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The battle in the future

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blood passes on, from generation to generation. the battle will never end. no flames please as this is only my second story (first LOZ one) reviews and constructive criticism welcome tho. (also, co...

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Din, with her powerful flaming arms, cultivated the planet, every rock, crevace and cliff face. she is the goddess of power, the sun and the desert. when she departed this world to the heavens she left in the sacred realm, the sacred Triforce of Power.

Fayore, with her great courage filled the planet with life. she gave the forests tree's, the meadows flowers and the towns with people. She is the goddess of courage, the forests and life. When she departed this world to the heavens she left in the sacred realm, the sacred Triforce of Courage.

Nayru poured out her wisdom to the world to create oceans, and into the people to uphold law and order. When she departed this world for the heavens she left in the sacred realm the sacred Triforce of Wisdomen she departed this world for the heavens she left in the sacred realm the sacred Triforce of Wisdom

The three Triforce were the gateway to the sacred realm. they floated high above the land, out of reach of any creature. These are in the shape of three golden triangles, each corner of each triangle touching the other two. The goddess' chose six sages, one of light, shadow, earth, fire, water and wind. These six sages were guided to build the Temple of Time, a link for the chosen ones to recieve the Triforce. However, a beast from the desert had greed for this power. The six sages were to build temples for themselves, where they could pray and keep the lock on the Triforce powerful. The one who withdrew the Master Sword, the sword of evil's bane, the lock of the Triforce, was a child named Link. He, and two others where taken up to the heavens, to recieve a part of the Triforce.

Link, a boy from the forest, with a brave heart recieved the Triforce of Courage

Zelda, Princess of hyrule, with an intelligent mind recieved the Triforce of Wisdom.

Ganondorf, ruler of the desert, with his lust for unimaginable strength recieved the Triforce of Power.

Ganondorf, the ruler and beast of the desert wanted the other triforce peices for himself, so he could rule over Hyrule and enslave its people.
Hyrule was at this point the only land on the planet, later it was broken apart by the movements of the earth, the cities grew to become countries, countries joined to become continents.
before all this happened, Ganondorf's greed got him to kidnap Zelda. she was rescued by Link, a great battle occured between Ganon and link. When link defeated Ganon he was taken to Gerudo Mesa, the desert, were Ganon had resided and a prison was built, by the sages. they took him to the rock of twilight, were he was chained. Impa, the sage of darkness drew the sage's sword, and thrust it through Ganon's heart.
Ganon's greed, hatred and evil however, were to great for the sword. With his great power, he ripped the chains off the rock, pulled the sword out of him, and in a rage killed Impa. The sages, acting in fear, activated the Mirror of Twilight, which pulled Ganon into the Twilight realm.


When Ganon was pulled into the Twilight realm his Triforce of Power stopped him from becoming a Twilight being. He however became a spirit of evil. When Zant, a Twilight being of evil tried to overthrough Midna, ruler of the Twilight realm, he failed. Ganon as a spirit found him, made a proposition that if Zant could get him out into hyrule, he would take over light and shadow, and allow Zant to rule the Twilight.
However, although this was many years after the first incident, the Triforce was carried through the blood of the males of the forest, the women of the royal family, and when Ganon broke out he was once again defeated by Link.

Our story takes place in the present, were Hyrule has broken apart and recieved new names. Castle town is now called Birmingham. Gerudo Mesa the Sahara, and the Forests of Kokori have been destroyed, and in its place, a city named Glasgow.
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