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Peaceful #23 'Because of course it had to be him who stole my heart' a little bit fluffy. f/g pairing

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I’m sitting here on the beach waiting for my ride home. The pebbles underneath me are cold and hard but not uncomfortable. My rucksack and jumper lay discarded beside me and I stare wistfully out to sea.
There are birds floating on the top of the water and small waves breaking gently over a barrier of seaweed. The water sparkles with reflected sunlight as if the very waves themselves were encrusted with diamonds.
The cars on the road behind me whisper along. Their engines unable to compete with the gentle lapping of the waves or the blowing of the wind. Occasionally I hear a plane crossing the sky overhead pulling a glider along with it.
It’s warm and I consider taking my shoes and socks off to cool my feet down in the salty sea water but my ride will be here soon and I have nothing to dry them off with.
I pick up some pebbles instead and attempt to throw them to the sea but they don’t even make it to the wet stones where the tide is going out. I’m not a very good shot. Except when I’m angry of course. Then I’m amazing. My weapon of choice being a phone or a TV remote.
There’s a man swimming now and seagulls flying over head. They’re both graceful in their own ways. The man’s plastic snorkel makes him look like some weird unicorn and I smile, making a mental note to tell Mikey about it.
Mikey, my dear younger brother. He’ll be home from school now. My mum will be returning from collecting our even younger brother from Junior School. Then she’ll come and get me. I almost don’t want to leave. It’s so peaceful here and I can see the college if I turn around and look closely between the trees. College where such amazing things had happened today…
Some how I’d ended up doing a short course in swing dance. I guess I must have signed up for it as a joke but actually ended up with it. It wouldn’t be so bad but no one I know ended up doing it. So I made my way to the hall alone wondering what the hell I was doing and why I wasn’t just skipping it all together.
I know why though. I’d promised myself a fresh start and, after all, my parents were always telling me it was good to try new things. When I got there I noticed a girl from my RS class and stood with her. Anticipation growing in my stomach as I slowly begin to realise that I was almost certainly going to be the only male there.
To most guys this would be amazing but to me, I just don’t care. It also draws attention to me and I prefer to hide in the shadows. I have friends. I just don’t draw unnecessary attention to myself.
The instructor, Brooke, and his partner, Debbie, arrived and shepparded us towards the hall. Just as I’d predicted I was the only male save Brooke in the whole room. We all dumped our bags at the back of the hall and got into a circle. I was the only one to notice a short black haired boy slip into the circle besides me quietly with a flushed face as if he’d been running.
We were told to pair up and we looked almost desperately at each other. At least I wasn’t the only one here who didn’t know anyone.
As we started to practice a simple hand jive I noticed his hands were quivering slightly. He must be shy, I realised and tried to make the situation a little less awkward.
“I’m Gerard.” I said with a small smile.
“Frank.” He replied with a grin and took my hand again to lead me through the dance.
He was strong for a short guy. That thought had struck me straight away and bought an instant smile to my face. He was witty too, making jokes and snide remarks that made me laugh like a teenage girl.
When it was time to leave he wrote his number on my arm ‘just in case’. I read the number now and wonder if I should call or not. I don’t see why shouldn’t but he’ll probably have forgotten all about me by the time he’s home.
I pick up another stone and throw it hard. It still doesn’t reach the water. I really am useless. I can’t throw for shit and I’m debating in my head about whether or not I should phone a guy . Frank of all people.
Because of course it had to be that Frank. He was a little taller and had lost some weight but it was definitely that Frank. The Frank ho had taken my first ever girlfriend away from me. Who’s stolen my world.
Now he seems set to do it again… just in a very different way.
My Mum pulls up on the curb and calls my name. I climb into the car and wave a mental goodbye to my peaceful place. I’ll have to come back more often. It’s a good place to think. It’s beautiful. Just like him .
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