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Drunk #46. 'You loved me, you left me, I got drunk on a trampoline'

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Ok so this was actually written while I was pretty tipsy on wine so if it gets a bit odd tell me and I’ll try and make it better. I did edit it whilst sober but obviously I know what it’s meant to mean but you may not.
Oh and this isn’t meant to be based on what’s actually going on in Gerard’s life now. It’s more based on something that happened to me but adapted and made a tad worse.
The getting drunk on a trampoline thing happened too. Just not with Dan (who is based on the newly quit singer from the Riverclub)
Sorry for the essay.

One glass.
Two glasses.
Three glasses.
Four glasses.
“Drinking again I see?” His voice is enough to stiffen my spine and pick me up from my wine induced slump.
“Not that it’s any of your business but yes. I am.” I inform him whilst reaching across the table for the wine bottle.
“It is my business.” He says quietly after sitting himself down next to me on the bench. We’re at a BBQ party type thing at a mutual friend’s house. Unfortunately I had forgotten the host was a mutual friend of ours until I arrived and saw him snuggled up with his new girlfriend. Right now though I just turn round and try to appear as sober as possible. “It’s not your business because you left so my life is not your life anymore. I can do what I want and what I do has nothing to do with you. In fact I could jump in the pond naked right now and you couldn’t stop me.” He just raises his eyebrows and I cringe inside at my bad attempt of hiding just how drunk 4 glasses of wine had made me.
“It’s my business because it’s probably my fault.”
“You think I’m drinking because of you?” I laugh in his face and take another drink of wine. “You’re really not that special.” I stand up and make my way through to the kitchen. I had no intention of eating but I needed to get away from /him/. From Gerard fucking Way. From the man who had single-handedly fucked everything up for me. Who had left me and under a month later got engaged to someone else Some tart. Known to me only as Bitchface. Well that’s what I call her anyway.
She knew I’d only just broken up with him. And she’s really pretty. And she sings and plays guitar and piano and violin. I can do the first three. Just not as well as her. She can probably cook too. I heard she does yoga.
I go back out to the garden and get talking to Dan. He was my friend. He wouldn’t run off with some Barbie who is perfect in everyway. He once told me he loved me exactly the way I was. It was after I’d admitted to him that I didn’t like myself much. I had been completely in love with Gerard though and had waved the comment off. Now I wish I’d fallen for his short black hair and his blue brown eyes instead of Gerard’s long black hair and dull brown eyes.
“Yes my love?”
“Are you drunk?”
“Not at all. I can hold my drink. I am the drink holding champion of the world.” I laugh knowing that he was in fact a complete lightweight and extremely drunk.
“Yes my darling?”
“I’m more than a bit tipsy too.” I whisper and start laughing. I shut up when I see Gerard and Bitchface making out on the bench I’d vacated earlier.
“I want to go and get my wine.”
“Get it then.”
“I don’t want to go too near to that,” I say, gesturing to the combined mass that was Gerard and ‘Little-miss-Perfect’, “I might catch something.” Dan starts laughing at this and I have to hit him to make him shut up.
“It isn’t funny!” I insist. I’m unable to take my eyes off the two of them even though the site of them together is breaking my heart. “I’m going over. Stay here. I’ll be right back.”
I move over to the table. Grab my glass and the bottle of wine I’d claimed earlier and run back over to Dan.
“Yes my hunnybun?”
“I think I still love him a bit too much.”
“I think I love you.” He says in reply.
“Oh damn. I’m going to regret saying that in the morning. Here have some more wine,” He takes the bottle and my glass off me and pours me a generously sizes drink, “and forget I said anything.”
“Yes my sweet pea?”
“It’s Ok.”
“It is?”
“Well no not really. I mean I’m in love with my engaged ex and my best friend is in love with me but I mean that I won’t go all crazy on you.” I down my wine. “I’m going to the loo. Don’t disappear.
I walk back into the house and make my way upstairs to the toilet. “Dan then, eh?” A heart stoppingly handsome man is stood in my way at the top of the stairs looking down on me and I have to remind myself that I hate him to make sure my drunken body doesn’t automatically jump him.
“He’s just a friend.”
“What does it matter to you anyway? How’s things with Bitchface?”
“Bitchface?” He looks almost amused until he realises who I mean. “You know what you are incredibly childish.” I push past him so that I am stood on the same level as him, we’re both now stood on the landing, but he’s still looking down at me due to height difference. I turn to face him. “It’s a side effect of having every male in my life let me down.” I explain. “I would call you a name too but I cant think of a word bad enough so I’ll just stick with Gerard for now. In fact, that’s right, I hate you. So I am not talking to you right now because I am happy and you’re not going to ruin that for me again.” I turn and take a few steps towards the bathroom before he calls out my name and stops me.
“Why do you hate me so bad?”
“Oh maybe because you broke up with me, left me without a proper reason so that then I feel to blame, then you get engaged like less than a month later!” I cry exasperatedly. “You make my skin crawl. I hate you.”
I carry on to the bathroom and he lets me go this time. I’m half hoping he’ll still be there when I come out but he’s gone.
“Dan?” I ask after finding him sat on the trampoline struggling not to spill any of my wine.
“Yeah my little pineapple head?”
“Just saw Gerard.” I’ve given up in trying to make my soggy brain use semi-correct grammar. I’ll just be thankful that by my 6th glass of wine on a near empty stomach I can speak at all.
“Called her Bitchface to his face.”
“Yeah. Whoops.” I laugh. Suddenly the whole thing is absolutely fucking hilarious. I mean they should ask me to star as myself in some soap. That much bloody drama seems to happen. Me and Dan laugh until my sides ache and I have to stop. I pour myself half a glass of wine using the rest of the bottle.
“It’s really not that funny.” I state looking over to where Gerard and Bitchface are sat all cosied up, laughing and happy. “I used to be her. I thought he loved me.”
Now I’m crying hysterically and Dan is trying to negotiate the trampoline in his intoxicated state so that he can comfort me. I pull him closer to me and hold onto him for dear life because right now the world feels like it’s doing rapid 360s and I’m scared I might fall off.
“I’m tired.” I announce to Dan’s shoulder before giving into the grey fog that has filled my head.

“I don’t see why you care so much! She’s your ex/. I’m your girlfriend, right here, and I want you to come home with me right now.” Great. My head is spinning and pounding alternately, my mouth is dry, my stomach unsettled /and I’ve been waken up by Bitchface’s winning nasal squawk of a voice.
By the sounds of it she’s ordering Gerard around like she’s some sodding army officer. The fact that he chose that over me is actually quite offensive.
“I just want to make sure she’s Ok. I still care about her…” Aw… Gerard still cares about me…
“Why? She made your life hell! You told me that a million and one times so come home and we can make your life all good again.” I can almost smell the seduction pouring out of every bodily orifice Bitchface owns. I really do not want to be hearing this. And just for the record I did not make his life hell. We were good together. Really good. Until she came along. What a tw*t.
“She’s really drunk. She’s not used to drinking. If I thought he was any use to anyone I would leave her with Dan but he’s not in any better of a state than her.”
“Fine! You can let yourself in. I won’t wait up.” Her footsteps fade out and I become aware of my surroundings. I’ve been moved inside onto the sofa. There’s a coat laid on top of me that smells suspiciously of Gerard. It could be a coincidence but maybe he carried me in.
I’m the only one in this room but I can hear people outside still. I don’t feel like joining them right now though. I feel like lying here until I get sucked into the sofa and have to live the rest of my life in the little hidden world underneath the cushions. It would probably be better than this one.
“Are you Ok?” That voice like liquid heaven pouring into my ears as he pokes his head around the door.
“I’m fine. You should have left with your perfect fiancé.” I move my eyes away from him and inspect the jacket instead. It was definitely Gerard’s. He’d had it forever.
“I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”
“I just said that I’m fine. What more do you want? If you leave now you might get home in time for a goodnight kiss.” I scowl and look up at him again. He runs a hand through his hair and comes to perch on the edge of the sofa.
“I’m sorry I hurt you.”
“But you’re happier with out me so you’re not really that sorry after all.”
“I’m not happy without you.”
“In that case you’re nor sorry at all, you just regret throwing me away and making yourself miserable. So typically selfish and spineless and male.” I have the feeling that this would actually be a groundbreaking moment that I would be acting completely different in if I wasn’t so drunk and up my self.
His lips crash into mine suddenly and I stay frozen for a few seconds while my alcohol logged brain tries to process the information. Then I kiss back hesitantly as I’m not sure what this means. I mean the guy’s going to get married…
My head interrupts my heart as I remember this and I push him away even though all I’d wanted in the last month and a half was that.
“You’re engaged. You cant go around doing that.”
“I don’t have to be engaged anymore. I miss you. I love you. I’m sorry.”
“Well… we’ve already decided you’re not really sorry and you don’t run off and get engaged with some one else a mere month after ending things if you’re in love. And I have the feeling that you wouldn’t miss me one bit if you didn’t think I was going to get together with Dan.”
“No. No! It isn’t like that at all. I want to be with you. I realise that I made a mistake!” His words are so theatrical I have to ask him if he’s been drinking. Apparently not. I’m not that special.
“I don’t believe you when you say you love me anymore.” I tell him.
“Please just try?”
“I cant trust you anymore.” I continue. My heart is screaming at my head to ‘shut the fuck up!’. I need him, I love him, I miss him. I also know that he’s nothing but trouble and ultimately heartache.
“Please try.” He repeats. “I’ll leave err… Bitchface?...tonight… I’ll tell her I love you. I’ll do anything you want. Please just take me back?”
There it is. The question I’ve wanted to hear for so long and I cant help but wish we were in some different circumstance. That I wasn’t still pretty damn drunk. That my head and heart weren’t currently at war. That he wasn’t sat so close to me that I could feel the burning desire radiating from my skin.
What do I answer? What do I say? I never really thought he’d ask I realise. I just hoped blindly that he’d come back but didn’t expect it to really happen. In some ways it’s too good to be true. In other ways I wish he’d just fuck off.
‘Be careful what you wish for.’ That ‘s what my Mum always says. Maybe I should have followed her advice on this one. Then again why am I even doubting this? My life had been empty without him in it. I loved him and my heart was not complete without him by my side.
I’d missed him so much and that pain hadn’t died much in the last month and a half. I needed him to feel alive. I’d become nothing with out him.
“Are you going to answer?” He looks self assured and confident as if he just knows that I’m going to say yes to him any minute now because hey, how could I resist /him/?
“I miss you,” I say in reply. His face breaks out in a huge smile and he comes even closer to envelope me in a hug, “but I’m not going to let you hurt me again. You had your chance to be with me, you threw it away, now you have to live with the consequences. With out me.” He pulls away from me with a cold look in his eye.
“You’re turning me down?”
“Yes.” I state simply before getting up off the sofa and searching for Dan.
I’m not completely sober but that wasn’t a drunken mistake either. I love him but that will fade and pass with everything. No doubt he’ll marry her and she’ll never know that he was on the verge of leaving her. I won’t tell her. I’d rather she stayed with him and made his life hell. While I have the time of my life. With out him.
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