?” he asked politely and I passed my only form of therapy over to the complete stranger I was dying to love. He flipped through each page, as I eagerly searched his face for emotion. ‘oh shit! I thought as he neared the last page I had drawn on. That was not a pleasant picture. I had drawn a little girl. She was in a torture room. Sitting in the corner, bleeding from every place visible and crying. That was not something I wanted people seeing. Just as he was about to turn the page I grabbed it out of his hand. “no. you don’t want to see that. I don’t want you to see that.” I said, trying not to sound rude. “I’m sorry. I have to go to class now.” I lifted my self off the seat. I turned around and begun walking rather fast out of the cafeteria down to the locker bays. “Emily! Wait!” I heard a voice call… “Emily!... Emily!”

I felt a gentle shaking and let my eyes slowly open, finding the frantic face of my best friend. “what wrong?” he begun running around the room. “we have to go! our parents know we wagged!” SHIT! I got up and threw the blanket off. “what are we going to do?!”
“we have to run away.” Sonny came and stood in front of me. I nodded. I knew that is what we had to do. I helped him pack a small duffel bag and we climbed out the window just as his abusive father came storming down the stairs into his room. We ran from his house down to the local park. “lets go to our swings. We can figure something out there.” I agreed with sonny and we began o climb the small hill to our swing set. As we neared the top of the hill, I saw the tops of them moving. We reached the top of the hill and there was about five teens who looked our age, hanging around them. Two were on the swings another two were play fighting and another was sitting under the tree I sit at when I’m feeling low, they were drawing. Which is what I do when im there. As we edged closer the images became clearer, and I noticed… holey shit! My dream has come true! The boys form my chemical romance are here! In Newark, new jersey! (well… that is were they are from.)

we walked closer and one by one they noticed us coming… they all seemed to move closer to the swings. Sonny and I walked by them and sat at the tree opposite the one Gerard was under. Ray and mikey were on the swings and frank and bob were whispering and occasionally looking over at us. Eventually frank decided to come over to talk to us. “hey. My names frank iero.” he said as he extended a hand to sonny and I. “sonny… and this is Emily.” Sonny answered for me. I don’t think I could of answered for myself. “hey, do you guys wanna come hang out with us?” he asked with a hopeful smile. “sure.” Sonny stood up and held his hand out for me. I watched as frank went to tell the others. “Emily.” I looked up at sonny. “oh. Thanks” I smiled and walked with him over to the others.
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