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Smile #71. 'Smile it's your birthday' written for Charli coz well... it's her birthday...

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Dedicated to Charli coz it’s her birthday and I actually wrote this for her so it makes sense to dedicate it to her really.
It’s in her POV coz she’s that damn special. =)

“Come on, smile, it’s your birthday!” Mikey chides me. I give him a half hearted grimace and return to my cereal. Another birthday, another year, and I’m still single. I look into the milky depths of my bowl and wonder if I should just drown myself in them now and save myself the prospect of yet another depressing birthday next year.
“Everyone else is coming round this afternoon. We’re going to hang out here for a while. We can watch one of your favourite movies,” this was a birthday tradition, “and then we’ll go out to eat and have a few drinks. Then everyone is going to stop over and we’ll watch an absolute ton of films.” I nod and agree while Mikey rattles on about the plans he’d made for my birthday. Single life had left him with a lot of spare time on his hands and he’d latched onto my birthday as some sort of time filling project.
“Oh and Frank baked you a cake.” I almost choke on my tea at this. Frank does not cool. His girlfriend Tabby, on of my best mates, refuses to let him near the oven anymore due to one bout of food poisoning too many.
“Is that safe” I ask.
“Safer than me making you one.” That was true. If possible Mikey was a worse cook than Frank. It wasn’t that he couldn’t cook. More that he would forget that he was cooking and wake up 2 hours later on the sofa to the smell of whatever he was cooking burning in the kitchen.
Me and Mikey were best friends. We’d known each other forever and had been friends for nearly all that time. We lived together and worked in the same offices, shared the same friends and even had a shared pet goldfish names Fin. And of course I was madly in love with him.
“I got you a present.” He announces before dashing away to retrieve it.
“Present giving always takes place before the movie.” I remind him. We’d stuck to the same routine since the group of us had met at school. Someone’s birthday meant we’d get together for a movie night. ‘We’ being me, Mikey, Gerard, Ray, Bob, Frank and Tabby. Presents were always given out before the first movie regardless of what time that happened to be.
“Yeah but I don’t think the other guys would appreciate me giving this to you in front of them.” He says with a smirk plastered all over his face. Oh god what was it? Why couldn’t he give it to me in front of the guys? Hope rises like a bubble in my throat, I try to swallow it down but it’s as stubborn as me and I just make myself look like a retarded goldfish.
“So… hand it over?” I coax him. He stands next to me as I unwrap the present. It’s quite a task as he appears to have used all the celotape in the house to wrap up the small bundle.
“Sexy underwear?!” I cry out as I finally manage to get inside the package. “Why? I mean why are you buying me this? Are you trying to seduce me Mikey Way?” Please Please Please Please Please. I cross my toes in my slippers for extra luck.
“No. I just thought maybe you could wear it into work then maybe you’d finally get a boyfriend.” I pull a hurt face, which isn’t exactly hard, and throw the black and red lacy underwear at his head.
“It would look better on you.” I inform him as I brush past him to go upstairs and shower. The bubble of hope has now burst painfully and settles as disappointment in my chest. Hey, maybe next year…


“Hey Charli! Cheer up it’s your birthday! And you never know, it may never happen!” Tabby greets me as I open the door to let her and Frank in. “Oh happy birthday by the way!” She adds with a cheeky smile. Frank wishes me a happy birthday in a somewhat more sedate way (which is surprising as he’s normally the hyperactive loon) and I return with them in tow to the living room where everyone else, minus Gerard, is gathered.
“I made you a cake.” Frank tells me as we wait. He looks really pleased with himself and I’m really surprised when I see it. It actually looks pretty tastey. It has ‘Smile it’s your birthday’ piped across the top of it in purple icing though. I suppose it had become a bit of a birthday catchphrase where I was concerned though.
When the doorbell goes Mikey answers it and we gather around in the Living Room for present giving. Tabby’s gotten me a few CD’s and a book I’d searched high and low for for months. Ray gives me a goldfish- random. Bob gives me a few random accessories for my new bass and Gerard hands me two tickets to go and see Paramore.
I’m surprised when Mikey hands me another present. That boy sure does like celotape.
It’s a jewellers box. I can’t help but get excited when I see it. The box is a little big… God I can’t open it. My fingers wont work properly. What is all this?
He got me fucking earrings.
They’re nice earrings.
But it isn’t a ring.
Oh well maybe next year.


We all sit around a table in Frankie and Bennies looking quite out of place among all the couples but having a good time all the same. I was even smiling. Tabby knew how to cheer me up and make this day enjoyable for me. I love that girl.
Mikey is quiet. He seems like he’s thinking but God knows what about. Maybe he’s just realised what mixed messages he’s been sending me and he’s planning his ‘begging for forgiveness’ speech. Maybe he’s planning on how to get his ex back… or plucking up the courage to ask the hot waitress for her number…
“Forget Mikey.” Tabby hisses in my ear. I swear she’s a mind reader. “Tonight is your night.”
“Yeah. It is.” I say. I’d been drinking wine and as usual it had gone straight to my head. “I’m not going to sit around waiting for him anymore.” I decide and Tabby smiles at me happily.
I still want to get swallowed whole when I see him getting chatted up by some blonde at the bar.


“So let me get this straight,” Tabby says whilst staring into the mirror. We’re in the Ladies toilets in Frankie and Bennies. “He bought you sexy underwear and something in a box that could easily have held a ring? Only for it to be earrings?”
“Yeah.” I confirm.
“It could be just a coincidence. Guys are dumb when it comes to presents.”
“But what about refusing to tell me why him and his ex split up?”
“Maybe he cheated on her and doesn’t want you to know? He’s probably ashamed.” She turns to face me and looks me dead in the eye. “Please don’t look into this too deeply. It might just be better for you to move on.”
“That’s alright for you to say. You’ve got Frank.”
“Yeah but I didn’t always have him. I watched him date his way through school and college but I didn’t just sit around moping.”
“You’re stronger than me.”
“No. I’m not. I’d never have hung on as long as you. I just really don’t want you to get hurt. Maybe you should get out there and have some fun. Let him know what he’s missing.”
“Maybe.” I agree without believing I could do any such thing.
We make our way back to the table and discuss movies with the guys. Apparently Mikey had arranged for it to be a superhero theme movie wise tonight. Not only that but he’s also gone out and bought a ton of Marvel films and a load of others. He loves me. I just wish he was in love with me.


“What’s wrong Charli?” Mikey asks me. We’re alone in the kitchen fetching drinks. At least I am. He’d just followed me.
“Nothing’s wrong with me.” I lie easily.
“Your smile is all wrong.” He says.
“Cheers.” I roll my eyes, “You sure know how to flatter a girl.”
“You tell me everything. Why won’t you tell me what’s up?”
“Because you are ‘what’s up’.” I explode and then try desperately to ignore the several inuendos that come flying into my head after that statement leaves my lips. “I’m invisible to you. It’s like you don’t even know I’m a girl. I love you but I’m just like a sister or something to you. It kinda hurts to know that I’ll never have you and that you’ll never love me how I love you. Every birthday marks another year that I could have had you but I didn’t.” Oh shit. I so have not just said all that… please say that I haven’t just said all that. Crap. “I mean it’s ok though. I don’t blame you. I just…” I run out of words to babble on and fall quiet. Mikey just stands there motionless with his mouth slightly open. He looks dumb struck and awe-founded and ever so slightly beautiful in every way possible.
Finally he moves. He closes his mouth and his eyes start to twinkle the way they do when he’s nearly completed a video game. He takes a few strides towards me. I guess that’s a good sign. At least he’s not running away as fast as he can.
“I’ve got you another present.” He says at last.
“Huh?” It’s so the last thing I’m expecting him to say so it takes me by surprise and I can’t think of a better reply for a few moment while my brain tries to catch up with the situation. “What do you mean another present?”
I hope there’s no more celotape.
“Yeah. Another present.” He says and takes a few more steps towards me. “The best present ever. I think you’ll like it. I hope you like it.”
Suddenly he’s very close and I can feel his breath against my face. I can feel his chest raising and falling under my hands that have somehow ended up resting there. I can taste his mouth against mine. It’s a mingle of coffee, cigarettes and pizza.
I can taste him. I’m kissing him. Or rather he is kissing /me/. It’s a sweet kiss and I could easily loose myself in this moment for ever. It’s magical and magnificent and everything I’ve dreamt of in so long. And it’s not covered in bloody celotape.
When he breaks away his eyes are shining with a kind of pure emotion and his arms are wrapped around me gently.
“I love you Charli. I had no idea you liked me too all along.” He whispers and my world all but collapses.
“I love you too.” I choke out before bursting into tears spontaneously. Happy tears though. Very happy tears.
He goes on holding me until I’m cried out and can look at him again.
“Happy birthday Charli.” He says quietly into my ear. It was the biggest understatement of the centurary. He’d given me my smile.

AN: Mikey- the best birthday prezzie ever? Hope you liked it Charli! AND I managed to get it typed while it’s still your bday!!!! That’s how much I love you haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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