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Looks Mean Everything

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Whats worse than going on a quest from a computer game? Going on a quest from a computer game and looking like a total wally

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By the time we were out of heaven, it was dusk.
"Now what? are we stuck like this? you wearing strange green clothes and me a-a- an IMP?!?" screamed Natasha. I dont think she was pleased.
"The sooner we defeat Ganon the better. i'll be out of this outfit and you'll become human again. Oh by the way, your gonna have to be my shadow during daylight or else you'll die, your a descendant of the twilight people and they are pretty much our shadows. Still, you get unimaginable power. Now first of all, we need something to defend ourselves before we even try anything," i explained.
"My cousin has a sword," said Midna, Natasha, whoever you want to call her. I'm gonna refer to her as Natasha.
"Great!" I replied, "uuh, which one?"
"The american one." Dammit. I looked about. I pulled out a map that was given to me by the goddesses, it was a map of the world, but it had places were portals were.
"Great news! apparantly Kakariko village broke off and became America! Now all we have to do is hope we end up in the right state!" I said. I looked around once more, making sure no one was around and transformed into a wolf. Natasha sat on my back, closed her eyes, and in moments, we became black squares floating into nothing-ness, then coming back down in our forms in America. We forgot about the time difference, as when we landed in America, not only were we in the middle of a busy road, there was children all about going to school.
"aww crap" I moaned. I ran down the road, avoiding cars looking for a spot with no annoying children who tried to clap me or hit me when I got near. I found an empty alley way and ran in. Natasha got off me and I transformed.
"Hey I thought you said I'd die in daylight?" She asked.
"Yeah I just said that to scare you. really you just become a shadow," I told her. I looked out the alley way, saw no children, and decided to walk out. A man came from no where and looked about before calling on us.
"Link, Midna! Follow me!" He called out. We cautiosly let him lead us to an old tall building.
"This is the house of Shaman. A shaman years ago cursed the house, saying that only a boy in green garb or a girl in the form of an imp could open it. They were to be referred to as Link or Midna," He told us. I nodded while Natasha complained at him trying to get him to call her Natasha. I walked up to the door, grabbed the knob and turned. I didn't know what to expect, but i never imagined it to pull itself open and allow thousands of monsters to be free'd.
"Mwahaha! Fools!" The man changed shape. He became taller, broader. His skin changed to a sickly green colour. His hair turned ginger, and he wore large chainmail and a dark cape. He had a hole in the armor were his heart would be, and a ruby in his forehead, in-between two large, evil, insane red eyes.
"I am GANONDORF!" He bellowed, "With my minions released, I have regained my power! And now! I have been waiting for this moment a long time!" He grabbed me and Natasha's wrists, and teleported to a castle.
"This, is Hyrule Castle. It is here, that I shall recieve the power of the godesses!" He threw us to the ground then stretched out his left arm. Before he could do anything, a girl came into the room, produced a bow from nowhere and shot an arrow of blinding light into his back. The girl had a soft face, long blonde hair and blue shining eyes. She wore a tiara also with a ruby in it. She wore a long flowing pink dress that covered her body, and long white gloves that covered her arms. He turned around to face the girl, obviously weakened and said:
"Zelda... This isn't over!" He teleported away.
"I am princess Zelda, I have been granted the powers of the goddesses like you two, but i do not have a piece of Triforce. What were you both doing in Kakariko?" I explained to her that we were looking for ways to protect ourselves from Ganon while looking for the Master Sword. She produced a wooden shield from no where.
"This is a keep sake from the Hero of time, passed down by my family. It is a simple wooden shield, but it holds the power and memories from many Link's of the past. If you need a weapon, then travel back to kokori. I shall be there also. Once there I shall tell you how to get your hands on..."
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