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Lost In Time, Or Are We?

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Link, Zelda and Natasha(Midna) are pulled through time, or are they?

Category: Zelda - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Fantasy - Characters: Ganon,Link,Zelda - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-09-22 - Updated: 2007-09-22 - 417 words

Before Zelda could finish her sentence, Footsteps were heard outside. But not just one pair of footsteps, no. We ran to the window and looked upon a huge army.

"Holy shit!" Natasha cried out.

"Hold on to me!" Zelda instructed, me and Natasha grabbed her arms and she pulled out an ocarina, the Ocarina Of Time. She played a catchy little tune, and we were suddenly falling into a black void. we fell and fell and fell until we reached a field. Me and Natasha fell to the ground when we landed, Zelda however, softly landed on her feet. she giggled.

"Teehee! It just takes practise!"

The field stretched for miles. In the middle was a ranch, a sign was outside it. It read: Lon Lon Ranch. To the north was a castle, which seemed to be behind a large bustling town. Even all the way out here you could hear the livelyness of this town. To the west of the town was a desert, in here was a large colloseum shaped building, that seemed almost as big as the castle. To the east of the castle seemed to be another town, but not as loud as the first. infront of this town was a bridge, which was over a river that flowed into an opening in a forest, and an opening into this forest was further south. I soaked in the surroundings, then suddenly realised were we were.

"Oh my god! We're in ancient hyrule!"

Suddenly, the land started to become baron and wasteful.

"The last time this happened, Ganon took over!" cried Zelda.

We ran towards the castle, and sure enough, Ganon was standing there, ordering his troops out into hyrule. There was thousands upon thousands of Deku flowers, Boko Babas, even Redeads and Moblins. They came towards us. I transformed into my wolf form and growled ready to fight, Natasha readied herself and Zelda pulled out a bow and arrow. It seemed we were about to play our part in this war. They started charging, but before they reached us Ganon ordered them to stop. He walked up to us.

"Zelda? But... that's impossible! I have you locked away! How did you get out?!?" he cried. Zelda never said anything. Instead the three of us ceased the moment and attacked. Zelda shot arrow after arrow at him, Natasha used dark magic to attack him, I attacked his groin. Eventually he fell, clutching his crotch. His eyes rolled up. We three had just killed Ganondorf.
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