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Maddie and NY

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Rose meets Maddie, Ryan gets a phone call saying he has to go to Fuse

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A/N: I really do hope that you all like this story so far dont be hating on me please

Chapter five

The next day they arrived back home, Spencer was the one who picked them up Hailey was in class at the local college. Spencer hugged both of them when they were close enough to hug of course. “Hey you two welcome back, how was it?” he asked.

Ryan shook his head, “Her friends are unique in the sense of Pete and Brendon.” he told Spencer shaking his head.

“In the way that they are psycho and hyper?” He asked which Ryan nodded at, since her friend Hope was completely insane and when Rose was with her they were just a crazy pair as well as her other friends that he met.

Spencer laughed, for some odd reason he can't picture Rose acting crazy and everything like Brendon and Pete do at times. Rose is so quiet and shy it's as if being loud and crazy is impossible for her to do. “I'll believe that when I see it.” he told them as they go in the car so that they could go home, Spencer was just dropping them off he had places to be and thing to do.

They finally were back in their apartment and just settling back in, Ryan went to the answering machine and played the messages and smiled when he heard his mother's voice. She's done a lot for him over the years especially since his father died the year before. She has been his backbone when he felt as if he should give up and when it seemed as if he was going no where with his life.

Basically what the message was saying was that Ryan and Rose had to come over when they got home for a family dinner with the two of them and his mother and younger sister Madeline. Ryan looked at Rose who was sitting on the couch laid out as if she was asleep with her eyes closed, she wanted to sleep until forever, if she could get away with it of course.

“Well my mom wants us over for dinner, is that okay with you if I call and tell her we're home and good to have dinner?” he asked her concerned since she lately has been complaining about being tired.

Rose opened her eyes, you could tell she was tired by just looking at her dark eyes. “Yeah that's fine I've been wanting to meet your sister.” she told him smiling slightly.

“Do you want to wait until tomorrow or sometime later this week until we go over for dinner, you look tired maybe you should get some sleep. She wont mind if she hears that you've been really tired lately.” he said to her not wanting her to make herself even more tired then she has to.

“No, no, no. I'm fine, a small nap and I'll be all better besides I don't think we would want to make your sister wait longer than she has to just to meet me.” she said to him smiling at the thought of meeting his younger sister.

Over the time that Rose and Ryan have spent together so for, slowly but surely they are starting to fall in love, met in odd circumstances and have some similarities and differences. Like Ryan loves the Beatles where Rose hates them and loves Queen. The two of them both know that they each would do anything for the other if it meant they were happy,safe and alive. Rose was loving living with Ryan and being around him a lot, there were things back home that she wanted to get away from, mainly certain family members and that was why it didn't necessarily bother her to move to Nevada quite a few states away from Minnesota so to say, and Rose has never lived in a big city like Vegas she grew up in a small town.

It was time for Rose to get up, the two of them had to be at Ryan's mother's house soon, “Rose,” Ryan said as he gently tried to shake her awake, it didn't work though so instead he turned the light on and immediately she hid under the covers away from the light. “You've been sleeping for nearly four hours and its time to go to my mom's for dinner,” he said told her, she nodded and slowly got up with some help from Ryan, she was kind of clumsy when she wakes up.

Ryan drove to his mom's house as Rose played with the radio trying to find a station that was to her liking, she's kind of picky with her music, usually she just puts her iPod in but she couldn't find it at the time. The two went up to the nice house and knocked, a little girl with blond hair answered the door excitedly, when she saw the two of them she immediately went and flung herself into Ryan's arms talking non-stop practically, “Ryan you're here, is this your wife?” she asked once he let her go.

“Maddie this is my wife Rose, Rose this is my little sister Maddie.” Maddie hugged Rose hesitantly until she bent down and hugged her.

“Come on mom made Greek chicken.” Maddie said pulling on Rose's arm, wanting to show her around the house and then eat of course, Rose is a lot better then the other girls that Ryan has brought home.

After dinner they went into the living room to talk for a while, Maddie had fallen asleep in Rose's lap, it was a long and exciting day and she had to get up early the next day to go to gymnastics.

“So are you taking any college classes Rose?” Ryan's mother Maria asked her.

Rose nodded and ran her finger's through Maddie's hair, “Yeah I'm enrolled in some online classes.”

“What are you majoring in dear, or at least planning on majoring in?” she asked curiously, Ryan was curious about that as well him and Rose have really never talked about her college life so to say.

“Journalism, Business and Music Industry, I want to be a music producer or be in audio production, something like that.” she answered.

Ryan looked at her shocked, “You never told me that, I didn't know you liked music that much.” he said to her.

“Yeah, I have a big music collection, it's just all packed away. Besides whenever we talked it never really got on the subject of college or what I want to do at all.” she said to him shrugging.

“Sounds like a heavy course load.” Maria said to her smiling supportively.

“It is,” Rose said to her. “But it'll be worth it in the end if I get to do something that I love more than anything I suppose.” she said as Ryan grabbed her hand and laced their fingers together, she turned to him and smiled.

Maria then turned her attention onto her son, “When is your next tour?” she asked.

“We start touring again in the middle of next month.” he said to her. “I'd rather not go but we have to.” he said to the two women.

Very soon after that Ryan and Rose went home and went to bed, both of them were very tired, they did just get back from Minnesota and then went over to Ryan's mom's house for dinner and stayed there pretty late as well. It's been a very tiring day on Rose, moving to a new state, saying bye to her close friends and family it was hard and very emotional for her especially since she didn't know when she was going to see them again.

The next morning Rose woke up and got dressed, Ryan immediately claimed the shower, while he was doing that Rose went to go find some food. She decided on a bagel, while she was eating her wonderful bagel and having a bit of tea the phone rang, obviously Ryan couldn't answer it seeing as he was in the shower making himself and nice smelling and what not. That's not a bad thing, him smiling good is well good, but since he was getting himself nice smelling Rose answered the phone.


“Umm hi, is Ryan there and who is this?”

“At this precise moment he's in the shower and if you must know I'm his wife Rose, but I'll leave him a message and tell him you called.” she said to him.

“Okay,” he said a bit confused. “Tell him Pete called and that if he wants he can call me.” he said to her.

“Alright, well bye then.” she said.


After that odd phone conversation Rose went to her laptop and began to type, it's not like she does much of anything else. All she does is type and read, it's not that very interesting to some people but considering that she loves to write she does it whenever she has the chance to. Finally Ryan was done in the shower and he came out wearing his pants and nothing else, Rose didn't mind, she liked the view it was very nice besides when he stretched it was a mind boggling experience.

“Ryan,” she said once she got over the goodness that was him, he turned and looked at her questioningly. “Pete called, he told me to tell you that he called and if you want you can call him.” she told him.

He took the phone from the coffee table that was in front of her, “Thanks Rose.” he said kissing her on the cheek and sat next to her on the couch as he called and talked with Pete.

Once he was off the phone he turned to Rose, “Well I have some good news and bad news.” he said o t her.

She looked at him figuring that the bad news had to do with the whole band, possibly meaning that they would have to leave Vegas for a while or something like that. “What?” she asked him.

He looked at her hesitantly, “Well the good news is that Pete, Pete Wentz the guy who signed us and the rest of his band is going to be coming to Vegas for a few days,” he told her smiling at that, hoping that she would smile as well.

Rose gave him a look meaning 'what is the bad news' she knew he was trying to avoid it not sure if she would be pissed or not, but the thing with Rose is that she doesn't get angry very easily at all she can hold her angry better than a lot of her family. The bad thing is that when she does get angry enough her anger is that much worse than others for being held in check for so long.

“Well the bad news is that we have an interview next week in New York at the Fuse studio.” he said to her sadly, he knew it was good for his band but he would rather stay at home with Rose and bond, but that wasn't possible.

“Well that's good.” she said to him, probably surprising him because she wasn't angry or anything at him having to be in New York.

Ryan looked at her like she was insane, wondering why she wasn't angry at him or anything like that, “What, you don't care?” he asked her.

“Yeah I do care and mind but it's not like there's anyway to get around it, it's for the good of your band so you should go and be promotey and all that fun sort of stuff. Besides I knew that this was going to happen, your a musician you travel and go to a lot of different places.” Rose said to him smiling a bit showing that she understood he needed to do some of these things.

Ryan looked at her unsure, “I don't want to leave you here all alone, especially after you just moved here and hardly know anyone.” he said to her. “I don't want you to feel like I abandoned you or anything.”

She waved it off, ”I'll be fine Ry, I wont think that you completely deserted me don't worry, besides I can invite Hailey over and we can have a girls day or something.” she told him giving him a meaningful look. “So I promise you I wont be here alone, okay?”

Ryan nodded at her and gave her a hug, then on a spur of the moment he kissed her, he's been doing that a lot lately, kissing her when she doesn't expect it. It surprises and confuses her at times.

“Well Brendon is going to go and pick them up from the airport, then we are going to go to Spencer and Hailey's apartment to hang out for a while.” he said, “Just to warn you Pete may bombarde you with questions, since he just found out we are married.” he said warning her.

“Awesome,” she said and stretched out on the couch a bit more, in a way that was more comfy to her at least. Once she did that she decided that she most likely should look at her homework for her classes, just because something life changing happened in her life it didn't mean she could stop

Rose knew that soon enough, her aunt who for some unknown reason despised her was going to find out that she was married. Once that happened she was going to be ragging on Rose for getting married too soon, especially when she didn't have a steady job or even enough money to support herself, nor is she going into a business that is easy to get into. Then her aunt will automatically assume that Ryan isn't even someone worth her time, at least until she realizes he is a well known musician. When she does find out who he is she will start acting the exact opposite of what she really is like around family and other people. She wants to show her aunt that she is worth something and that she does have people who love and care for her who aren't her family, but her husband and all of his friends and all of her own friends as well and many other people who care and love her just as much.
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