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Early morning calls

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Rose gets a call from her sister and tells her the bad or good news

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Chapter three

When she went into the living room she noticed that Ryan had invited the guys over and they were all sitting on the couch talking up a storm. Brendon was the first to notice her and smiled widely at her.”So this is Rose?” he asked.

“I am, who are you?” she asked even though she already knew who he was.

“Brendon Urie at your service, Mrs. Ross.” he told her smirking.

She smiled at that, “Rose Ross,” she let the name roll over her tongue. “I like it, it has a nice ring to it. Plus it kind of rhyme's.” she said to them and they shook their heads at her easily amusement.

Ryan smiled at that, “Okay well this is Spencer Smith, his girlfriend Hailey and that's Jon Walker, he's our Chi town boy.” Ryan said smirking at Jon.

“Hey don't dis Chi town it rocks,” Jon said throwing a pillow at Ryan or at least attempting to do that but it didn't work out since he was half sitting on it and made himself fall.

While the boys were talking in the living room, Hailey and Rose decided to make dinner, more for themselves then the guys, but still they were going to be nice and offer it to them if they are hungry. “So what will your family think of you being married at only nineteen? Are they going to be pissed?” Hailey asked Rose.

Rose shrugged, “My aunt is going to be so pissed, I can see it now.” she said to herself, smiling a bit at that thought.

Hailey looked at Rose a bit confused, “and this is something to be happy about?” she asked still a bit lost.

“Well no probably not, but still anything that makes my aunt angry is good for me. My aunt has never liked me or my family. To put it nicely she's a bitch,” she said to her.

“That's putting it nicely?” Hailey asked amused and skeptically.

Rose shrugged and smiled innocently, “Yes, as nice as anyone can say about her at least. If we have something that's nice and nearly brand new and her girls don't have it she'll go out and buy it for them so that they have the best out there.” she told her. “My aunt is a piece of work especially more so since the thing with my mom happened.”

“She doesn't sound pleasant,” Hailey said shaking her head at what Rose's aunt acts like.

Rose shook her head, “Nope not really.”

“If you don't mind me asking,” Hailey said looking hesitant at Rose. “What did happen with your mother. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to of course.” she said quickly.

At someone asking about her mom made Rose a bit sad but she smiled at Hailey and told her what had happened, “My mom left me around the age of fifteen or so and my older sister Niki was twenty-two at the time and was living with her boyfriend. So moving in with her wasn't exactly a choice since I don't think Pete, her boyfriend would have appreciated that so much.” she told her. “So instead I moved in with my dad for the rest of my High School years and that is not something I would ever want to do again.” she told her scrunching up her nose slightly in remembering how that was.

Hailey laughed, “Not very fond of those times I take it,” Hailey said laughing a bit at the look of Rose's face.

Rose shook her head venomously, “If I had the chance to pick between my aunt and my dad I sadly would have rather lived with my aunt who hated and didn't approve of things I did then me than live with my dad.” she told her. “I love my dad to death but I could hardly bare to live there.”

“Why would you rather live with someone you hate then your dad?” Hailey asked her.

This was the sad part of Rose's little story, “Well my dad has been an Alcoholic my whole life and I hated it, that's why I don't drink much and well that was the first time I ever got drunk really. I've vowed to not be like my dad and I killed that dream practically.” she said to her.

That sort of shocked Hailey since Ryan lived with his alcoholic father and Rose lived with hers as well, what were the odds that the two of them would meet up, get married and already have a few things in common with each other after knowing each other only a day or so. Hailey shook her head in amazement its truly something that they met each other.

Rose walked into the living room, “If you want food come and get it.” she told them and went back into the kitchen.

They all sat at the table and were saying how good the food was, and telling them that they haven't had such a good meal in a long time. “Damn this is almost better then my mom's home cooking.” Jon said with a mouthful of food, he had such good table manners.

Hailey and Rose both looked at Jon like he was a pig; stuffing his face full of food and trying to talk at the same time. That is something both could do with out seeing ever again. “I just helped Rose a bit, handing her things and reading directions nothing major.” Hailey replied.

“I'll make a cook out of you yet Hailey just wait.” Rose said to her smirking.

After dinner they all went into the living room and talked for a while about anything that came to mind, mostly they were getting to know Rose better then before. Soon enough though, most of them were trying to not fall asleep while at Ryan's, soon though they all decided that they should get going home and get some sleep. After they finally left, Brendon being the last one to leave, Rose was practically asleep on her feet. Ryan being the nice guy he is told her to go to bed and that he would clean up and join her soon, of course Rose being a stubborn bull argued at first but finally gave in and went to bed.

Early the next morning, just before nine or so Rose's cell phone went off, sighing she reached over Ryan who it was hard to not look at since he didn't have a shirt of. She bared through the hotness of Ryan and answered her cell phone.

“Hello? she said as she laid back down, wishing that she could fall back asleep instead of be on the phone.

“Rose! Where the hell are you, I called your hotel and they said that you had checked out yesterday afternoon. What is going on?” her older sister Niki, said to her apparently worrying over her safety or something.

“Niki I kind of did something that usually you only see in movies,” Rose, hesitantly told her sister who is seven years older than her.

“What did you do Rose?” her sister asked sternly to her, Rose thanked whatever god that she wasn't face to face with her sister or else she would be dead five times over by now.

“Umm well you see the thing is I met a guy at a bar and got drunk, well we sort of ended up married to each other.” she said to him.

“Rose what were you thinking, you get annulled that is going to ruin your life your too young.” she said to her sister, Rose sighed.

“Why should I Niki, it;s my life I should be able to do what I want whenever I want and fix the mistakes I make. IF they even are mistakes or not.” Rose said to her sister getting a bit angry at her.

“Do you even know the guy Rose?” Niki asked her sister relatively worried about her safety, not wanting her to get hurt because of this.

“Kind of,” Rose told her. “He's a musician in one of my favorite bands actually. Him and I just met by chance and got married when we were both drunk beyond belief.”

Niki paused for a moment before saying anything else, “What band is he in?” she asked her.

“Panic! At The Disco, the one's who had the circus people in their music video.” Rose told her sister.

“You married one of them, wow.” Niki said shocked that she now had a famous brother-in-law.

“Your telling me,” Rose said to her smiling a bit, she's kind of surprised that Ryan hasn't woken up yet, he must be a heavy sleeper.

“I suppose I'll be talking to you later on, are you still planning on coming back home on Friday?” she asked Rose, unsure since she is obviously planning on staying with Ryan in the marriage thing.

“Yeah I'm still planning on it, don't worry. I'll talk to you later. Bye.” she said to her and hung up.

Ryan rolled over and looked at her, “Who was that?” he asked sleepily, obviously just waking up and hearing the very end of the phone conversation.

“My sister Niki,” she said smiling at his just woken up expression and his bed hair. “She wanted to know why I wasn't at the hotel anymore. She's a big worry wort at times.”

He smiled at her and kissed her forehead, “Did you tell her why you weren't there anymore and about the whole accidental marriage?” he asked her.

She nodded and looked at him curiously, “What was that for?” she asked him wondering why he kissed her forehead, they both decided that they were going to start off slowly,or at least try to start off slowly.

“I had the urge to and besides you look beautiful when your surprised and shocked.” he told her smiling.

She blushed and shook her head at him, “No I'm not, I've known that for a while Ryan.” she told him shaking her head.

He looked at her like she had lost her mind, “Yes you are Rose, you need to have more self-confidence about yourself. You're perfect and beautiful the way you are.” he told her and got up and dressed, grudgingly she got up as well knowing she wouldn't be able to get back to sleep now that she is wide awake.

Over the next week the two of them got to know each other, learning things that they had in common like that both of them loved to write poems, lyrics anything that would allow them to get their creativity out. Ryan also learned that Rose has a guitar but she doesn't know how to play and can't teach herself because she doesn't learn that well that way. She loves to sing but has a big of stage fright so she wouldn't do well in front of a crowd.
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