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Ordinary Boy, Ordinary Life

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some one obssessed with gaming is about to get the shock of his life. rated AU as its in the future

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i groaned as i woke up.
"Another day of school" i sighed to myself. I'm Link, a normal fifteen year old boy with a boring life. The only thing that makes it exciting is playing computer games. Anyway, i got up, dressed and went to school.
"Heya Link!" cried out Natasha. Natasha is my best friend.
"Did you manage to complete Twilight Princess yet?" She asked.
"yeah," I replied, "It was awesome, remember how i told you i thought you wouldnt have to fight Ganondorf? turns out you do" The bell rings and we go to class. Something in my mind told me to not go into class, but it was school, and i'm a goody-two-shoes and decided to ignore that feeling. The class looked normal from the outside, but when me and Natasha walked through, it was like we walked into heaven. There was clouds everywhere, in the middle, where three golden triangles. I recognised them instantly. They glowed a brilliant white, flashed, then in their place, were three beautiful goddesses. One was grinning a cheeky grin, she had orange hair that flowed like fire. Another had her eyes closed and looked as if she was humming quitely to herself. she had a gentle face and green straight hair. The third had wavey blue hair, beautiful sparkling eyes and a small kind smile.
"You are Link, yes?" Said the orange haired one.
"yes... umm, where am i?" I replied
"yes I felt the courage from you," said the green haired one.
"And you are Natasha? yes, the Wisdom eminates from you," said the blue haired one.
"Din? Fayore? Nayru?!? But... you'se are fictional! You'se can't exist!!!" I cried once i recognised them.
"The people at Nintendo never created us, they found us. We are the true goddesses of this world, but all records of us were lost when the world split." said Din.
"Link, we have a task for you. You know the painting the Mona Lisa do you not?" said Fayore.
"You must go to it, and go beyond it, as behind it is the Temple of Time." said Nayru.
"But, why would i need the Master sword?" I asked, still startled by their existence. Natasha just stood there watching us. She never really played games, so had no idea what was happening.
"The beast of great darkness is rising again, and it is up to you to defeat him," said Din.
"We shall teach you a technique that will only work with the Master Sword. It is the Heavens Thrust. You must use this on Ganondorf in your final fight to send him here." said Fayore.
"Once you have done that, we shall rid him of his Triforce piece," said Nayru.
"This can't be real, i can't do this!" I cried.
"If you do not believe us," said Din, "then check your left hand, you too Natasha. Link, you have the Triforce of courage. Natasha, you are really a descendant of Midna."
"Midna?" I questioned, "But, she was the princess of twilight, not Hyrule."
"When Midna was sick, Zelda passed on her Triforce piece to save Midna. for you both to recieve the full power of your Triforce pieces, you both shall have to revert to your true forms. Link, you shall wear the clothes of the true hero. You shall be able to use the Master Sword to its greatest limits, and you shall be able to transform into a wolf at will," explained Fayore.
"Natasha, you shall recieve the power of Midna, you shall be able to use dark magic, and you will be in Midna's cursed form, as this form is her child form," explained Nayru. They both raised their hands, then pulled them down, Giving me a green tunic and and hat, and transforming Natasha into Midna.

And this is how my life turned less ordinary.
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