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The Good, The Bad And The Downright Fucked.

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careful kiddies, theres sweary words in this one! xD. Natasha goes evil! Introducing Amber! my first try at POV's

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Links POV:

Ganon lay there without moving. I walked up to him, examined him, sniffed his still body. He was dead.
I didn't have to do my quest anymore. but, why am I still here? why aren't I back home?

Natasha's POV:

Ganon's not moving. I can't sense his energy either. I think he's dead. But if he were dead that would change the future, he wouldn't be around for me and Link to fight, so, shouldn't we be back in our time?

Link's POV:

The jewel on Ganon's head is glowing! It's flashing brightly, and so is the Triforce of power. Is he dead? The jewels just exploded! The light's pulling us in, and now that it's gone, we're... Home? But i'm still in my wolf form... What's happening?

Midna's POV:

Ugh. I feel... Different. My Left hand feels funny too. I look at it. It's glowing, just like it did in heaven. But this time, there is two triangles, the top one and the bottom left one. I fall to the ground, I'm on my hands and knee's. I'm feeling, Power, a huge lust for power. I look to Link, who's still at Ganon, before a huge flash of light engulfs us. we're back in our time. Perfect. This technology will help me capture Link. What? What am I saying? I don't feel too good.

Link's POV:

I look at Natasha. She's still in her imp form. She doesn't seem O.K. though. I don't know if it's about her imp form, but her eye's have changed. They no longer show a gentle kindness. They have changed. They are now red and seemingly filled with hatred, anger, greed. I looked into them with fear. First I kill Ganon and nothing goes back to normal, now, Natasha is filled with the same greed and insanity of Ganon. Now i'm really confused.

Natasha's POV:

I want to kill Link. I don't know why, somethings happened to me. He seem's different now though. I feel hatred towards him, like he's constantly defeated me. He also has something I want. I don't know what it is but I don't like this new feeling.

"Link! Run! Run away from me! Please, don't ask why, I don't know why, just run!" I cry out. I hope he listens.

Links POV:

Natasha's just told me to run away from her. I wonder why, but she doesn't want me to question it. I better listen to her. I grab Zelda's arm and she plays the ocarina. We warp away to Glasgow.

"Zelda, what's happened to her?" I ask.

"It seems like Ganon has tried to repeat the past, but this time with some one more powerful. Remember how he possessed Zant? Well, he's done the same with Natasha. I'm sorry Link," Zelda puts her hand on my arm to try and comfort me, "The only way to save the world... Is to kill Natasha..."

NO! I can't kill her! She's been my best friend since forever... I don't know what to do... I have to do the right thing though... Or do I? Yeah, I think I'll just surrender myself! That'll work!

Natasha's POV:

No! I've just realised. I'm now a freakin schizophrenic (no offence to schizophrenics though)I've been infected by Ganon, now he controls me sometimes. Shit, I'm gonna kill Link! I can't do that! Oh fuck! What am i gonna do???
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