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Doctor's Office

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Rose has ot go to the doctor

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Chapter six

Ryan and Rose were finally at Hailey and Spencer's, traffic was terrible getting there. Now they were waiting on Brendon obviously and the FOB guys to get there. Since Hailey and Rose got bored with waiting, and the guys were talking about nothing that interested them, the two ended up playing rock, paper, scissors. Amazingly it amused them for the half an hour that it took for Brendon and the others to get there; Spencer and Ryan were shaking their head's in disbelief wondering how it was that their girls were amused by such a stupid childhood game that was for six and seven year olds.

“We're herrrreee.” Brendon said walking into the apartment with the the other guys, skipping like a maniac.

Once they all were inside of the apartment Pete gave Ryan a hug, “Hey Ry nice to see you again it's been way too long, so where's your wife at?” he asked excitedly, Andy, Patrick and Joe were curious about Ryan's wife as well and obviously Pete was with how hyper he was acting.

Ryan motioned for Rose to come over, hesitantly and a bit nervous she went over to where he and Pete were at. To ease her nerves Ryan wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “Guys this is my wife Rose, Rose this is Pete, Patrick, Andy and Joe.” he introduced them smiling.

Pete smiled at her, “Nice to meet you Rose, I hope you can handle Ryan he can be a big baby at times and really shy. I don't know how he ended up with someone as pretty as you.” he said smirking as Ryan hit Pete upside the head for insulting him, even though he knew that he was only joking around.

Rose smirked at that, “Oh well I'm shy too so I think it will turn out okay, besides your outgoingness make up for more than both of us.” She said gesturing to herself and Ryan.

So they soon migrated over into the living room to talk and to get to know Rose a bit more, learning about her favorite things, like she loves Italian food, hates a lot of chick flick movies, her favorite colors are green, red and black, there were a lot of other things that they learned about her too.

“So you guys have to go to New York tomorrow and leave us girls all alone with no one to entertain us?” Hailey asked the guys.

“Umm I guess,” Patrick said unsure to what to say to that, “Sorry?”

Hailey waved it off then looked at Rose and smirked, “You know what this means?” she asked her.

“I get the whole bed to myself and can jump on it as early as I want without being looked at weirdly?” she asked jokingly.

Hailey looked at her like she was stupid for a second then shook her head, “No, we get to have a sleep over and watch as many movies as we want and eat as much junk food as we want to.” she said.

“Oh my god, we can like have a girl talks and paint our nails and do our faces, its gonna be like so fun.” Rose said in a valley high type of voice making everyone laugh at since those two were not anything like the valley high girls.

It was getting late and most of everyone decided that it was time to get home and sleep, the guys did have to leave at five or earlier the next morning for a five or six hour flight to New York. On the way back to their apartment Rose fell asleep, since she looked way too cute to wake her up from her sleep Ryan decided to just carry her upstairs and put her in bed.

The next morning Ryan woke up and packed his things and made sure he had everything that he would need before he woke Rose up to tell her that he was leaving for the airport. When he did wake her up, she looked really drowsy, like she was half there and half asleep. “I'm going now Rose, I'll call you later alright?” he asked her.

Rose nodded, “Okay bye Ryan. Be safe, talk to you later.” she said giving him a tight hug and a light kiss, the second she hit the pillow she was fast asleep once again. Ryan shook his head at her, wondering how she could do that in a span of only a few seconds. He left for the airport where he was meeting the rest of the guys, minus Jon who was going to meet them in New York since he is in Chicago.

The next time that Rose woke up it was to Hailey jumping up and down on her bed, “Hailey if you don't stop I'm going to tackle you and that will end with you having a broken bone or another.” she said to her and sat up.

The second that Rose was up she all of the sudden feels extremely nauseas and runs into the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach for the time being. Such fun, really the acidic taste really adds to all of the fun of that activity. Hailey gently knocked on the door and entered the bathroom and saw Rose leaning against the shower, “Rose are you okay?” she asked hesitantly and sat down besides her.

After a few moments of silence Rose stood up and washed her mouth out, tasting that gross like taste is not something she wanted to do for the rest of the day, “No I'm not okay, I also just quoted a song but besides that. I haven't been feeling like my usual self for the last few days.”

“Maybe you should go to the doctor, have them do a check-up or something like that.” Hailey said to her smiling slightly not sure what else she should say to her.

Rose didn't want to go to the doctor's, she hated them they were never really that trustworthy or else that's what she thinks about them but apparently she had to seeing as Hailey was dragging her ass all the way there and no wasn't an answer. Unfortunately they had to take her blood, which was something she didn't want to have to do but if it tells her what is wrong with her that's all that matters.

“Well Mrs. Ross we will call you with the results at the latest in two days.” the doctor told her, Rose nodded, smiling at him and left the building and got into the car that Hailey was waiting for her in to drive her back house, the least amount of time she was there the better.

“Well?” Hailey asked on their way back.

Rose shrugged, “Well they couldn't tell me anything right away they have to test it and go over the results, they'll call me in two days at least.” she said, she hated waiting for test results they take too long.

The rest of the day was wasted with watching stupid girly movies,eating popcorn, drinking pop and eating junk food. If any of Rose's friends from Minnesota were with her they would make fun of her for watching the girly movies because she was known as loving horror movies and anything sci-fi, she loved the blood and gore of movies but she did appreciate some of the good romance movies.

Around nine that night Rose was laying in her and Ryan's bed trying to go to sleep but everything that had happened that day just made it hard to sleep, she was now responsible for another life and living being who until further notice will count on her for support. The phone suddenly rang getting her out of her mind, she answered it. “Hello”

“Hey Rose it's Ryan, I didn't wake you up did I?”he asked.

She smiled to herself, “No I was just laying here in bed, its around nine. I used to stay up until midnight or one o'clock every day of the week and get up at six in the morning when I was in high school and now I'm going to bed early, its weird.” she said.

“I'm sorry but I can't do anything about that.” he told her.

“I know, but I decided to complain to you anyways, so do you have your interview tomorrow?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I just want to warn you that they are most likely going to ask about you, the tabloids were going crazy when they found out I was married and when they saw you.” he said to her sadly not wanting her to get overwhelmed because of the press.

“Okay that's fine with me.” she told him.

“So what'd you do tonight with Hailey?” he asked her.

“Had hot passionate lesbian sex.” she told him.

“Really and how come you two couldn't do that when me and Spencer were there?” he asked her jokingly.

“We weren't sure if you could handle it.” she told him.

“Seriously though, what did you two do?”

“Watch girly movies and pig out on junk food mostly. Nothing too terribly exciting.” she told him.

They talked for a while longer, but Ryan realized that Rose was beginning to fall asleep while talking to him so he said good-bye and told her to get some sleep.
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