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Home again, home again

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Rose and Ryan head back to Rose's home

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Chapter four

Hailey and Rose have gotten along great so far, they act like they've been best friends their whole lives, when they've really only known each other for a little over a week. Hailey convinced Rose to go back home to see her family, she almost backed out but thankfully she convinced her otherwise. Instead of going to her house first Rose drove to her dads since he wanted her to come for a family dinner with her sister, niece and her sister's fiancé Pete.

They drove up into the trailer court and Ryan was looking around curiously wondering why they were there, “Your dad lives here?” he asked not wanting to be rude.

She nodded, “Well there's something that I should have told you since you basically told me the same thing is that well my father is an alcoholic as well like your dad was. As long as I can remember he's always drank but lately he's been getting better since he now has a grandchild but well I'm sorry for not telling you I should have and I feel bad about not telling you and like I'm the meanest person ever.” she said to him.

“Rose take a breath once in a while,” he told her and smiled. “It's okay that you didn't tell me.” he told her.

Rose shook her head, “No it's not it was a terrible thing to do.” she said to him.

He took her face in his hands and gently kissed her, “Rose it's okay, I understand what you are feeling, you didn't want anyone to know how your home life was really when you were growing up. Its okay.” he told her. “Now lets go in there and get introduced, shall we?” he tasked her smiling at her.

Rose smiled and led him into her father's trailer, when he saw Ryan he smiled and immediately welcomed him to the family, it turns out that Niki told a few people already about her being married. Her sister telling her news made Rose a bit angry but at least she didn't have to tell many people, she was also surprised how well her dad had taken to her being married now. Asia, as Rose called her niece took an immediate liking to Ryan and called him uncle Ry on the spot which kind of shocked Ryan at first but he accepted it.

After dinner the two of them headed to Rose's house, well her apartment she's no where near affording a house. They began to pack up all of Rose's things that she would absolutely need and would die without which meant most of her things really, she did part with quite a few things as well though.

“Do you really need all of these books Rose, you have quadruples of some of these,” he said to her shaking his head. “I don't know if we even have room.”

Rose shook her head, “How can you not have room for books, they are life's essence of being.” she told him. “I'm not leaving without them.”

This went on for the next few hours, him asking her if she really needed something of hers, sometimes she agreed others she didn't. They finally finished packing all of her things up, the two kind of collapsed from all of the work they did.

It was the last day of them being in Minnesota and the two decided to go out and just hang out for a while. During their time out someone yelled at her, “ROSE!”

Rose turned around to see her friend Hope running over to her and nearly tackling her to the ground and kissing her squarely on the lips. Rose pushed her off laughing, “Its nice to see you too Hope, it's been forever and a year.” she said and danced around in circles with her for a bit.

Ryan looked over at Jake questioningly, “Does she do that often?” he asked.

Jake sighed and nodded, “She's insane but I love her for it, she doesn't normally greet people like that but she hasn't seen Rose in a while so I suppose she missed her.” he explained to him.

“You okay?” Ryan asked, as he looked at his wife as she finally got done spinning around with her friend on the sidewalk.

Rose nodded, “Lets go get something to eat, you guys too I want to catch up.” she said to them and Hope nodded and they went into the nearest restaurant.

“So,” Hope said after the four of them had ordered and now were waiting for it to arrive. “How has the married life been so far?”

Ryan and Rose looked at each other then back at the couple sitting opposite of them, “It goes, it hasn't been that long so I can't really say for sure yet.” Rose said to her friend. “Why are you going to finally get married then?”

Hope and Jake both shake their head, “Not yet, besides I want to wait until I'm twenty-one, so two more years.”

“So Ryan,” Ryan turned his attention to Hope. “Are you sure you can handle Rose here, she can be quite a handful at times and unbelievably stubborn and argumentative at times too.” she said to him.

He smiled at Rose, “Yeah I think I can handle her.” he said looking down at her.

After they were done eating and paid the bill they went outside to go to their cars when a horde of paparazzi came up to them. Rose motioned for Hope and Jake to leave and that she would call later. “Ryan, who is this girl?” one of the many photographers asked.

He looked at Rose and then answered, “This is Rose Ross.” he replied.

“Your sister?” one asked.

“No my wife.” he said matter of factly, with that said the two of them quickly got in the car and left so that they wouldn't be stuck with those annoying reporter types, it's as if they want to be in other's lives and watch and capture every moment never giving them some of their own time for once.

They went to what is soon to be Rose's former house to watch one last movie in her house before she made the final transition of moving permanently to Vegas. It was a scary thing to do since Vegas is really big place and where she's from there isn't as many people, she didn't live in a small town but rather a small city where she knew where mostly everything that she needed was. Still going from Rochester, Minnesota to Las Vegas, Nevada is a big change and sort of life changing. Whenever a person moves it's never really that easy, it's hard and scary at first and takes a while to get used to. It's not an instant adaptation, it takes time.
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